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Choosing the Perfect Baby Bath Tub: A Comprehensive Guide

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If you are a new parents in town, then it is a given that you will be lost on how to choose the perfect things for your baby. One of the essential things that you have to choose meticulously for your baby is the baby bathtub.

You will have to take into account a variety of factors when buying the bathtub for your little one. With a sea of options available in the market, if you are clueless about which one to choose for your new member of the family, then this blog post will walk you through selecting the ideal bathtub for your baby.

Types of Baby Bath Tubs 

Types of Baby Bath Tubs

  • Traditional Baby Bath Tubs:The traditional bathtubs are those that have been used by parents for a long time now. They are made up of sturdy plastics and can be used by placing them on countertops or inside a regular bathtub. Parents usually go for these baby bathtubs as they are easy to clean and maintain. In addition, their popularity among parents is also due to their availability in different sizes. They are also safe for your little ones as they come in non-slip surfaces. Their cost ranges from INR 300 to INR 1500
  • Convertible Baby Bath Tubs: If you are looking for a bathtub that can be used for a long time, then this is the right option for you. These convertible bathtubs come with adjustable features and so, can be adjusted to a reclined position when your baby is too young and to a more upright position when she/he grows a little older. They cost around INR 1000 to INR 3000.
  • Inflatable Baby Bath Tubs:This is ideal for those parents who have little storage option and so are looking for a bathtub that can be inflated and set up whenever needed. They are also lightweight thus making it easily portable. However, the support and sturdiness that they offer will be relatively less in comparison with other bathtubs discussed above. Their price ranges from INR 500 to INR 1500.

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Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Bath Tub

Let us look at some of the features that you should take into consideration while buying the best bathtub for your little one:

Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Baby Bath Tub

  • Safety as the Priority:Of course, whenever you are choosing a bathtub for your infant, their safety must be your major concern. Bathtubs with non-slip surfaces will be ideal as these are specially made to avoid any slipping accident. Similarly, if the bathtub has a sturdy construction, then do not think twice, you can buy it. Make sure to take a look at what materials are used for the construction of the bathtub, and that they are made of non-toxic materials. However, remember to read the manufacturer’s guidelines before buying, so that you can be sure of the weight instructions.
  • Size Matters: The bathtub should not be too big or too small for your bathroom. So, consider buying one that will be ideal for your bathroom space. If you have a limited space, then as mentioned earlier, you can go for the inflatable bathtub. Try choosing it carefully, so that it can comfortably fit into your sink or your regular bathtub.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: When you choose the bathtub that is comfortable for your little one, it should also not tire you out in the cleaning process. As it is a given that the little ones are going to be messy, it is our task to choose the perfect bathtub that would be easy to clean. Bathtubs with smooth surfaces can be picked out as it will not be a tedious process to clean them.
  • Comfort Features: Next to safety comes the comfortability of the baby. The soft skin of your little ones will really be sensitive, and so we must pick out a bathtub that will go well with their skin. Look for features like padded cushions and headrests, when going to buy baby bath tubs. These features can make bathing time more exciting for your little ones.
  • Portability: If you are parents who travel a lot, then definitely this should not affect your baby and their comfort. So, in these conditions, go for bathtubs that are lightweight so that they will be easy to carry around and also convenient to store.

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Baby Bath Tub Price Range in INR

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Tips For Using the Baby Bathtubs:

Tips for Using Baby Bath Tubs

  • Set the right temperature: The water should not be too chill or too hot for your baby. So, check for the water temperature using your elbows before bathing your little one. Luke’s warm water will be ideal for the perfect bath for your infant.
  • Supervision is a must: Do not leave your baby unattended in a bathtub. Always keep an eye on them. Try to gather all the bathing essentials like shampoo and baby soap in the beginning, so that you will not have to leave the baby in the middle of bathing. Also, remember to keep these bathing essentials out of reach of your babies when not in use.
  • Support Your Baby’s Head: Your baby’s head will not be sturdy enough when they are young. So, keep them supported to prevent any discomfort. Similarly, try to engage with the babies during the bathing time. Try to sing or talk to them as much as possible during the bathing time.

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It is not bad to give yourself time to understand your baby’s needs and comfortability so that you can establish a routine that will suit both of you. Try to turn the bathtime into a cherished activity.

Choose a bathtub that will suit your lifestyle and is affordable to you. However, when looking for cost-effectiveness, do not sacrifice the safety and comfort of your little one – prioritize these first. Keeping these in mind will give your baby a positive bathing experience.

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  1. Navigating the world of baby products can be overwhelming for new parents, but this blog post offers invaluable guidance on choosing the perfect bathtub for your little one.


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