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Wall Clock, Vastu Guidance: Time’s Harmony

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In Vastu Shastra, time is considered a powerful force that governs productivity and progress. A well placed wall clock not only serves its purpose but also acts as a symbol of the forward movement of time. 

A properly positioned wall clock can contribute to the smooth flow of positive energy. A well functioning wall clock encourages us to be punctual, disciplined and mindful of tasks and commitments. WALL CLOCK

In this blog, we will discuss the right placement of wall clocks at your home including its color and shape as per preferred in vastu.

Wall Clock Vastu Direction

Wall clocks hold a significant place in Vastu Shastra as they symbolize the passage of time and influence the energy within a space. So, let your wall clock not only tell time but also contribute to your well-being in accordance with vastu principles.

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The north direction is associated with wealth and opportunities as this direction is ruled by Kubera. Placing a wall clock in the north direction will attract prosperity and abundance. The clock should face the south direction, aligning with the magnetic forces of the earth and enhancing the flow of positive energy.


The east direction is associated with the element of sunlight, which symbolizes new beginnings and positivity as this direction is ruled by God ‘Indra’. Placing a wall clock in the east direction of a room is considered auspicious. It should face the west direction, allowing the energy of the rising sun to infuse the space.WALL CLOCK-VASTU


The south direction is associated with fire and considered inauspicious. Avoid placing or hanging a wall clock in the south direction as it may disrupt the flow of positive energy and create obstacles in your personal and professional life.

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The west direction is associated with water and is also considered unfavorable for placing a wall clock. Avoid hanging a clock on the west wall as it may negatively affect the flow of time and create disturbances.

Avoid Placing above Doors

Avoid hanging the clock directly above doors or windows. The constant movement of people through these openings may create disturbances and affect the timekeeping function.

Adequate Height

Hang the clock at an appropriate height, preferably at eye level, for easy visibility and functionality. This ensures that you can comfortably read the time without straining your neck or eyes

Wall Clock in Bedroom: As per Vastu

In the bedroom, the placement of wall clocks can vary based on personal preferences and design layout but you always consider the right points before hanging a clock wall in your bedroom that allows prosperity even in your romantic life.WALL CLOCK-BEDROOM

However, there are few guidelines to consider:

  • According to vastu, the north or east direction is considered auspicious as it attracts positive energy and promotes a harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom.
  • Hanging the wall clock on the wall opposite to the bed is a common choice, as it easily allows you to view the time.
  • Ensure that wall is not directly facing the bed as it may disturb your sleep
  • Hang the wall clock at eye level to ensure comfortable visibility
  • If you follow Feng shui principles, then it is recommended to place the wall clock on the side wall or a location where it is not directly facing the bed.

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Wall Clock in Living Room: As per Vastu

  • Central Wall: Choose a central wall in the living room as per your primary location, this helps create a focal point to be easily visible from different sections of the room.
  • Balance and Symmetry: If you have a symmetrical arrangement of furniture and decor in your living room, then hang the wall in the center of the arrangement such as a television.WALL CLOCK-LIVING ROOM
  • Avoid Cluttered Walls: Avoid hanging the wall clock on a wall that is already cluttered with artwork.
  • Consider Proximity to seating areas: Hang the wall clock nearby to your seating arrangements such as near the sofa or coffee table.
  • Eye level: Hang the wall clock around 57 to 60 inches from the floor.

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Wall Clock Colors: As per Vastu

  • White or Light colors: Light colors such as cream, beige or pastel shades as they symbolize purity, positivity and clarity.
  • Gold or Metallic tones: Brass and Copper to attract wealth and prosperity
  • Earthy and Natural tones: Shades of brown, beige or muted earth, creates a grounded and soothing atmosphere.
  • Avoid Dark colors: Colors such as black, blue, gray, considered as heavy and negative in terms of energy flow.WALL CLOCK-COLORS

Type of Wall Clock: As per Vastu

While taking care of the right position, it is also important to consider the right type and shape of the clock which attracts abundance and prosperity.

  1. Antique or Vintage Clocks
  2. Large Statement Clocks
  3. Circular Metallic Wall Clocks
  4. Wooden Wall Clock
  5. Chime Clocks
  6. Personalized or Customized clocks


In conclusion, Vastu Shastra provides some guidelines regarding the placement and features of wall clocks in a home. While these guidelines are not strict rules, they are based on the belief that proper placement and alignment of a wall clock can enhance the flow of positive energy in a space.

The east and north directions are considered auspicious for placing a wall clock, while the south and west directions are generally avoided.

Opt for a wall clock with a balanced design and colors that complement the overall aesthetics of your home. White, light colors, gold or metallic tones, and earthy tones are generally favored.

Remember, while Vastu Shastra offers these guidelines, personal preferences, practicality, and the overall design and layout of your home should also be taken into consideration. The ultimate goal is to create a harmonious and balanced environment that promotes positive energy and well-being.

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