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Must Have Modern Bathroom Accessories

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Like every room of a house, a bathroom also needs certain essential items for our comfort and hygiene. There are some items which are must have for every bathroom, either large or small, simple or premium. 

Again, some bathroom accessories can be added for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of its decor. You should choose your bathroom items according to your budget and needs. 

You must also keep in mind the location of your home, the style and design of your washroom, its size, types of tiles or stones used on it, that should also match and go with your bathroom items. 

Do remember to choose your bathroom items that have a combination of both style and comfort.

List Of Basic Bathroom Items Needed For Our Everyday Ease

  1. Bucket and mug – This is one of the most essential bathroom items in the list needed for every washroom.

    Bucket in needed for washing our clothes and a mug for taking out the water from the bucket.

    Bucket is also required for mixing of cold and hot water needed for a warm shower during the chilly winter and the mug helps in taking out the water conveniently from the bucket.
  2. A set of one hand towel and two-three large towels – These items are objects of necessity in every bathroom.

    A hand towel is required for wiping our wet hand and a large towel is required for wiping our body after a shower. You should make a shelf in your washroom for keeping the towels dry.
    A set of one hand towel and two-three large towels

  3. A towel ring – A towel ring should be made at the top for your wash basin to hang a hand towel. A hand towel is basically used after washing our face and hands.  
  4. A gorgeous wash basin – A wash basin is a must needed item in your bathroom for the activities such as brushing your teeth, cleaning your face, washing your hands etc. Here are some trending wash basin designs for your bathroom. A gorgeous wash basin
  5. Trash bin – We have a lot of trash in our bathroom. So, to make our bathroom clean, a trash bin is required to dump all the trash over it. 
  6. Bathroom cleaner and brushes – These are the most essential items of a bathroom for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.Bathroom cleaner and brushes Uncleaned bathroom may deliver an unpleasant odor which no one will like. The bathroom tiles need to be cleaned for a shiny look and freshness. The bathroom has to be cleaned properly for maintaining a healthy life.

    One – two brushes for the bathroom floor, walls and for cleaning the wash basin and another for cleaning the commode. You can use liquid cleaners like Harpic, best for cleaning your bathroom. You will get instant freshness.
  7. A mat – Due to the excessive use of water in the bathroom, the tiles or stone flooring may get slippery.

    To prevent yourself from slipping, place a mat near your shower or bathroom.

    The foam of your soap along with the water while bathing may lead to slippery floors and your wet feet may make you slip down, leading to a serious injury. The mat should be non-skid and highly absorbent of water.

  8. Toilet paper – Toilet papers are very essential for maintaining hygiene. It is needed after every use of the commode.Toilet paperPlace a roll of toilet paper near your commode and some extras on your bathroom rack.
  9. Soap dispenser for hand wash – Soap dispenser is needed after every use of your toilet. Clean hands will ensure germs free hand and you can hold your bathroom door and other handles.

    Here, you can also choose the best bathroom door designs. All these designs are available for different sizes of bathrooms.

  10. Toothbrush holder – If your toothbrush lay flat on the rack, it will get dirty. Toothbrush has to be kept clean, for you to put it in your mouth.Toothbrush holderYou will get different designed toothbrush holders in the market which also come at an affordable price. Place your toothbrush and paste in the toothbrush holder and you can keep it over the sink.

  11. Room freshener – A room freshener is available in the form of liquid or a piece of bar which has to be hung in the bathroom.

    This will remove the unpleasant smell and give a good fragrance to make you feel good. Always use a room freshener for a fresh and pleasant feeling.

  12. Hooks or hangers – You should have hooks or hangers on your bathroom wall for keeping the clothes. You are normally required to keep your dry clothes or bathroom robe somewhere in your bathroom.Hooks or hangers After your shower these are needed to put on. Hook or hangers are the best option for these dry clothes to be kept in. If you have a small bathroom with less storage, you can mount the hooks on your door.  

You should also know about these top 5 affordable brands for bathroom fittings in India.

List Of Some Bathroom Items Needed For Adding A Bit Style


This is a good option to choose in your bathroom. A mirror is needed to get ready after your bath. You also need to use it after removing your face pack or hair colour or after brushing to check yourself whether it is completely removed or not.Mirror

Here are some bathroom cabinets with mirror design which will help you to find the right mirror for your bathroom. 

Scented Candles 

Scented candles are required for an aura of a spa like environment. You will enjoy your shower with your bathroom filled with beautiful fragrance released from them when you light them and relax in your bathtub.

To get the perfect match for your bathroom lighting there are many options available online.

Bath Tub

Bathing in your gorgeous bath tub gives you a premium feeling.Bath Tub

You will like to refresh yourself in your bath tub after the whole day’s work.

Bath Curtain 

A bath curtain with a plastic or vinyl lining looks extremely stylish in your bathroom. It will not only give you privacy during the bath but will also give an exotic look to your bathroom.

A Set of Body Lotion, Liquid Soap and A Moisturizer 

Always keep a set of body lotion, liquid soap and a moisturizer in your bathroom rack. You can quickly get ready after your bath.

Hope you have liked the list of bathroom items which are needed to add comfort and elegance to your washroom.

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