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Tricks to make your Living Room look Expensive

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When was the last time when you wanted to decorate your home but then you decided not to, thinking that it would cost too much? Well, you would be surprised to know that it doesn’t always take large sums of money in order to decorate your home. Yes, you could decorate your home with a small budget as well. What we have here for you are 10 simple yet effective low budget ideas that could give your home a fresh new look. All you need is to read and start working on the following ideas:

1). A little greenery on the inside.
Never think that greenery should only be limited to the outside world. You may not have any idea as to how a simple leaf can change the environment of your room. So, get some foliage, plants and a vase. Then, see the difference with your own eyes.

Indoor Plants for Living Room

2). Floors need your attention too.
Just like the walls of your home, the floors also need to be fixed from time to time. If you can’t completely change the surface, get a rug. You can get rugs in different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a permanent solution, go for vinyl flooring.

Modern Vinyl Flooring Designs

It looks like wooden flooring but very cost effective and comes in thousands of shades.

3). Books can do the trick.
You need to get a big book shelf and keep all the good books in it. When you keep the books, make sure that you keep them in order. Books kept in a silly manner will have a negative effect.

4). Lighting to suit the mood.
Lighting can alter the mood of the living room according to your taste. You may get low voltage bulbs for a romantic mood. And you may go for high voltage bulbs for a lively environment.

5). Windows need washing.
The windows need washing too. They need to be washed from the inside as well as the outside. Inside the home, there’s nothing as beautiful as the pouring sun rays from the window.

6). Don’t make it crowded.
Do not stuff in too many things, especially at one place. A couple of things piled together and the house will look out of order. Keep things separated and get rid of any unwanted item that you could do without.

7). A vintage basket looks beautiful.
A beautiful vintage basket full of fruits in the middle of the dining table can do wonders. It makes for a great centerpiece. Obviously, the fruits will have to be replaced from time to time.

8). Don’t forget the lampshades.
You should not only maintain the lampshades but make sure that you change them from time to time. You can get different colors and you will see how it changes the aura of the room.

9). Paintings are a must.
Paintings are paramount. It’s not necessary to buy expensive paintings. You could buy a cheap painting and it may look equally good provided that you choose it carefully. Get a large painting to make it the focal point and some other small ones beside it. Get some cool wall paintings ideas from

Wall Painting Ideas

10). Family comes first.
Arrangement of family photos dates back to the Victorian times. You could create a gallery of family photos and cover a wall. It looks best on the stairway and hallway. By putting the family photos, they know that you care. That it looks classy is just add on.

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  1. I agree on each and every point mentioned here. I have implemented almost most of these ideas, placing a bookshelf, adding planters, lightning, and stunning flooring. And, trust me each and everything has turned out so amazing. I think it is a must try for all.

  2. This is by far the most useful post I’ve come across with my husband. We’ve been looking for ways to make our living room look beautiful, homely and like the product of all our hard work. We’ve always struggled with decluttering the living room. We also never thought about decorating it with paintings and miniature plants until we read your post! Time to scrub our windows clean and mop those dirty floors too!


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