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Home Library Design Ideas As Per Vastu

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Homeowners and business owners are now following the ancient Vedic science of Vastu
Shastra because they have realized the benefits of this Vedic Science which has been offering efficient solutions for many problems, enhancing the lives of millions across India. The Vastu Compliant directions and color schemes have been offering positivity and energy to every nook and section of offices and homes. The most important area of any home or office is the study room or library which is used both by adults and kids. So, it is extremely essential that you use the effective Vastu Shastra Tips for Study Room to reap its benefits to the fullest. Next time when you will renovate your study room or library ensure to make use of these following Vastu Shastra tips to create Vastu Compliant In House office or library.

Pyramid Shape Home Library

Location Of The Library As Per Vastu Shastra

According to the Vastu guidelines, the western direction of the office or house is always
ultimate for designing the study room. In Vedic astrology, the western direction is mainly
linked with the planet mercury and mercury is the planet that is liable for offering analytical
skills, thereby enhancing the brain function and power. Mercury is also the planet that is
a catalyst for the business shrewdness as per the Vastu principles. The western direction is also best for the study room because it balances the moon, Jupiter and Venus as per the principles. For a home office, the best direction is North-East part as per the Vastu Tips for Office. You may also do some modifications after considering the Vastu rules.

Small Home Library

Shape Of The Study Room Or Library

The Vastu Shastra actually places huge prominence on offering the right shape of the study room to gain the highest benefits. Today in this era of unique and advanced architectural designs, most of the people tend to use the innovative shapes and uneven designs for their library and study room. As per the Vastu Shastra, the home office or library must be in the pyramidal shape. This is one of the best Vastu Shastra tips for home offices and libraries as the pyramidal shape enhances the level of concentration for kids who are using the study room. This shape also increases the analytical ability of the person that is using the home office. But it is crucial for you to know that the pyramidal shape is only suggested when the room is not used for sleeping purposes by any family member.

Vastu For Library

The Furniture For Study Rooms

The location for placement of the furniture in the study room or library and the direction used for sitting in desk or work table play a pivotal role according to Vastu Shastra. The best Vastu Tips for Home office is that the study table or working desk must be placed in a way that the person sitting on the table must face northeastern, north or east direction. Tables and cabinets should not be placed right in the centre of the room. The book racks must be placed right in the eastern or northern directions and the north-west and south-west directions must be avoided for placement of the library furniture as they are the negative directions for racks or bookshelves in a library.

Home Library Furniture

Selection Of Colour Schemes

The use of bold and bright colours must be avoided strictly for the home office or library.
According to the Vastu Shastra, it is necessary that you use only the pastel shades for the
library or home office including white, green, shades of cream and more are the best colour
combination or scheme for a library or home office. You must give preference to the lighter
colour shades or schemes rather than the darker colours. You must avoid the use of glossy paints in home office and library. The matte and subtle finish in the library offers the ultimate colour combination for home office or library.

Home Library Images

Doors And Windows For Library

Home Library Designs

The location of the doors and windows for your home office or library also plays a crucial role in enhancing the positivity in your home office and study room. All large-sized windows
must be planned for the eastern walls and the smaller windows must be on the western side of the room. North or northeastern direction is best suited for doors; while the inner decor of the library must be subtle and ensure to use soothing pictures for achieving best results.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about building Vastu principles at home for a while. Your blog gave me the inspiration to remodel my study area, which is also a modest library, and make improvements. I spend most of my time there, so implementing your suggestions will be beneficial.

  2. Thank you for this detailed home library guidance according to the Vastu Shastra. I have been trying to build a home library, and its great that I found this blog.


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