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Kitchen lighting ideas

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Kitchen, the place in a house that everyone loves. So, It is only fair that your kitchen not only looks aesthetic but it is easier to do chores in it. Good lighting is absolutely necessary for these tasks.

Not only does it make any place look prettier, but also illuminates your drawers, so that you no longer confuse salt with sugar! 

When we talk about good lighting, the conversation either surrounds easy accessibility through perfect illumination or having those useless so-called aesthetic lamps. B

ut what if we wanna have these two together to make a perfect kitchen? Well, here comes a new issue, it’s not affordable. If these are the problems you face, you have come to the right place. 

This is your one-stop solution to the perfect kitchen lighting catering to all your needs. And we are well aware that no one size fits all, so, we are giving you endless options to choose from. 

The first idea I have for you, isn’t an idea at all. It is, in fact, something we all know, and underestimate, but if used properly, can be the solution to most of your kitchen lighting problems

The solution is – A window!

No, don’t roll your eyes. Having a window in your kitchen not only illuminates it with plenty of natural light, but you can also put little plants around it to make your kitchen your pretty little happy place.  

You can even hang a beautiful sun catcher on the window, and it creates a beautiful pattern of rainbow sparkles all over your kitchen wall making it look like a kitchen straight out of your favorite Hollywood movie. 

This is the cheapest and the most effective way to have a pretty kitchen with good lighting. 

Pendant lights

Want to give your kitchen that Karan Johar movie’s royal look?  Well, then look no further, because pendant lights, which hang from your kitchen ceiling are the best thing you will invest in. 

You can hang them anywhere, over your kitchen sink, over your breakfast table or just over the bare central area. 

They come in all shapes and sizes. From the lantern pendant lights that give you that royal chandelier look to globe pendant lights to go with your modernist kitchen decor, we have it all. 

The best thing about these, by the way, is that you can adjust their chain lengths. So, yeah, you decide what length they should hang from. The variety in shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, make them suitable for all sorts of kitchens. 

Flush ceiling lights

For people with kids who wouldn’t like a light hanging from their ceiling for safety purposes, I have another great option for you. Flush ceiling light, lie flat with your ceiling and provide good illumination

They align with your ceiling and can be put at the centre of your kitchen ceiling to give your kitchen that classy look. The best part about these are all the options that they come in. 

So, just like the pendant lights, there is one of these for every kitchen. These LED lights come from a minimalist design to something much more intricate, all as per your taste. So if you are a beige mom or a Pinterest girlie, these are perfect for your dream kitchen. 

Cabinet Lightings:

These are my personal favorites. The way they elevate the look of your kitchen instantly must be denounced as witchcraft. And no, I am not exaggerating, not even a bit. 

These are installed under your kitchen cabinets, and when you switch them on, it looks like the behind of your cabinet is glowing with this magical light. 

These lights instantly make your kitchen look like some New York penthouse kidding. If you want your kitchen to look expensive without spending much money, these are your go-to lights.

They also come in different forms and colors and would go well with every aesthetic you wish to achieve. 

If you like experimenting, then you can use neon cabinet lights, and your kitchen will be flushed with this magical neon light originating somewhere behind your cabinets. 

Track lights:

If you want a well-illuminated kitchen then track lights are your best friends. These usually consist of multiple bulbs that face in all directions, thoroughly illuminating your kitchen.

They make sure no corner of your kitchen sits in darkness. Oh, and they do so while looking absolutely cute. 

Wall lamps

In this entire article, I have talked about lights that go on your ceilings. However, I am very aware that most Indian households have light sockets on their walls. So are aesthetic kitchen lights only for ceiling people? Why should ceilings have all the fun?

Well, no more despair, because wall lamps are here. From absolutely beautiful scone light that gives your kitchen a very modern look to those minimalist light bulbs for the retro look, wall lights are for every kitchen.

These are also a great option for those looking to upgrade their kitchen under a budget. Didn’t I tell you that this article is for everyone? 


Before you label me as a ‘mad capitalist’ for suggesting that you put a huge chandelier in your kitchen, hear me out. Imagine a little chandelier above your dining table. 

It can look like anything, a classic one or a modernised version. It would make your kitchen look magical. Especially if you are going for rustic vibes. 

Table lamps

This is definitely not for everyone. A table lamp on your kitchen table might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for some of your quirky people, it is just. the thing. 

It will make your kitchen stand out and I promise none of your guests would have seen anything like that before. The power of table lamps is their versatility. You can find all kinds of lamps in the market. 

So, these were certain ideas to make your kitchen well-illuminated and upgrade its looks in the process. 

One thing to keep in mind is to decide the colour scheme or the vibe that you are going with and shop for lights accordingly. And with that, happy decorating.

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