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Transforming Your Small Living Room with a TV: Clever Ideas for Maximising Space

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Television has important place in our life in one way or the other, especially they play key
role in decorating our home. The uses of television ranges from watching news to learning in day-to-day life.

No one has remains blurred from the fact that now-a-days our kids learn from television rather than in schools.

So, it depicts the value of it. So, let’s move on to our main topic of discussion regarding ideas for enhancing small room looks with television.

Frankly there are many ideas to come with a spacing room even by adding television. Though it’s a true fact that it’s difficult to adjust a TV into a small room.

But now, worries are gone, you can comfortably adjust your television into warm environment by watching your favourite daily soaps or reality shows with your loved one beside and also enjoying your favourite food time.

So, come with me and explore various ideas which will definitely help you convert your small area into spacious room. No wait!

Hanging over the wall

This can be the best idea to hang a television with some kind of strength support over the wall diagonally adjusted to watch it comfortably.

Wall-Mounted TV

They can be added on with comfortable seating to watch it properly. Other than this, it would be comfortable to watch while lying on bed with a smooth cushion around the neck.

This will help it free up floor space easily giving it proper space. It gives a sleek appearance with a modern touch to the room.For tiny living rooms, wall-mounting the TV is a terrific space-saving alternative.

You minimise the need for a large TV stand or console by mounting the TV straight to the wall, thereby freeing up important floor space. 

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Multiple use furniture with television

This idea has been running for years at each and every home. Even my home includes small rooms which have been styled in this way.

Multi-Functional Furniture

This style includes setting multi-drawer furniture across the tv helping to adjust room requirements into that drawer and allowing clean and space in the room.

It also helps in decorating your room by selecting complementing furniture according to room looks.

Adjusting tv into the corner

This is the best idea even for using corner place which has been left unused since years

Corner Placement

Truly speaking I got this idea when I was adjusting the microwave into my small kitchen , so I tried placing it diagonally at the corner of the slab which helped me to use that corner.

So, same way try it for living rooms as well by keeping over some drawer. This will definitely help us increase space of our room.

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Adjusting television inside the decorative shelves

This is the greatest modern idea by placing inside the sliding shelves which actually work as dual compartments. Floating Shelves

If there is no use then cover it with shelves but when you want to use it, you can slide out the shelves and use the television for entertainment purposes.

Multiple floating shelves

This is the best idea not only to add your gadgets but also to space for other requirements of the room.


This is the best modern idea giving a new look to the room and adding attraction by adding colors to enhance its looks.

You can even go with removable shelves to increase wall space as per one’s need. Give it a try, it will be the best option.

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Adjusting furniture

Every time we talk about adjusting television space, it’s time to adjust the furniture to give your room space as the ultimate goal of us is to increase the space of the room.


So, here comes the option where instead ready of adding bed we can go with sofa sets to be added and instead of placing it in centre.

We can go with idea of keeping it at the side and include internal area to spaced up for performing any activities whether lying down, rest, kids daily activities or even sitting down and doing daily chores.

Using space behind stairs

This is the best option for the homes where the living room is added up at the area around inside stairs which can be definitely used up for placing your television to the mostly unused wall space and adding up with sofa or seatings at the front.


So, the highly used ideas have been discussed here. Instead of going with these ideas, you can also customize them as per your basic needs and requirements as per family.

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