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Best Vastu Guidelines For Your Master Bedroom

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As it is said a home is a place where the heart stays. And who doesn’t want to incorporate harmony and peace in their living space? Designing a home can be a very crucial part of moving into a house and the moment we enter your new house, we start thinking of ways to decorate it. Colors, textures, and designs all start to revolve in our heads. 

But, have you ever thought about how Vastu can play a significant role in home decor. The perfect amount of colours can just do wonders for your home. And Vastu can take it to another level. You can bring the desired energies to your home by fixing everything according to Vastu. 

Many Vastu experts suggest that a house that is compliant with Vastu can create peace and balance. 

Now, when we talk about home, the bedroom is an inseparable part of our home where energies need to stay positive. Colors have a profound effect on how we behave and how we react. Hence, different colours are given different importance in Vastu for colors like, light color shades are best suited for your rest area i.e, our bedroom. Whereas, bright colors go well where we have to work. Apart from that placements and direction also have a unique role to play in Vastu shastra for your home. Various directions are for different purposes. 

Therefore, Vastu can help us optimize our living space and married life and can help us stay positive. You will become a firm believer of the principles of Vastu Shastra once you understand the kind of organization and utility that Vastu helps to implement in any space.

And, one such important space is our bedroom. Let us see how Vastu for bedroom can help in converting it into a place where one can relax and rejuvenate.

Vastu Direction:

As per Vastu, the South-west direction tends to bring prosperity and good health, therefore every homeowner should consider this direction for longevity. 

Avoid having a bedroom in the north-east or south-east direction since the south-east direction may result in disagreement between the couples and the north-east might cause some issues related to health.

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A bedroom in the North direction is also considered auspicious. Especially for the students if they are looking for job and business opportunities.

Bed Placement:

The bed placement according to Vastu is very important as it directly impacts your sleep quality and health. Many Vastu experts suggest that your bed should be placed with the head towards the east or maybe south.

A guest bedroom should have its head towards the west. And it is much better if your bed is made from wood rather than metal since metal tends to create negative energies.

The sleeping position in the master bedroom should be either south or west. And, to increase an everlasting bond couples should sleep on one large mattress rather than two individual ones.

Vastu for Sleeping Direction:

As per Vastu south is considered the ideal sleep position if you want to have a long and quality sleep. It is considered as sleeping with feet to the North kind of attracts fortune and money. In addition, one can pick up a sleeping position with the feet pointing towards the east since it results in recognition and wealth.

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Placement of Mirror as Per Vastu:

Mirrors are considered as the elements that can bounce energy around the bedroom that can result in restlessness and amplify the worries. So, it is advised not to hang a mirror on the opposite wall of the bed. Hence one should consider this thing while adjusting their dressing table because it has a mirror too.

As per Vastu, it is advised to avoid a mirror in the front of the bed as the reflection from the mirror can affect a person’s body in a negative mirror. 

Color Combination as Per Vastu:

Color combination of home as per vastu affect the mood and health. As per Vastu the color of a bedroom should be either white, pink, or baby cream. And, one should try avoiding the dark colors for their room. But, you can use these bright colors in the kids’ bedroom as they enhance cognitive abilities.

Placement For Almirah and Wardrobes:

Furniture is an essential part of a bedroom and its placement must be right. According to the Vastu, heavy objects like cupboards and almirahs should be placed in the South, South-West, or West direction. Vastu for almirah is an important part of vastu when it comes to vastu for bedroom.

Always try to place your safe towards the South wall so that it opens towards the North since these directions increase the flow of positive energy.

Additional Vastu Tip for Bedroom:

The appropriate lighting in your room adds a distinct character and aesthetics. So, make sure that you try and maintain the balance so that the lighting is not too dark nor light.

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  1. I was looking for these Vastu remedies for so long. I wanted to change my bedroom because it was not giving me good sleep. I finally found the right Vastu remedies and I am so happy with the results. My bedroom is now a peaceful and calming space where I can get a good night’s sleep. Thank you for sharing this information!

  2. Oh what a great article. This was so much informative for me, it had all the aspects related to Vastu pavements of a bedroom. I have been waiting for this. Thank you so much, finally ill remove some of the doshas from my home.


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