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Decorating your living room with plants

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Designing a living room is no less than an artistic work. So when you want to design your living room, always go with the trends! The latest trend is greenery – it tops the charts. People have searched for greenery used in decor to add on some stunning style to their living room. Arranging flowers looks gorgeous, but adding greenery stands apart! 

Plants are not limited to the garden or your balcony – they can make your living room look fresh and beautiful too. Indoor plants add some style and color to our daily lives and living spaces. It makes our living room breathable and makes us feel relaxed! 

But, these plants need to be placed in the right way. They need to have their corner to enhance their beauty as well as the beauty of the living room. Here are a few ideas that are mentioned to decorate your indoor plants in your living room. 

Placing a Plant Next to the Sofa 

This idea is generally neglected. But if done right, it will look amazing. Place a large ornamental plant next to the sofa. Now, do not just place it anywhere – find the right corner or the right place next to the sofa. Make sure it does not come in the way or should not touch the person sitting next to it on the sofa. Plants with Sofa and Bench

If the plant is placed in the right manner, it will look beautiful and enhance the beauty of the living room. 

On a Shelf 

Build a shelf for your plant and keep a variety of them on that shelf. But having a shelf only with plants might look bland. Rather mix it up with different things. Add some showpieces to the shelf – it will give a funky as well as an aesthetic look to your living room. 

Place some Plants on the Bench 

Placing one plant on a bench would be unimpressive – so go for keeping a variety of plants on a bench. The idea is to mix the plants and play with the decor. Get some plants of different sizes, shapes, and pots. Place the bench against a wall and keep all the plants there. This will make the people look at it in particular and will give a refreshing look to your living room. 

Customize your Plants 

Play with some designs. If you have ideas about how the pots of your plants should look like, then get them customized accordingly. There are a variety of pots available, for instance, designer pots, ceramic pots, and so on. You can choose any one that you like or else paint the pots that you have at home to give them your touch. It is an excellent way to give your plants a decorative look! Once done, place the plants anywhere in your living area like on a counter, or a shelf, or anywhere where you think they will look beautiful and will be seen easily. 

In a Particular Corner 

There might be a corner in your living area that feels awkward or is just empty. Dedicate this whole corner solely to a plant. Place a big plant in that corner. Another option is to accumulate small plants and place them on a corner shelf. Using a plant holder stand is a great idea and gives an enhanced look to your living room. 

Hanging Plants 

Hanging planters are a great idea to implement in your living area. Small hanging plants near the window, not only help in beautifying the space but also give a dash of freshness to the living room. hanging plants for homeThe advantage of hanging plants is the convenience to set them up. Use them and make your living room look elegant and naturally beautiful. 

Floating Plants

Firstly, what is floating plants? Floating plants are those plants that do not need soil to grow their roots and make their food. They mostly grow in water. What is more aesthetic than this? Pick a plant that is a floating plant and does not need soil to grow. Put it in a transparent vase and place it on your centre table or somewhere on the shelf. Yes, a transparent vase lets you see the roots of the plant growing and that gives a very aesthetic look to your living room! 

Against a Plain Wall 

Do you have a plain wall in your living room and nothing to decorate it with? You don’t want to put up paintings on the wall and are looking for ideas to decorate it and make it look beautiful? Here’s an idea that will work for you – get that wall textured or painted with very subtle color, like pastels colors, and place a tall plant in the middle of that wall. If you want to give it a more beautiful look, then add a small decorative mirror right on top of the plant or a wall clock. plants with wallsThis idea will make that wall the most beautiful place in the whole living room

Fake Plants 

This too is a very good idea. As we know that plants need a lot of maintenance, sometimes it is difficult to keep them healthy and fresh. So, if you think you cannot maintain the plants and you wish to use them as the decor for your living room, then fake plants can always be an option. There are plenty of fake plants you can buy and decorate your living room with them. These plants give a complete real look and can enhance the aesthetic of your living room


There are various ideas for decorating your living room. But the way greenery decor enhances the beauty of the living room, there is no other decor that can do it the same way! 

Make sure you take good care of the plants because dead plants or unhealthy plants do not look good and do not leave a good impression. And if you cannot take care of the plants, go ahead with some fake ones, they are no less than the real plants and give you the same beautiful look!

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  1. I have always loved fresh flowers but have been decorating my home with fake flowers. This article gave me an immense idea and tips to decorate my home with beautiful fresh flowers that made my home lit up with fresh essence and vibe. Made me realize the importance and goodness of decorating my home with flowers.

  2. The vibrant blossoms and luxuriant foliage of living plants do more to make our homes more attractive and comfortable. Thanks for such an informative piece

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