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Bathroom Ideas For Old People

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Older individuals need proper care and support. Elderly suffer from weakness and other kinds of things that make their body more prone to injuries.

Thus it is important to take care of them in a more precise mannerBathrooms are  to be designed in a more good manner so that the chances of slipping and falling decreases.

The mobility of older individuals also decreases and thus it is important to make sure that the accessibility of bathrooms is made easy.

Many more things are needed to be taken care of. Here in this blog we are going to talk about bathroom ideas for elderly. The ideas are shared as follows. 

Bathroom ideas suitable for elderly people in India

Here are a few bathroom ideas for elderly people that  can be followed and used for designing bathrooms for elderly. The bathroom ideas are shared as follows.


  • Bathrooms with comfortable seats – The seat preference should be done accordingly. A seat that offers comfort and relaxation should  be preferred and the resting chair should be installed properly.
    A good seat will provide comfort and relaxation. Make sure that the seat is of good quality.
  • A modern look bathroom with comfort – A modern look of bathroom can be achieved and one can have a modernised bathroom for older people.
    Inbuilt shelves are to be made with unique designs and patterns which will help them to have towels and other essential items easily in their reach. You can use good tiles for good effects.
  • Use slip free tiles and extra resting chair – In the bathroom you can use an extra resting chair for elderly people. Some people may have difficulty having baths on their own and thus they require external support.
    Make sure that in your bathroom you make some space for an extra resting chair too. Tiles which are slip free are to be used for preventing slipping.
  • Bathroom with handrails – If mobility is the issue and handrails are required then you can make a bathroom with handrails installed.
    Add handrails at the edges or near the seat so that while sitting or getting up so that they can take the help of handrails. It will ensure their safety and will accompany their mobility.
  • Bathroom with handshower – A handshower can be utilised and it can make sure that their bathing experience is safe.
    A hand shower of good quality and design can help you achieve a good and stylish bathroom for older people in your family.

These are some simple and elegant bathroom ideas that can help you have a good bathroom with some modest touch.

Safety should be the topmost priority while designing bathrooms for elderly people and it should be taken care of while designing.

Have a look at bathroom shower doors.

Why is it important to take care of safety while designing a bathroom?

While designing a bathroom it is necessary to take care of safety. While designing bathrooms for elderly people it should be the topmost priority.


The key benefits of providing safety while designing bathrooms are as follows-

  • It helps to keep older individuals safe.
  • It prevents them from falling.
  • The railing helps them in mobility.
  • Older individuals take a lot of time to recover so it’s important that they do not suffer from any difficulty.
  • A good and comfortable bathroom can help older people have a good bathing experience.
  • It is really very important to take care of safety in bathrooms to avoid any injury.

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Bathroom accessories for older people

There are some good and helpful bathroom accessories for older individuals that can be used in their bathrooms. The accessories are shared as follows-


  • MTR heavy wall mounted rails that can be used at the side of bathroom seats. This can help older people to stand and sit with the help of rails. These rails can provide good rails. They are made up of good quality and are quite durable. You can have it at Rs 1,678.
  • Shower bench for elderly can be used for bathing and it is adjustable in nature . It can be used easily. The colour variations are cool too and one can choose easily. It is trusted for its quality. The height is adjustable and one can adjust it according to the need. This is for Rs 3 thousand.
  • Shower handles for elderly should be used in bathrooms and these shower handles are helpful in preventing slipping. They can be gripped and holded if the danger of slipping is sensed. You can get it at Rs 549. 
  • Seat raiser for older people can help in raising seats because some older individuals may feel it difficult to sit in a manner. Seat raisers can help. The price is Rs 1,890 only.

You can buy these products easily at various online stores and you can simply have the benefits of it at affordable ranges. Do not forget to check the discounts.

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The role of lighting in bathrooms of elderly

The lights are to be prioritised too. The perfect lights are to be used accurately so that they can see clearly. Too dim or dark light can affect their vision.


Make sure that the lights are of good quality and avoid using cheap products. The lights are to be placed at appropriate places for helping and guiding them .

Lights can be really helpful and one should utilise lights properly. Make sure that they do not struggle in finding switch boards.

You can also look at small bathroom ideas.


Choosing the best bathroom for elderly people is a good idea and it can help prevent them from many injuries.

While designing make sure that you choose the right accessories and right tiles. Anti slip mats can be placed in a decent manner.

Railing can be installed which can make their support great and anti falling things can be used. A seat raiser is a good thing and one can use it too.

All these features can make a bathroom more friendly and it can also help in providing safety to older individuals of your family.

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