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Best Interior Designers in Pune

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Every housewife aims to have a well-furnished home with the perfect appearance.

Living expenses are paid for by individuals. When you’re invited to your friends and relatives’ home, do you feel jealous? You will undoubtedly envy them.

But, with the top 10 best Pune interior designers at your disposal, you can give your home a spectacular appearance as well.

The professionals will provide you with brochures based on the size and suitability of your property.

It’s simple to pick one among your options.interior designer in pune

1. Nerlekar & Associates – Interior Designers, Pune

n arch interior designers
Modular Kitchen Designed by N-ARCH

This is one of Pune’s most well-known interior designers, who has made it to the top 10 list. The organization was founded in 2002 to improve areas like landscaping, interior design, and outside design.

The interior designers at N- Arch are enthusiastic about their work. It is their innovative thinking coupled with cutting-edge technology that has made them famous among the general public.

The award-winning projects undertaken by this firm are a testimony to their dedication and commitment to creating functional and beautiful spaces. The renovation of the bungalow for Shri Sailesh Pawar at Ratnagiri was completed keeping in mind the client’s need for more living space. The addition of a new floor added to the existing structure without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the bungalow.

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The proposed bungalow for Mr. Dhadas at Ratnagiri is a perfect example of their ability to create customized solutions. The bungalow has been designed keeping in mind the client’s specific requirements and is a perfect blend of form and function.

The Naik house bungalow at Belgaum is another fine example of their work.

2. Design Addict Interiors

In the year 2006, this Pune-based interior design business began its foundation stone. Despite this, the organization has shown to be among the best in the market, having earned a top ranking among other inside designers.design addict interiors pune

Whether you want to start with the inside or go for an exterior makeover, the designers at design addict will be there for you. The professionals at design addict are genuinely enthusiastic about developing a distinctive residential complex, cottage, or company environment interior style. 

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3. JPA Tulja Architects and Interior Designers

The firm, which is one of the best 10 interior designers in Pune, provides a wide range of services for people as well as businesses. It was established in 2001. The company specializes in landscaping, architecture, interior design, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and heating.

The firm is run as a single-window solution, from the initial design consultancy through to the completion of the project’s execution. The contemporary design studio is available to them. Most of them are young designers with a sense of imagination.

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4. Xclusive Interiors – Best Designers in Pune

In the year 2001, this interior design firm was established. It provides a variety of services. The Xclusive interior designer’s secret is that the professionals can change locations with a touch. This adds to your living experience by providing aesthetic appeal, exalting, and offering great stimulus.

5. Design Seven interiors

This firm provides interior design services as well as other services and duties. Landscaping, data and voice networking, ventilation and air conditioning, and public address system are just a few of the services handled by this company.

It no longer makes sense to be afraid while hiring a professional interior designer for your home or business. You’ll get your house interior designs completed on schedule with this interior designer firm.

You will enjoy hassle-free design consulting from professionals. These interior designers in Pune provide three phases and solutions.

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6. Red Bricks Designs

You will receive comprehensive architectural solutions with red brick designs. The renowned interior designer of Red bricks Designs took on the task of leading this firm, which he had worked for 15 years.

Among the many interior designing firms in the area, there is a compelling reason to select us. You may now get a bespoke interior design service from here. The interior designer’s level of commitment is remarkable. From your first phone call, they provide 100% service.

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7. Sudhir Pawar and Associates

This is one of Pune’s top 10 interior designers, which was founded in 2004. Landscaping, interior design, plumbing service, and Fire Alarm systems are among its primary activities.

The professionals of this interior organization begin with a thorough knowledge of the client’s demands. The concepts are then converted into words. You will have a new, creative, and fresh interior designer working on your house and business interiors.

8. CK Interiors

CK Interior, a leading industrial designer with 16 years of hands-on experience in the business, is well-versed in providing high-quality cabinetry. Hundreds of projects have been handled by the firm. It outperforms its competitors owing to its large client base.

One of Pune’s top ten interior designers has a unique approach to creating flawlessly completed interiors. They create each location with a specific aim in mind.

They consider the client’s conceptual needs while designing each area. They keep in mind each client’s economic requirements.

9. Akruti Interiors

The top interior design firm was founded in 2012. It is located at Pune 16 and has an official address. Interior designing, landscape development, exterior design, and security system maintenance are among the services it provides.

With the help of this creative business, you may completely transform your house into a beautiful environment. With more excellence, your expectations will be met. He identifies the client’s real needs and offers them the best deal possible.

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10. Dreams Interior and Decoration

Access control systems, interior design, exterior design, and air conditioning systems are among the company’s primary services. They are well-known for creating the ideal design for your home as well as your business office.


The advantages of each interior designer are different. The rivalry among interior design firms is fierce, suggesting that the client benefits. As a result, the top 10 of Pune’s best interior designers have long been known for their inventive approach to design.

If you are looking to get your house designed or renovated, you may want to consider one of these firms. You will undoubtedly be content with the work of professional interior designers. When choosing an interior designer, make sure to do your research and select the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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