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Wallpaper v/s Paint – What To Choose?

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The interiors of a home make it look complete. Although the furnishing of a house is a crucial aspect, but your room will never look right unless the walls are on the point. Whether the walls have wallpapers or paint, it has a significant impact on the overall aesthetics of the house. The walls are the first and primary thing to focus on while decorating a house. Prior to choosing the color scheme for the walls you have to decide what will be on the walls of your room. Both paint and wallpapers have their own pros and cons and hence it is the biggest decision to choose between paints and wallpapers. Making the wrong selection for walls may lead to further expensive repairs. So it is extremely necessary that you make the right selection between paints and wallpapers after considering these few crucial factors.

wallpaper v/s paint


The overall cost usually depends on the quality of paints or wallpapers that you choose. There is a huge difference in the costs of paint and wallpapers. Wallpapers usually have quite higher upfront cost as it demands for professional assistance and specialized tools for its installation. Moreover, the Wallpaper for Bedroom Walls also creates the need to suit the overall decor and the patterns. But, the wall paints are comparatively cheaper and affordable than wallpapers. For perfect painting you need to hire the services of professionals. But it is quite competitive and affordable as compared to wallpapers.

wallpaper v/s paint cost


Although the upfront cost of wallpaper installation is higher, but the durability it offers makes the spending worth it. The good quality wallpapers enables you to create Gorgeous
Wallpaper Designs on your bedroom walls and it tends to last more than 15 years, thereby
having a higher reliability and suitability factors. But, the wall paint tends to get damaged easily after a few years of application. Usually, good quality wall paints last for a time period of 5-6 years and still they demand for regular touch ups every 1-2 years. Which adds up to the total cost.

wallpaper v/s paint india


The wall paints tend to get damaged frequently and all small imperfections and flaws can be covered with re-painting with minimal effort. The job of re-painting can also be done to
match the existing color. Re-painting or restoration of the paint doesn’t need professional
assistance as it can be done by you as well. Wallpapers are not immune to tear or peel and a small peeling of wallpapers would make you redo the entire process of stripping and pasting. This is more time consuming and expensive than re-painting. Moreover, the new wallpaper you will install may not match the existing wallpapers as it tends to fade away over the time.

wallpaper v/s paint cost

Preparation Time

Preparation time for wallpaper and paint is the crucial aspect to consider while deciding which option to choose. The preparation time for wallpaper is more than paints as you need
to prepare the walls and remove the flaws and damages before application of the wallpapers. Wallpapers tend to highlight the imperfections of your walls and hence the damages need to be concealed and repaired before wallpaper application. On the other hand, the wall paints need very minimal preparation time as it covers all flaws and damages on walls with paints without prior preparation and repairing of damages on walls. This minimizes the total preparation time.


Finishing And Appearance

You need to know that not all color schemes are the same and can deliver you exquisite
appearance. You can’t simply use random colour on walls as it may make it look clumsy. So, the options of using the paint on walls are not very extensive. But the paints like satin and glossy paints give the desired finish to the walls. You may look online for Wall Painting
Ideas for Homes to find the suitable design. You can create different patterns and designs on interior walls with creative usages of paints. With great innovations in digital painting and wallpaper designs, there are limitless possibilities to choose from. Wallpapers offer endless designs and patterns to choose from. You can create new textures and it is very easy to use wallpapers to create new designs on the walls of your house.

wallpaper cost

So, both wallpapers and paints have their own pros and cons and considering all these factors you need to make the right selection for bedroom walls. The selection between wallpapers and paint usually depends upon conditions and requirements. Both the options offers the ultimate aesthetics when used in the right way.


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  1. Wow, I have been looking for this article for so long and I finally found it. I am currently going through this dilemma and trust me its not easy to decide. But after reading your blog I’ve got some idea on what I can do for my room. Thanks a ton for such valuable blog.

  2. Wallpapers and paints have their own process of application and benefits. But, I do prefer wallpapers over paints because of the variety of designs wallpapers give. Where do you think I could get the best wallpapers at cheap rates?


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