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Six Of Our Best Tips To Decorate With Rugs… #Rugnovate

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Simply add area rugs in any space of your house that lacks in excitement and you will see the area getting transformed! Area rugs are a great piece of decoration that can help you
decorate any area of your house and convert it into a luxury space. There are many
designs and color schemes available for rugs that can make your living space compelling.
Area rugs can simply complete the look of a room by tying different pieces of rugs together
that are visually appealing. There are Tricks to Make Living Room Look Expensive and you
may find different decor ideas online. With rugs, you can anchor any room, add
warmth, define it and help layer the decor of a room. Below you will come across with
different ways to decorate any room with a rug.

Decorate With Area Rugs

Using Rugs To Define Areas

With the help of the rugs, you can define or separate areas like dining areas, seating areas,
foyers and more. The area rugs are mainly used in studio apartments and also in large rooms or houses that need some kind of definition.

Area Rugs

Creating Variety And Harmony

The area rugs can be used for creating a variety of spaces in your living room. If you are
planning to use two or more rugs in a single room, either ensure that you are using the rugs in same sizes which will cut the room in two or use different sized rugs that will create a sense of variety and ensure that all the rugs are complementing each other in regards to style. If the rugs are not complementing each other in style, then you may simply end up with an unpleasant and jarring effect. Lots of warring patterns in a room will simply do away with the sense of harmony.

Decorating With Rugs

Colour Scheme Ideas and Controlling Volume

As per the Home Decor Ideas, you must make use of your favorite rugs as the basis of the color scheme in the living space. But if you add rugs after adding your furniture in the room, then ensure to use the rugs that will accent or combine in the existing color scheme.
You must ensure to make use of a rug that is visually quietening in your living space and turn up the volume easily as required. If the room is having wallpaper or upholstery in an ornate pattern, then ensure to include rugs that are subtle in design. But when the upholstery and wallpaper are subdued, you may simply add rugs with busier patterns or having bold color schemes that add interest and allure in the room.

Rugs For Living Room

Creating The Focal Point

It is important for you to make use of rugs that act as the focal point for your room because rugs can easily make a huge impact. To make your rugs the focal point, you must ensure to create contrast by coloring the walls with paint that mimics the accent colors of your rugs. You must also consider using the rugs as the wall hanging in a creative way so as to display the rug or you can create it as the focal point for your room.

Living Room Rugs

Playing With The Shapes

Rugs simply don’t mean that it has to be rectangular in shape. You must place or group your furniture in a way that dictates the shape of the rugs used in the room. You have to figure out what shape would look best in the room and go with round, square or oval shape rugs if it complements the remaining furniture arrangement in the room. This is better than the mere rectangular shaped rugs.

Rug Shapes

Choose The Right Size Rugs

If you are planning to buy room size rugs for your living area, ensure to buy rugs that are at least 3 feet shorter in length and width of the room. At the edge, you must leave the floor bare and this will help you to make your room appear a bit larger. When it comes to using the rugs in the dining area, you need to leave at least 24 inches of rug from the edge of the table out from all sides. This will help the back legs of chairs to stay on rugs, even when someone pulls it out for sitting.

Decorating with Rugs

These were some of the important tips for using rugs in the living area to make it alluring and look spacious. For more details regarding rugs decor ideas visit the site of where you will come across many decor tips for rugs in the living room.



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  1. Excellent guide, when it comes to choosing the right rug, I completely agree with you that the color scheme and size matters a lot. The way you have simplified other factors is brilliant. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love rugs! They are so cosy, and lighten up the look of any room. This detailed guide is perfect for me because I have been looking for newer ways to decorate my home with rugs. Thank you!

  3. Transform your living space with the magic of area rugs! These versatile décor pieces not only add luxury but also tie a room together effortlessly. From defining areas to creating harmony with multiple rugs, explore endless possibilities to elevate your home décor.


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