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Indoor Gardening: Seasonal Plant Decor Ideas

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Getting plant decorations is a perfect way of introducing the natural environment in the house. By changing the style and types of the plant decoration depending on the season, your interior becomes more diverse and, therefore, more interesting. 

Continuing to create topics for the blog, therefore should focus on aspects such as the following example of seasonal plant decor. 

Spring: The ideas underpinning the book seem to be A Time for Renewal

Due to its relation to renewal and growth, spring is the most suitable time to add a new pop of green to your home through plant decorations.

Spring_ The ideas underpinning

Here are some ideas to embrace the spirit of spring:

  • Bulb Plants: Tulips daffodils and hyacinths are good spring bulb flowers that allow color and fragrances to hit the air. Grow them in stylish containers or incorporate into interior designs to brighten up the surrounding. 
  • Indoor Herb Gardens: Gardening can be done all year round but starting an herb garden during spring is recommendable. Basil, mint and parsley serve a dual purpose of bringing the green feel and at the same time acting as a growing source for meat preparations. Opt for fashion vases or look forward to using antique containers for a more countryside look. 
  • Hanging Baskets: Ivy, petunias, and fuchsias in hanging baskets might bring the feel of summer into your house and give it a pop of color. Place them near the windows so that they are exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight. 
  • Terrariums: Terrariums are suitable for the spring season as they are miniature gardens brought indoors. For the small plants such as the succulents, ferns and the mosses use glass containers to display the plants. It is almost effortless to take care of them and gives a playful feeling to whichever room they are placed in. 

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Summer: Embracing the Outdoors 

Summer embodies beauty in the outdoors, and so, your arrangement of the house plants can and should represent that.

Summer_ Embracing the Outdoors

Here are some ideas to brighten your home during the warm months:

  • Tropical Plants: Indoor tropical plants include palm trees, birds of paradise, and monsters to give your house that tropical feel. These plants can be used in summer months and are mostly characterized by thick and glossy leaves which give a more exotic feel to your interior design. 
  • Flowering Plants: Summer is the time of the flowering of plants. The flowers such as orchids, begonias, and geraniums are wonderful flowers that can easily brighten up the environment and its mood in the house. Ensure you put them in radiant pots as a way of making them more attractive. 
  • Outdoor-Inspired Arrangements: Have semblances of outdoor gardens that applications could make. Erect plant boxes with flowers, shrubs, and all forms of foliage; the rest accessories such as stones, or driftwoods. Such arrangements can be made to become the centers of interest in the living space.  
  • Vertical Gardens: Vertically growing gardens are one of the most popular trends for people who lack the space to add more green to their homes. Hang a vertical planter or a row of pots on the wall to grow such plants as herbs, flowers, or succulents. This not only helps to save space but at the same time, it has the effect of beautifying the space available. 

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Fall: Cozy and Warm 

Fall plant decor can be useful in warming up the ambience in homes as more families stay indoors especially when the weather starts getting cold during the fall.

Fall_ Cozy and Warm

Here are some ideas to embrace the warmth and colors of autumn: 

  • Fall Foliage: Introduce plants that change colors in the fall like Japanese Maple, Croton, and Coleus. Their big reds, oranges and yellows can imitate the foliage outside. 
  • Harvest-Themed Decor: Decorate the hall with flowers typical for the harvest time such as mums, sunflowers, and ornamental cabbages. Place them in simple holders that like wooden boxes or wicker baskets to give a country style to your kitchen. 
  • Indoor Trees: If you have such trees as ficus, olive trees, or rubber plants, you can place them indoors to give your fall interior a natural look and extra height. It has rather rich green foliage which provides a nice setting for autumn tones.
  • Dried Arrangements: Attempt to make use of dried flowers and dried grasses in your furniture and interior designs. Lavender, wheat, pampas grass can be incorporated into vases to give your home a little warmth, and help you introduce that shabby chic look that everybody is striving for.

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Winter: Festive and Green 

The more cold it is outside, the more you need some interesting plant decorations in your home. Here are some ideas to keep your space green and festive: 

Winter_ Festive and Green

  • Evergreen Plants: Evergreens such as pine, spruce, and holly are very appropriate during winter decorations. You may find them incorporated in wreaths, garlands, or potted plants in order to have a natural feel inside the house. 
  • Holiday Plants: Identify the traditional holiday plants that you can use in the interior and select the suitable ones, for instance, poinsettias, amaryllis, Christmas cacti, etc. The flowers are red and white and will be placed at home and on every occasion that relates to festivity. 
  • Indoor Succulent Gardens: Winter is ideal for succulents because they need little to no attention. Make a succulent garden in a beautiful bowl or a jar to bring some plants and attractiveness to your home. 
  • Winter Blooms: There are plants that will flower during the winter season and bring that burst of color during winter time when you most need it. Some of the blooms that one can consider putting in their compound during the winter include cyclamen, winter jasmine, and paperwhites. 

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 Tips for plants decoration throughout the year 

  • Rotate Plants Seasonally: To maintain the new look of your decor accessories, it is recommended to interchange your plants with that of the different seasons. This not only beautifies your home, but also allows the plants to grow as per the conditions that suit them the most. 
  • Use Seasonal Containers: Make a point of changing the containers in which you have your plants to the respective seasonal ones. Simple, neon and baby-coloured pots for spring, bright and gaudy pots for summer, earthen feel pots for autumn and splendid and Santa Claus like pots for winter. 
  • Lighting Adjustments: Provide the necessary light factors of a home by altering the light intensity required by different plants. During winter pray for sunlight and when it is scarce use grow lights. 
  • Mix and Match: Do not be particular with the choice of plants and the style adopted for your garden. Grouping of different textures, colors and height peculiarities can make good formation and nice to look at.

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 Seasonal plant decoration is such a beautiful concept which makes homes look beautiful and alive all year round.

If you are strategic and choose plants that do well in every season and place them in proper designs, you can have the essence of the outside scenery in your compound before your eyes even in winter or any other season all year round. 

The plants appear in many colors, but there is always a way to bring the season into your home. Some people like to have plants in their home that are of the spring appearance with bright flowers, summer green, warm fall colors, or the more festive look of winter pines. 

This is a perfect hint on how to adjust to all the seasons of the year and get inspired by the exteriors for the interiors.

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