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Bathroom Plant Ideas for a Fresh and Serene Space

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With some inventive plant ideas, you can make your bathroom feel light and peaceful. Including elements of nature in your bathroom not only improves the aesthetics but also has many other advantages.

Plants can enhance your bathroom experience in a variety of ways, from enhancing air quality to fostering a relaxing atmosphere. 

The best plants for bathrooms, placement ideas, do-it-yourself projects, important maintenance advice, and styling advice are all covered in this guide to help you turn your bathroom into a reviving oasis.

Learn how adding a little greenery can breathe life and tranquillity into your bathroom sanctuary.

Table of Content

  • Why should one have plants in the bathroom?
  • Different types of plants.
  • How to choose the right plant?
  • Care and Maintenance Tips

Why should one have plants in the bathroom?

Now, this may sound silly to some individuals, but it is quite common for people to have plants in their bathrooms.

Having plants in the bathroom can offer several benefits, including enhancing the overall ambience and creating a fresh and serene space. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating plants into your bathroom:

Improved Air Quality:

Improved Air QualityBecause they remove toxins through photosynthesis, plants purify the air by soaking up carbon dioxide and exchanging it for oxygen. They can aid in removing pollutants and toxins from the air, enhancing the quality of the air in your bathroom.

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Increased Humidity: 

Due to the frequent use of hot water and ventilation, bathrooms frequently have low humidity levels. Through a process known as transpiration, plants release moisture into the air, increasing humidity and improving the climate.

Natural Stress Relief: 

Natural Stress ReliefIt has been demonstrated that having plants around lowers stress and anxiety levels. Being enveloped by greenery in your restroom can create a quiet, peaceful, and soothing environment that will aid in your relaxation and renewal.

Visual Appeal and Aesthetics

Visual Appeal and AestheticsAny space can benefit from the beautiful natural and aesthetic interest that plants bring. They can improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by adding more visually appealing colours, shapes, and textures.

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Connections with Nature: 

The presence of plants in the bathroom enables you to experience nature indoors. This connection can foster a stronger bond with nature and bring a sense of calm and well-being.

Different Types of Plants

Let us look into different type of categories available in the market for plants.

Hanging Plants
In your bathroom, hanging plants adds verticality and makes the most of the empty ceiling space.

Hanging Plants
Use shower curtain rods for lightweight pots or containers for a greenery-filled space, hanging baskets with cascading foliage for a lush display, and macrame plant hangers for elegant, bohemian looks.

Shelf and Ledge Décor
Shelf and Ledge DécorInstall floating shelves, make use of window ledges for natural light, and add air plants or small potted plants to cabinets or storage units for a touch of fresh greenery to incorporate plants into your bathroom shelving decor.

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Terrariums and Miniature Gardens
Terrariums and Miniature Gardens
Bathroom wall-mounted planters provide both practical and decorative elements. While wall-mounted pots maintain a tidy, organised appearance with compact growth habits like ferns or herbs, vertical planters allow you to grow multiple plants in a small amount of space.

Wall-mounted Planters
You can add plants to your bathroom in inventive ways like terrariums and miniature gardens.

Wall-mounted Planters
Fairy gardens add fantasy and charm, while glass terrariums build a miniature ecosystem. On windowsills or vanity vanities, succulent arrangements create low-maintenance displays.

Different Types of plants you can consider buying:

Snake Plant

Snake PlantsSnake plants enhance bathrooms with low light, humidity resistance, and elegant, upright leaves.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant with air-purifying properties, thrives in indirect light, and requires well-draining soil.

Boston Fern 

Boston ferns enhance bathrooms with high humidity, bright indirect light, and tropical vibe.

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Peace Lily

Peace lilies thrive in low-light conditions, purify air, and remove toxins.

Spider Plant

Spider PlantsSpider plants are resilient, adaptable, and easy to care for in various bathroom environments.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreens are low-maintenance plants with unique leaf patterns, suitable for bathrooms.

How to choose the right plant?

Now that you have an overview on the importance and benefits of the different types of plants, it is time to choose the plant perfect for you.

When choosing plants for your bathroom, it is important to consider the specific conditions that exist in this environment. Here are some key considerations:


Natural light is typically scarce in bathrooms, especially if there are few or no windows. Make a note of the bathroom’s lighting, including the amount and duration of sunlight.

LightingThis will enable you to choose plants that can survive in low- or indirect-lighting environments.

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Humidity Levels

Showers, baths, and sinks contribute to the higher humidity levels found in bathrooms. While some plants can handle high humidity better than others, others may suffer from too much moisture.

Consider the average humidity level in your bathroom before selecting plants that can survive there.


Particularly if there is no central heating or air conditioning, bathrooms may experience varying temperatures. Choose plants that can survive the wide range of temperatures in your bathroom without becoming overly sensitive to temperature changes.

Space Availability

Analyse the space that would be suitable for plants in your bathroom. To choose the types and sizes of plants that will fit comfortably without creating obstruction or inconvenience, consider the size, shape, and layout of your bathroom.

Care and Maintenance tips

Here are some care and maintenance tips for bathroom plants:

  • Choose plants thriving in low to moderate light in bathrooms; avoid direct sunlight; and supplement with artificial sources if needed.
  • Regularly check soil moisture, water bathroom plants with slightly higher humidity, avoid over-watering, and use well-draining pots and potting mix.
  • Bathroom plants prefer moderate temperatures, good air circulation, and proper ventilation for healthy growth.
  • Bathrooms with higher humidity levels benefit plants; increase them by placing water or using a humidifier near dry areas.
  • Use balanced liquid fertiliser during the spring and summer for bathroom plants.
  • Regularly inspect and remove damaged or dead foliage to maintain healthy bathroom plants.
  • Dust accumulates on bathroom plant leaves; gently wipe with a damp cloth or mild soapy water solution.
  • Monitor bathroom plants for common pests, isolate them if found, and use appropriate pest control methods.

Rotate and rearrange bathroom plants for balanced growth, equal light exposure, and to avoid overcrowding.

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