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Add a Dash of Green to Your Abode with These Money Plant Tips

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Introduction of Money Plant 

Plants have the same impact which pets do in your home. They add cheer and positivity to your sweet nest. Even some studies and research show that plants add a dash of positivity and good luck to your house. 

They are good at facilitating productivity and increasing focus. Green plants give fresh oxygen to your home and help maintain a calm and stress-free environment. So you can be sure of productivity. 

Since they induce tranquility, they are quite useful for therapeutic purposes. If they can grow fragrances, your home smells of sweet fragrances. The fragrance is said to have scientific benefits and helps to deal with mood swings. This helps to calm you out. 

Not to forget, mini gardens are the best way to include nature in your home. It purifies the air around. Cities have polluted air, so the air is mostly unclean. So having little green plants helps stay positive, which benefits you and your family. 

It is not just an indoor plant but a good interior design tool. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the money plant. 

There are many reasons to include money plants for indoor decoration. The first reason is that it adapts to almost any and every atmosphere. Since it is a low-maintenance plant, you have to do less money plant care as they can deal with a lot of negligencies before completely wussing out. 

It can be revived again, so you can decide whether you are still at it or not. People go for money plants because they can be green in various styles, whether potted or walled. You can accentuate your home according to the type of plant you get, whether a creeper or potted.    

The final and intriguing reason for including this plant in a home is that many people believe in Vastu and Feng Shui. Many interior designers and home-making philosophers think it brings good luck and positivity, specifically financial.     

So enough said and done, let us now look at some money plant decoration ideas to liven up the sad corners of your home.

Wall Gardens

Wall gardens look beautiful, and interior designers adopt them mostly. You can decorate your vacant walls using a money plant. You can opt for any vacant wall in your home and make it a green dome. You can display all your vegetation in the walled garden. This style is economical and can be managed easily.Wall Gardens Potted forms of money plants work best in these cases. It is bigger, lush green, and eye-catchy. It is super convenient if we talk about space. 

Hanging Bursts of Green

This is one of the most cost-efficient and convenient ways of using a money plant. Use hangable planters, and you are good to go! Hanging plants is a good way to show your money plant and add vividity to your home interiors.Hanging Bursts of Green This kind of decoration requires a sturdy planter to carry the weight of a potted money plant. You can place them in your kitchen, balcony, or dining room.   

You can even show off different variants of the money pant. Creepers look beautiful, and potted plants look good too. The corner looks like a beautiful place.

Window Planting

Windows with spaces make it perfect for planting indoors. They provide ample ventilation and light and give an aesthetic look too. You can use a money plant to decorate the window spots in your home. Window PlantingCreepers are perfect if the corner is isolated and abandoned as it grows independently, thereby giving a rustic feel to the home. If you want to go for potted money plants, you can place multiple small plants in a lengthwise way and palace these near a windowsill.  

You can also combine money plants of different sizes to give a quirky look. To add variety, you can also add other types of potted plants to the lot. 

Vertical Planting

Modern home decors employ vertical gardens to beautify their homes. These are economical and use less space. You can add a vertical garden to your living room using money plants. It gives a tropical vibe and looks ethereal.

Vertical PlantingCurtain Forms Money Plant

One of the unique ad intriguing ways to use a money plant is to use them in your living room by making small pots on the entry of your main door. Slowly they will look like a curtain and look beautiful.Curtain Forms Money Plant

So go ahead and accentuate the look of your home with these ideas. These look good to the eyes and are also aesthetically pleasing. They benefit your mental and physical health too. 

Growing a Money Plant

Money plants grow from stem cuttings obtained from a healthy mother plant. Here is a step-by-step guide to growing one. After looking at these ideas, we must know how to grow money plants. Let us find out.

  1. Obtain the Cutting: Snip a six-inch-long stem from a healthy mother plant. 
  2. Root the Cutting: Place the fresh cutting in a glass of water and place in a sunlight spot until roots come out of the stem. Change the water each week.
  3. Prepare the Potting Medium: The money plant grows best in moisture and humidity. Place the growing roots and fill them with soil. 
  4. Water and Trim: You need to water the plant continuously and press the stem firmly into the soil. Could you place it in a shady location then? 


So, money plants are a great way to beautify your home and give it a green look. The above mentioned are some ideas you can go for according to your choice and needs. There are also steps to guide you to grow a money plant. Make sure to follow these in a sequence. 

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