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Rudraksha Mala and Things Associated

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Adoption of western culture has widened our perspectives. Emergence of science and technology is a great boon for human culture.But sadly the advancement of all this has started cutting our roots.

Stress, anxiety, negativity is something that has captured almost all the human race. Various kinds of illnesses related to it are present in this era. 

People use various things and prefer many religious practices to stay spiritual and it’s good that people prefer doing this for bringing a sense of relief in their stressful lives. 

People wear different bracelets, do meditation, bring crystals in their homes in the search of pureness. All the choices vary according to the individual’s beliefs and choices.

One thing may provide benefits to one and another can provide benefits to another. In this blog we are going to discuss how Rudraksh provides benefits to the wearer and what are its benefits.

So let’s start exploring Rudraksh.

Original Rudraksha Mala and What is it made up of?

Rudraksh stones are made up of dried seeds of genus elaeocarpus. 

When they reach the stage to ripe these stones are covered with blue outer fruit hence are sometimes called blurberry beads.

Original Rudraksha MalaThe tree that is known as Rudraksh tree is found in himalayas, nepal, southeast asia , etc.

The length of this tree is 60 to 80 ft.

Original rudraksha mala is made up of these stones and is considered pure.

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Types of Rudraksh Stones.

Various types of Rudraksha stones are commonly known.

Types of Rudraksh Stones

Let us discuss its types.

  • Rudraksh stones have faces which are known as mukhis. Depending upon the number of faces the stones are classified. With one face they are known as ek mukhi.
  • Gauri shankar is that type of stone that is naturally conjoined.
  • Sawar are the gauri shankar type but with only one stone type that has a conjoined face.
  • Ganesha stone type has a trunk -like structure on bodies.
  • Trijuti type is the stone which are three in number and are conjoined naturally.
  • The Veda type of stone has 4 conjoined sawars.
  • Dwaita has 2 conjoined sawars.

These were the type of stones that are basically used for the classification purpose.

Rudraksha Mala and its Benefits.

Rudraksh mala is well known for its enormous benefits.

Rudraksha Mala and its BenefitsWe will discuss its main benefits in this section so lets get started.

Rudraksh mala has following benefits-

  • Rudraksh mala brings peace and joy.
  • Rudraksh mala is good for spiritual well being.
  • Rudraksh mala is good for regulating and maintaining blood pressure.
  • We humans have various chakras and one needs to regulate them. Rudraksh mala helps balancing them.
  • Rudraksh mala is known for protecting.
  • Rudraksh mala brings positivity.
  • It also helps in improving concentration.
  • It has an overall good effect on the well-being of the natural development of human being. Be it social, emotional or physical.

These were the main benefits of wearing a rudraksh mala.

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How to Wear Rudraksha Mala.

There are few things that one need to consider while wearing rudraksha mala .

The points or steps that need to be taken care are-

  • Before wearing rudraksha mala it is advised to soak it in ghee for 24 hrs and then soak it in milk for 24 hrs.
  • After this one can simply wipe it and can wear it.
  • The conditioning process for rudraksha mala should be in this manner-cover it with vibhuti.
  • Rudraksha mala should be strung with the help of raw silk or undyed cotton.
  • If you are not wearing it for some time then do not forget to wrap it in silk cloth.
  • Rudraksha is considered holy so avoid wearing others malas and avoid giving yours too.

These are few of the things that one should take care of while wearing mala.

How to choose Rudraksha Mala?

One should select rudraksha mala by considering these things.

  • Choosing Rudraksha mala by purpose which includes combination of different compounds.
  • Choose Rudraksha by therapy that means select Rudraksha mala according to the disorder or disturbances.
  • One can choose Rudraksha mala according to the zodiac signs.
  • One can choose Rudraksha mala by astrological recommendations.

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Rudraksha Gold Mala Designs and Gold Chain for Males

These are few of the designs that one can prefer while choosing rudraksha mala gold chains for males.

Rudraksha Gold Mala Designs and Gold Chain for Males

  • Fashion frilled gold plated Rudraksha mala.
  • Brown Rudraksha mala with gold cap .
  • Gold era gold plated mala.
  • 18kt gold Rudraksha mala.
  • 22kt Rudraksha mala.

One can visit jewellers’ shops or one can consult online shopping tools too for choosing the perfect and original Rudraksha mala.

Some Additional Points to consider for making a Good Aura

One needs to maintain a clean and pure aura around themselves for maintaining the best quality of life.

We all know how important is it to maintain a good aura.

For strengthening your aura besides wearing Rudraksha mala one can consider these points too-

  • Selenite cleansing is essential and is recommended to one who wants to clarify the negative energies.
  • Avoid people or things that spoil your aura and maintain a gap between them.
  • Screen time can impact your aura so try to reduce your screen time as much as possible.
  • Keep yourself active and do exercise.
  • Practise mindfulness techniques.
  • Try to manage bad emotions and attract positive ones.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.

With all these things you can cleanse your aura and you can maintain a good overall quality of life.

Things to Avoid after Wearing Rudraksha Mala.

There are few things that one need to avoid after wearing Rudraksha mala.

  • One needs to avoid drinking alcohol while the mala is worn.
  • Do not do japa while using your own mala.
  • One needs  not to consume non veg while the Rudraksha is worn.
  • It is advised that one should not take Rudraksha mala to bathrooms or unhygienic places.
  • Avoid having sex when Rudraksha mala is worn.
  • Try not to wear Rudraksha mala when you are sleeping.

All these things need to be taken care of after wearing Rudraksha mala.

Wear rudraksha mala with proper care and attention.

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