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Beautiful Artificial Plants for Home Decor

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The use of artificial plants for home décor is a brilliant idea. Such beautiful decoration adds a pop of colour to your home. You can take large artificial plants for home décor or the vine plants or small ones.

They add greenery to your home, giving a positive vibe. The beautiful ambience of your home, created by such artificial plants has a welcoming effect, making the guests feel an air of liveliness.

Artificial Plants For Home Décor: It’s Positive Aspects

It is a great idea for those who have a fascination for plants and love to décor homes with plants and flowers.

Adorning your homes with Natural plants, although looks very nice but they are quite expensive and involve a lot of hard labour in maintaining them. In most cases, despite putting in a great effort, they die or turn pale, thereby deteriorating the beauty of your homes.

Artificial plants on the other hand look natural and realistic with the minimum efforts needed to maintain them. Unlike natural plants, they don’t need sunlight or water and can stay for a longer period without replacement.

Their leaves and stem will never change their colours and will never outgrow their pots. Moreover, they are kids friendly and safe for pets too. For such traits, Artificial plants are preferred for home décor.

You can call artificial plants by different names such as fake plants, silk plants, faux foliage etc. They give the same vibration to your home as the real plants give.

So, why not prefer them rather than the living plants? We have selected some best artificial plants for home décor at a very minimal afford and price.

Large Artificial Plants

Prime 28.7’ Fake Lemon Tree – If you like large artificial plants for home décor then, this real-looking lemon tree is the best option. 

It gives a deceiving look to the guests, making them think that it is real. The Tree has leaves and branches like that of a living lemon plant with some lemons hanging on it. You can buy it on WAYFAIR at $ 93. 

FEJKA ARTIFICIAL Plant – An artificial small bamboo tree looks great on your pot, giving your guest the illusion of a real bamboo tree. This nice-looking artificial bamboo tree comes at $ 70 at IKEA.

LCG Florals 27”x14” Artificial Rubber Plant – This fabulous fake rubber plant is planted in Boho Basket Cream. This not-so-big impressive rubber tree is nearly two feet tall but looks natural on the indoor plant stand. This is available at WALMART on $66. 

Faux Poptted Rubber Tree – This rubber tree looks more traditional with dark-coloured, thick leaves. You can buy it from WEST ELM for $149.

Sansevieria plant with black pot – Some plants can be indoor or outdoor, giving a beautiful look to your home or garden. This beautiful-looking artificial snake plant has a very stylish home decor feature. Buy online from AMAZON AT $86.

Apply these artificial grass wall decoration ideas with fake plants to add some more beauty to your house. There are many combinations you can try with artificial grass. 

Some Hanging Artificial Plants 

12” long Vagiegated Faux Wandering Jew – If you like to place a vine in your home without having the fear that it will spread wildly, you can go for these fabulous vines for home décor. Get it online on FLORAL at $ 16.

Ferm Kokedama – This hanging fern potted in a Japanese moss ball has a realistic appearance. This is not a plastic plant and hence it is environment-friendly and non-toxic. It comes at only $ 75 at THE SILL.

Hanging Spider Plant – The texture and colour of the plant make it look like a natural plant. This unique hanging plant as home décor is available on AMAZON at $42.

Boston Fern Artificial plant – This retro silk Boston Fern can be placed in areas such as your balcony or living room, giving a classic look to your room. This is also an awesome artificial plant as home décor, coming at the price of $66 on AMAZON. 

If you want some budget-friendly options to decorate your house then try Money Plant Decoration Ideas which bring a natural vibe to your house. 

37” Bougainvillea flowering artificial plant – This gorgeous flowering hanging plant has tiny pink coloured bright flowers. They are suitable décor for your living room. Buy online from NEARLY NATURAL ar price $77.

The faux string of Bananas Artificial Hanging Plant – This hanging plant is a great idea to display if you have a low budget. It is classic yet inexpensive. You can buy it for home décor at only $2 from IKEA.

Table Top Artificial Plants 

Displaying a flower vase on your table though looks beautiful. It is too common and old. Instead, you can keep a pot with an artificial plant, giving the impression of a natural plant.

15-inch Faux Maguey – Keeping a Maguey in a glass looks cool and highly impressive. You can decorate the glass with colourful pebbles to make it a fine piece of decorative item. This will give a classic look to your home décor. Buy it online from CB2 at $13.

Faux Potted Saguaro Cactus – This artificial cactus plant is best for home décor if you want a desert-like sensation in your home. This looks so natural and beautiful that no one can ever catch it without touching the cactus. This desert beauty is available online on POTTERY BARM at $129.

Cedar Bonsai Silk Plant 16” – Those who have a love for the Bonsai can buy it as home décor. Maintenance of a Bonsai is very difficult. 

But this natural-looking fake Bonsai is an awesome idea of the artificial plant as home décor. You can keep it on the table of your large living room for a warm reception from your guests. Get in soon on AMAZON at $49.

Are you know about the Bonsai Adenium plant which is very popular in worldwide?  

Winlyn Assorted Decorative Faux Succulent artificial plant – It comes with a set of 5 grey pot succulent plants at a very low price. This set is ideal for keeping on your desk or on top of a long table. Get it on AMAZON at $10.

4 feet artificial Cedar Tree – This mini artificial cedar plant can be used both for indoor as well as outdoor purposes for home decoration. It comes with a price of $91 on AMAZON.

These are some amazing artificial plants for home décor, giving a green, natural makeover to your home, making it unique and classic. Such air of naturalness and greenery will surely impress your guests, establishing a warm and welcoming ambience. 

However, while buying such fabulous artificial plants as home décor, take into consideration the type of plant, colour and plant stand that will match the design of your area where you like to exhibit it. So buy these antique artificial plants and brighten up your home.

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  1. Artificial plants are the ideal solution for all your gorgeous décor fantasies! They don’t require continual supervision and have just as good looks as natural beauties. It’s incredibly economical. Thanks for providing such a diverse variety


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