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Interior Design Ideas For Small Indian Homes

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Whether it is a modern and spacious home or a small townhouse we Indians are so much into decorating and celebrating stuff, that there seems no end to it. Be it an occasion or a small function, we have a habit of over- showing things to our friends and relatives. Now here again celebrations lead to decorations. No matter whatever it is;Diwali or a birthday party Indians want everything glittery and highly decorative. If we look a bit deeper into it then we will find out that not all Indian homes are cheap or down class looking in terms of decoration. I mean it might be cheap but won’t look cheap. How? Well, that’s what Indians are famous for. There are so many Indian homes that are small enough but can be decorated in easy and cheaper ways.

Talking about interior designing then we Indians do not hire interior designers for our homes. Actually, many of us don’t even know that they actually exist and the others don’t care. That’s just a joke. Here the interior designing department goes to the ladies of the house be it your mom, your sister, wife, sister-in-law or any female member of the house. Because simply what we think and believe it’s not men’s job. Ladies of the house are the one who maps up all the things from the curtain’s color to bedsheet.

Interior design ideas for small Indian homes

With this new generation, Indians have also emerged like their sense of fashion or decoration has improved. Nowadays what we see is the integration of modernity and traditional ways of decorating homes. For example,if a kitchen is nowadays seen a smart kitchen with all the modern tools and appliances installed then the direction of the stove and color of the kitchen will be kept according to vastu shastra. This shows that Indians never forget their beliefs and their traditions in order to adopt modernity. And the combination of this two rocks are almost in every Indian home.

Here are some amazing, innovative ideas for decorating your home especially for those who deal with less amount of space. These ideas are for small Indian homes:

  1. Let your walls do the talking: Marble floorings I am sure you all must have heard or seen. But have you ever seen marbles or tiles on the walls? If not then you are surely missing one of the trendiest things of these days. It includes different types of colors, shapes,and Imagine you have a flower printed wall and someone enters your room what kind of impression it will give? Yes, beautiful that’s the word. This is a simple but one of the best interior decoration ideas to make your home be a better place.
  1. Lighting is the key: I don’t think anyone would like to enter a house which either has dim lights or no light. Everyone loves the brightness and according to research, it is said that one who has dim lighting in their house tends to give a bad impression on guests. Beautiful lighting can undoubtedly make a lot of difference in your décor. Now before placing the lights, first of all, choose where do you want to create the attention at the maximum level and then place the lights. You can also choose which particular type of light you want to use as there are many types.
  1. Reflected splendor: place or install a mirror on the walls in order to cover them and notice how instantly it will enhance the look of your house. By placing perfect lights and sparkling wall it will simply double up the look and will give it a classy and rich look.
  1. Invest in paintings: we all know we Indians are so much fond of wall hangings or wall paintings. It not just gives an amazing decorative look but also gives fresh colorful vibes to your house. The colorful abstract of painting reminds usof colorful festivals and different types of people we have in India. Painting is also a great way of gifting someone. Paintings also showlove and affection too. You can also look for some interesting ideas on the DécorChamp.
  1. Chic yet comfortable: there is no point of filling up your house with different beautiful but heavy thingswhen your house already has little space. Rather than invest in less but invest in good. Go for small things like a small sofa, a small bed, small table. Here having small things are not the only concern but the main thing is to have these small things stylish and suitable for your place.
  1. Show some creativity: if you are a child or a teenage then this is simply your thing. Try to show your creativeness on the wall like drawing a sketch and hanging it on the wall or making some hang able handmade toys or picture. And one of the best creativeness is done with the lights. Covering your wall with lights and paintings with some decorative plates and mugs makes your wall super chic and the best part is they are super cheap.

So next time you start decorating your house, take a tip of all these things and use them.

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