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Types of Shower Doors

Bathroom Shower Doors – 5 Stylish and Practical Options

Stylish and Practical Options for Bathroom Shower Doors to Choose from There is a large variety of styles and designs available for bathroom shower doors....

The Importance of Western Toilet Seats

When we talk about Indian and western style toilets, it's a matter of preference. Currently, most families are adopting a western approach, but many...

Style Your Bedroom With These Amazing Wall Decor Ideas

After a long tiring day, your bedroom is the only place where you find comfort in a good night’s sleep. It’s the place where...

Bathroom Door Designs: Catch Up With Modern Trends!

Whether we agree or not Bathrooms are one of the important areas of our houses. These wet areas are generally neglected in terms of...
Best bathroom fittings in India

AQUANT – Best Bathroom Fittings Brand in India

Aquant is a Mumbai based company that began presenting more than just essential sanitary ware and bathroom fittings to the Mumbai market. It began...

Rectified Tiles Vs Chamfered Tiles

Anti-Skid Stylish Design Decorative in Nature Water and Dust Absorbent
Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

Bathroom Cabinet With Mirror: Choosing The Best Designs!

A bathroom cabinet with a mirror looks amazingly gorgeous if chosen in the right style and type. Before buying a bathroom cabinet, you need...
bathroom vanity design

Guide to Your Bathroom Vanity. Trending Washbasin Designs

Given that the mirror over the wash basin catches your sight right away, there's a strong probability that your vanity is the bathroom's main...
bathroom ceiling design

Elevate Your Space: Creative Bathroom Ceiling Designs

When it comes to interior design, one often overlooks the bathroom ceiling as a potential canvas for creativity. However, this often-neglected space holds immense...
Small Bathroom Designs And Ideas

Top 10 Wonderful Ideas For Your Tiny Bathroom

Anti-Skid Stylish Design Decorative in Nature Water and Dust Absorbent