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Indian Style Pooja Room Designs: Achieve Serenity!

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If you live in India, then every household has a separate space dedicated to the Pooja room. It is one of the most sacred places where one can meditate. So, it becomes very necessary that we choose a Pooja room design in such a way that not only complements the interiors of the home but also acts as a reflection of personal choice and style. 

Whether you are having a small shelf Pooja Room or have a big dedicated Pooja Space, there are tons of designs and ideas that you can implement and enhance the aesthetics of that particular place. So, let’s have a look at Indian Style pooja room design. 

Pooja Room With Jalli 

Go with a decorative screen or jali that creates a private space. Using a Jalli for Pooja Room is quite beneficial because you can easily separate the space and create a private space without any physical barriers. These Jallis visually divide a room without any actual partition. So, invest your money in a decorative Jalli or Screen to Create a divine place. Also, the decorative patterns on the Jalli will create a superb ambiance when the light will pass through it. 

Decorate Your Pooja Room Yourself 

If you are looking for beautiful designs while planning a pooja Room, then no need to worry because now you can easily Do it yourself. All you need to do is, take a table of preferably low height and then keep that in the corner where you want to place your idols. Cover that table up with a beautifully designed cloth and place your idols on it. Decorate the remaining area with lamps flowers, paste-on rangoli designs, and other pooja materials as well. 

Go With a Cabinet Style Pooja Room

A wooden Cabinet-style pooja room is one of the best designs that one can choose. Whether you prefer traditional decor or modern decor, wooden material goes well with all kinds of furniture. Also, you can use the same wood tone as your furniture. There are several custom-made designs available in the market as well that you can directly opt for depending on the size of your Place of Pooja Room in the House

It is a great idea to consider for Indian style pooja room design.

Marble Pooja Room 

If you are investing your money in interior design, then why don’t you opt for designs that are durable and enduring. Therefore, design an entire pooja room completely with white marble stones. You can also install LED lights in these designs to make the entire look appealing. A marble flooring can easily blend with the rest of the home. So, do consider this particular design while opting for Indian-style pooja room designs.

Designer Pooja Room

Apart from the doors of your Pooja Room, there are several other factors that can make your Pooja room look eye-catchy. For instance, you can start by decorating the walls of your Pooja room with detailed wall stickers of Gods and Goddesses. It will not only create a unique look but, your entire pooja room will look amazing. You can go with glass panels or a digital design to add extra elegance to your beautiful Pooja Room. Whether it is about the Pooja Room Vastu or not, corners can be wonderfully used to make a perfect worship place. 

Go With Open Space Pooja Room 

Just like the open Kitchen concept, Open Space Pooja rooms are a huge hit. Indulge in an Open Pooja Room design and save loads of space. You can try out gentle ambient lighting as well to make the entire look appealing. One can go with enchanting colors in the background to give an additional touch to the Pooja Room. 

Nature-Inspired Pooja Room 

If you are a naturalist and love plants then add some greenery to your pooja space. You can easily achieve it via Plant Hangers, Potted Flowers, etc. It will create a serene space all around making your Pooja room look extremely beautiful. If your Pooja Room has windows from where sunlight comes in then it is absolutely wonderful for your Plant’s growth and survival. Decorate your space with natural elements or diminishing greens to create a stunning look. 

Create A Pooja Room in The Corners

Place a compact cupboard made of wood in the corner and Place your idols on top of it to create a unique place for Pooja Room. As corners of your Pooja Room are low on light, Install a Soft Focus Light offering a Better Illumination, Glow, and visibility. All in all, it is a great indian style pooja room design that you can achieve without much effort. 

Modern Pooja Room Design 

If you are lacking space in your home, but you still want to create a Pooja room, then a Wall-mounted Mandir or Devghar is absolutely the perfect option for you to utilize the space. There are several ready-to-made designs available in the market. All you need to do is check out the price of these wall-mounted Pooja rooms and look for the dimensions if that Pooja Room will fit or not. 

Generally, these Wall-mounted Mandirs are made of compressed wood and the smaller ones are available in the marble that you can easily place on a shelf or a slab. Go for Cupboard-style units. Make sure that, you can easily close or open the panel and doors of the cupboard according to your convenience. 


With Proper Planning and space utilization, one can easily create perfect pooja rooms. Indian Style Pooja Room Designs can be achieved in so many ways that you have already seen above. Apart from that, there are other Beautiful designs to consider while planning for a pooja room. So, have a look at that and make your entire house look appealing at first look.

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  1. Fantastic blog; I appreciate it. I had been searching for many Pooja Room Designs in Indian style. We must select a Pooja room design that enhances the home’s decor and reflects our individual preferences and sense of style. The most excellent pooja room designs in Indian style are difficult to locate online. In addition to improving the visual appeal of Indian houses, these stunning pooja room designs contribute to developing a pleasant environment. I’ve benefited much from your blog’s advice on effective planning and space used to design beautiful pooja rooms and give my complete home a welcoming appearance.

  2. Your advice enables me to ensure that there is an increase in positivity and prosperity in the home because the Almighty is regarded as the ultimate source of positives with such inventive designs. I’d love to go with nature inspired pooja room


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