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Brick Fire Place Designs To Elevate Your Space

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Your space will feel warm and inviting with a blocked chimney. Our determination of the best block chimneys contains plan ideas for any taste, whether you need a limewash finish, a new layer of paint, encompassing underlying shelves, or a novel shelf.

5 Best Brick Fireplace Design

Brick Fireplace with Green Millwork

Green milwork fireplaceThis conventional living room has a warm vibe because of the red block and sage green woodwork. 

  • The low implicit shelves on one or the other side of the chimney are likewise canvassed in paint, adding an immortal pop of variety. 
  • Slant and stack various mirrors and show-stoppers on the mantelpiece for a loose and comfortable look. 
  • You can likewise pick a topsy-turvy plan with an odd number of containers or candles. You can stand things on the heap of books to build the level.

Gray Brick Fireplace

The delightful block chimney in the living room is complicatedly processed to the roof.

Gray Brick Fireplace

  • You can give your chimney a more contemporary look by painting the block and woodwork a similar warm dim variety
  • On the off chance that your chimney has a straight plan, use round objects to separate the straight lines. 
  • For instance, a straightforward round reflects with a metal casing that is different from a dark chimney.

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Double-Sided Brick Fireplace

Double-sided-brick-fireplaceThe open floor plan is outwardly separated by a twofold-sided block chimney that gives intensity to various rooms. 

  • The red and orange tones of this block chimney are set off by rural wood framing and two wooden roofs radiate
  • It gives the room a comfortable climate that is kept up. 
  • A Chesterfield couch and elaborate ceiling fixture are two parts of the space kept intact by conventional scene symbolism in overlaid outlines that embellish the mantelpiece.

Sunroom Fireplace

The chimney in this sunroom is made of light-shaded block, keeping the region impartial and occupying the space between the white roof tiles and the dim floor tiles. 

  • The block supplements the vibe of the house and gives it a bound-together look. Offers. 
  • A tall chimney complements the room’s high roofs and shaft emphasizes, while its sheer backboard further broadens the association between the room and the outside.

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Streamlined Fireplace Design

Streamlined Fireplace DesignThis living region has a new and beautiful look thanks to the white block fireplace. The plain white chimney and light dark walls stand out from the dark furnishings and floor covering. 

  • The firebox’s the straightforward dark entryway and present-day television mounted above contrast the room’s perfect white block, while a raised chimney adds profundity to the space. 
  • A simple method for modernizing your chimney plan with a dull or obsolete look.

How to Give a Brick Fireplace a Modern Look by Painting It?

Clean the Fireplace Surface

The block should be scoured with the goal that the paint sticks and dries appropriately. To begin with, cover the floor and tape off the areas you would rather not paint. Residue and soil can be taken out with a wire brush and buildup can be vacuumed. 

Then apply non-frothing trisodium phosphate (normally known as TSP). Wearing gloves and well-being glasses, completely clean the chimney stack with lathery water or a smokestack cleaner. Flush and dry.

Prime the Brick

Paint that has been presented to residue from the chimney is safeguarded from future stains by an oil-based primer. To apply the groundwork as far as possible along the grout of the mortar, first utilize a little, solid fiber brush. 

Then utilize a roller to apply the groundwork equitably over the whole surface of the block chimney as per the paint producer’s guidelines

The block is penetrable, so a second layer of groundwork might be required. Allow the preliminary to dry for the time being.

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Paint the Brick

After the groundwork has dried, paint the block chimney. Pick a chimney paint that is reasonable for indoor use, contains plastic, is heat safe, and can endure the temperatures your chimney produces (frequently around 200°F).

Modern-fireplaceTry not to apply this kind of paint to the inward hearth of a blocked chimney. outside as it were. If you intend to paint the firebox, you want a particular kind of intensity-safe paint intended for the gig. 

Add Finishing Touches

Utilize a little brush to fix any defects or missing regions. At long last, take off the dribble fabric and painter’s tape and wipe up any spills with a moist material

Why Does a Brick Fireplace Need to Be Cleaned?

Little ash stains on your block chimney aren’t risky, however, that doesn’t mean you ought to see them or aggravate them. 

  • Completely cleaning your stack will assist with diminishing unattractive stores, for example, weighty stores that can sink into blocks and cause super durable harm. 
  • There are portions of the chimney that should be cleaned regularly for safety.
  • Smokestacks ought to be cleaned and reviewed something like one time each year. 
  • As indicated by the American Smokestack Wellbeing Affiliation, grimy fireplaces are the main source of chimney stack fires, and the primary driver of that is creosote, a result (even though leaves and bird homes are another reason). 
  • Creosote is exceptionally combustible and gathers on the walls of chimney stacks when the wood is singed. 
  • A simple 1/8-inch store is sufficient to light.


It is a method of applying weakened paint. The mortar covers the blocks with a clean white coat. The mortar permits the surface of the block to appear on the other side and stows away the greater part of the red tone. 


Q. What is a fireplace chamber?
A. The internal three walls of the hearth (the back and sides) are generally called the hearth. The chimney stack chamber is characterized by walls around the heater. A great many people will often centre around the hearth and chimney encompasses, yet the chimney room ought not to be ignored.

Q. Why are brick fireplaces used?
A. Fire bricks are the best bricks for use in fires, kilns, furnaces, and other high-temperature applications because they are made to resist such high temperatures.

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