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Style Your Bedroom With These Amazing Wall Decor Ideas

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After a long tiring day, your bedroom is the only place where you find comfort in a good night’s sleep. It’s the place where you rest, read and stay free. For such a great place, the decor is also supposed to come through as nothing but awesome. And, when we decorate our room we often ignore the wall decor but, they are one of the attention-grabbing places if decorated well. 

While creating such a comfortable environment for you to rest in, you need to keep a few things in mind like the wallpaper, wall decor, furniture, etc. Here are a few bedroom wall decor ideas that we believe will help you while you are decorating your bedroom.

  1. Wall color: The most important part of decorating any room is choosing the right color for it. The color of the walls is a major part of defining the overall look and aesthetic of the room. It is the primary step in decorating any room and depending on the color of the walls you get to choose the type of decor you wish to install.
    You can choose a wall color according to your own personal taste or something that matches the vibe of your entire house. Ensure that after you decide on a wall color, keep the decor pieces in contrast to it so that look perfectly aligned and stand out.
  2. large scale art: a basic approach towards decorating your wall would be having a solid color and hanging a large art that compliments that color. A large painting, picture, or art can set an amazing tone even in a small place. An abstract piece of art with carefully chosen colors is found to be more relaxing and intimidating to look at than others. Nowadays you can easily find such art at art galleries, and several shops.
  3. Abstract/graphic wallpapers: Another low-budget yet chic approach to step-up your bedroom wall decor will be by adding an abstract wallpaper of your choice to the wall. You can go with any warm or bright color with patterns for your bedroom walls depending on the space and size of your room. You can install such wallpapers on the wall in the back of your bed or any of the side walls.

  4. Gridded gallery wall: An interesting idea for decorating your bedroom wall would be by creating a gridded wall from the photo frames on the empty wall in your room. They are good for showcasing your favorite photographs in a tidy way. They can be a comfortable section in your room to look at after a long tiring day when you can just find solace in watching your beautiful memories hanging on there.
  5. Mirrors: Mirrors are becoming a trendy interesting choice in wall decors nowadays. There are pentagon, hexagon-shaped mirrors that people prefer to hang on the wall behind the bed. They provide an aesthetic view of the room and are easily available in online stores and markets. You can also get them custom-made according to your requirements. They give a fresh look to your room.
    Be it contemporary style or a traditional one, Mirrors are that pieces of Home decor that go with almost everything. They are the perfect pieces to install as they give the illusion of larger space.
  6. Headboards: You can get custom-made headboards for your bed that can add a stylish approach to your room. There are several creative headboards that you can get made for your bed according to the wall color and your room decor. Headboards tend to provide an overall elegant and aesthetic look to the room and can be installed easily. They are easily custom-made and available on several websites. You can easily choose and design your headboards.
  7. Wall Modellings: Wall modelings are an underrated and sophisticated choice for decorating your walls. You can customize wall modelings as per your requirements and they can turn out to be great when paired with the perfect wallpaper. You can carve out various shapes, quotes, and anything in the form of wall modelings for your wall. To get a simpler look you can just go with basic geometric patterns carved inside the wall.
  8. Tapestry: Tapestries are a good way to give a boho look to your room. You can either pin them to the wall or hang them on by draping them over a curtain rod. A tapestry can enhance the overall look of your room and give an aesthetic vibe and they are really cheap as well as easily available. They are easy to install as well.
  9. Shelves/Bookcases: If you are a book lover or a nighttime reader, then you can have shelves and bookcases as the decor of your bedroom. They can be customized according to one’s requirements and give a modern look to your room and provide extra space to keep your stuff. You can also try and accessorize that self by keeping any small plant/ showpiece on that. They can be really useful if you have excess stuff in your room and less space to keep it.
  10. Pixie lights: Pixie lights have become a trending piece of bedroom wall decor. They are cheap and easily available. You can install them on your wall by yourself in any desired shape and they are charged by batteries so you don’t need to worry about getting any sort of electric outlet. Pixie lights can light up your room and they tend to give an aesthetic look on a light wall color.

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces of your house and that is why you need to make sure that even a small piece of the most neglected ones like Bedroom walls are taken care of. So, do consider these above-mentioned Bedroom wall decor ideas and enjoy the classy feel of it.

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  1. Headboards and wall modellings are an excellent way to decor your bedroom walls. These ideas are amazing and give your room an appealing look. You can use different materials to make these wall hangings and headboards. Thanks a lot for sharing such great ideas.

  2. My bedroom is one of my home’s most significant rooms, and the tips in this article have truly helped me make it more than just lovely. The abstract wall art, mirrors, headboard, and colour schemes for the walls drastically transformed the appearance and feel of my bedroom.

  3. Bring a classic yet modern style to your bathroom with bathroom design. Create a sophisticated backdrop for your bathroom with our selection of eye-catching headboards and wall modellings. The materials used in these products will provide a beautiful and inviting atmosphere. Our collection of bathroom design pieces are the perfect way to add elegance to your home.Tried and tested.This blog helped me in so many things.

  4. I am renovating my bedroom for which I need various brilliant ideas.This blog particularly is very helpful for me.I hava got some ideas after going through it.


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