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Exterior House Colours to Try

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For a beautiful looking home we need to pay attention to every dimension. Exteriors and interiors all play a good role in beautifying a home.

When it comes to exteriors of home then colour choice tops the list. Colour for exteriors are to be chosen carefully. 

Exterior house colours and their combinations can change the whole look. Let us consider the colour for the exteriors of your house in this blog.

Check the various colours and select the one of your choice. You will make a good choice by looking at all these options.

We know how special  your home is to you ,  that is why we have shared the best exterior house colours with you. 

If you are looking to change the look of your house with a fresh coat of paint then consider  these amazing choices and get desired results. Let us explore it together.

Factors that are to be noted while choosing exterior house colours

Some factors are to be considered while choosing exterior home colours. The factors are shared as follows.

Factors that are to be noted while choosing exterior house colours

  • Use a paint sample and get an idea of how the colour will look. If you are satisfied then proceed with it.
  • Choose a good brand of paint colour as by choosing a low quality brand you may decrease the quality of walls.
  • A colour theme according to your own aesthetics is to be chosen.
  • Choose eco-friendly paint colours.
  • Make a proper budget.
  • You can get a good result by seeking professional help.

All these factors are good when it comes to exterior home colours. Choose the right one for your home by considering the options below.

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Best exterior house colours list

The best exterior house colours that you can try are shared here and you can check them out. See how they will appear in your home and whether you should consider them or not. The list is shared as follows.

Best exterior house colours list

  • White for eternal beauty– White is a choice that is considered for a soothing touch. Exteriors of your house will look clean and neat with the help of white colour. Choose this colour and get the best touch in your exteriors. Different shades of white like ivory white can be considered. A colour POP is good to be added in this whitish effect.
  • Cream with coating of brown– Both of these colours go well in exteriors. They give a balanced look to your home exteriors. Shades of brown like chocolate brown or walnut brown are good to choose. A perfect look with the help of these colours can be obtained. They look good to the eyes.
  • Peach for soft touch– Nothing looks better than softness of peach colour. The subtle and soft touch is irreplaceable. The exterior  walls of your home will appeal to the visitor. Go with the colour and choose a whitish layer along with it if you want a colour theme to the exteriors of your house.
  • Shades of grey– Shades of grey are suitable for a magic-like touch. Different shades of grey can be chosen for exteriors of your house. Light grey is good for modern touch and dark grey for antique one. Choose the colour for an overall simplistic touch.
  • Olive green and its natural touch- Olive green is for a natural touch. For those who like adding a touch of nature in everything can choose this colour. A calm state of mind can be achieved by choosing this colour. The visitors will really appreciate the choice of your colour. Add perfect themes to have a good effect.
  • Beige and its neutrality– The colour beige is known for its neutral touch. For all the modest appearances this colour is chosen. Beige can be a reliable choice for exterior homes. Choose this and make things easier for you. Beige will definitely help in achieving a good look.
  • Butter yellow for a buttery look– A butter yellow touch in the exteriors of your home will never disappoint you. This colour is seen in many places. Choose this colour and have the best appearance. The warmth and appeal of this colour will suit the exteriors of your home.

These colour options are good for the exteriors of your home. You can choose the colour from these options and you can have desirable changes. 

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Vastu and exterior home colours connection

Vastu plays a very great role in colour choice. By choosing a good colour for exteriors you can have good effects. By choosing a bad colour you can suffer from vastu doshas. The best exterior colours for home are shared as follows.

Vastu and exterior home colours connection

  • Yellow colour is a good source of happiness and well being. By choosing this colour for exteriors you can choose well being.
  • White colour brings peace and wellness. You can choose white colour for wholeness in the family. It can help in avoiding fights and disputes.
  • Blue colour can attract good energies. Choose this colour and make it lucky for you.
  • Pink is also a good colour and you can choose this for adding love and spark to your life. One can have its good effects.
  • Green attracts positive energy and gives a soothing touch. By implementing this colour you can have a mesmerising touch.

All these colours are good according to vastu and they are good for exteriors of home. Choose them to reap good benefits. Make good changes and welcome prosperity at home. 

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Exterior house colours can help in having your home a perfect look. This blog is filled with the best colour options that one can choose for home exteriors.

Exteriors play an important role and that is why it is good to choose good colour. Colours like brown, beige, green, white are some of the best options.

Give a look at all the options shared here and then make a final decision. This blog is going to help you in many ways.

Vastu and colour connection is also deep and you should know about it. Read this blog and get all ideas.

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