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Aluminium Door Designs for Elegant Doors


Doors are undoubtedly the forefront of your house. The first impression is laid on the observer’s mind by looking at your home doors.

Not only for impression formation, but for our own deeds we try to choose the best door designs for our home. Because we all want to make our homes as beautiful as we can.

When it comes to choosing doors, things like the material of the product, its durability, its different designs , and other questions cross our minds.We know how important it is for you to maintain the perfect and desired aesthetic of your doors.

That is why in this blog we will share some very magnificent and trendy aluminium door designs that you can refer to while choosing the right home doors.

This blog is going to cover a range of options available along with other points which we shall start discussing in further sections.

Doors and Types of Material

There are various types of door materials that one should consider while choosing the door design for knowing beforehand the durability etc.

Doors and Types of MaterialWhy is it required to choose the best door material?


  • Best door material will enhance the beauty of your door.
  • Best door material will give the proper value of money.
  • Best door material will make your door more rigid.
  • Best door material will make your door’s appearance smooth.
  • After choosing the best door material you can justify your value of money.

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Different type of door materials-

  • Aluminium -Aluminium material is well known for its light appearance and for being affordable too.Aluminium can be painted with any of your liked colour to give any of your wanted design. Aluminium material is considered great for its lifespan.
  • Glass-This option is chosen nowadays. Being classy and modest this option is best suited for the places where transparency is required.

Glass is easy to clean but yes the fragile nature is also to be kept in mind.

  • Vinyl doors-This type of door material can withstand high temperatures and is well known for its smooth texture. Various locking points can be installed to ensure security.
  • Fibreglass material-This material is quite known for its aesthetic and pleasant look.It’s simple maintenance feature makes it a great choice.

Different Aluminium Door Designs

When it comes to choosing the right door design then it may sound confusing and time consuming to choose the right one for you. But in this section we have picked  very great aluminium door designs that one can look at and can consider these options.

Different Aluminium Door DesignsLet us start discussing them one by one.

  • Aluminium based black doors with a glass feature will not only give your main door a catchy look but will keep you updated on the ongoing trend too.

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We know how the glassy look is trending nowadays and that is why this option can be chosen.

  • European style window frame based design for the main entrance can also be a great option. A window like appearance at the front gate will give your home a perfect blend of simplicity and modesty.
  • Aluminium  sliding doors come with varied designs and options.

One can definitely go along with a sliding option as it is easy to maintain and pocket friendly too.

  • Aluminium and glass frame for the study room can be installed for having a favourite spot of yours with a design able look. You can decorate that too with your additional choices of interest.

Other Door Designs to be Considered.

Along with those previously mentioned designs you can consider these trending designs too.

Other Door Designs to be Considered.

  • Fibreglass single entrance doors can be proved as a great pick for your entrances. The single and sturdy look of fibreglass will look extremely perfect.
  • Wooden doors with favourite art of yours can be installed for your rooms which will reflect your artistic nature. You can definitely opt for them.
  • Carolina style door for entrance with a neutral shade will give a perfect look to your entrances.
  • If you are the one who likes to surround themselves with a traditional look then a traditional looking door with perfect designs will look great.
  • For a farmhouse touch you can install the door design with a farmhouse style door at your entrances.
  • Arched designs never go off the trend. Arched shape will look perfectly great at your doors.
  • Glossy touch with delicate glass doors for your rooms with your chosen designs will look perfect.
  • Vintage glass doors with a perfect blend of purity and elegance will look perfect while installed at your entrances. 

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What to look for while choosing perfect door design?

When you start choosing the perfect door designs then few things need to be considered.

perfect door designThey are discussed as follows-

  • Prioritise your design and taste.
  • Go with a perfect type of material.
  • Check the strength of the material.
  • Durability needs to be checked.
  • Choose as per the location of your main door or study room etc.
  • Keep yourself updated with ongoing trends.
  • Go with pocket friendly ranges.
  • Install colours are per your choice.

Some  Aluminium Glass Doors with price

Here is the list of few door designs and prices of aluminium doors. We have tried making it easier for you to choose. We have selected a few aluminium door designs under affordable ranges.

You can check them out.

The list of aluminium door designs with affordable range is as follows.

  • Aluminium door with synchro system is present in various colours of champagne, black or brown colour under the range of Rs.1,300/sq.ft
  • Powder coated aluminium door with powder coated touch under the range of Rs.980/sq.ft
  • Aluminium glass door with thickness of 20 m with hinged style and height of 7 ft.
  • Simple sliding aluminium door with printed design under the range of Rs.7000/unit.

It is important to wisely choose the door design for your entrances or for your favourite room.

Study rooms and bathrooms are advised to have the perfect material of door quality. choose the door designs which you can decorate as per your need.

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