Making Vastu Compliant Staircase


Vastu compliant staircase is extremely essential for peaceful living. Many builders tend to focus specifically on the staircase as this has a big impact on flow of money, health, comfort etc. Understanding few tips in regards to construction of staircase would help in maintaining comfort and prosperity in the setup.

Essential Vastu Tips for Staircase

  • The staircase has to be placed in the Southern or Western side of the house. These directions are particularly known for heavy elements and hence, staircase is ideal in both directions. Northeast direction of the house should never bear the staircase. It should also not be placed in the center of the house because such placement of the staircase could lead to financial losses.

Vastu Shastra for Staircase

  • The staircase has to be constructed in such a way that it is not easily visible to the visitors. Moreover, same staircase should not be used to link the basement and other floors. A separate staircase for basement would be ideal.
  • The staircase should either rise from North to South or East to West. Turns can be taken to any direction as per the space considerations. Circular staircase shape should be avoided as it creates certain ill effects on health of the residents.
  • The number of stairs in the staircase should always be odd and should not particularly end with a zero. An ideal number for stairs is the number which gives a remainder of 2 when divided by 3.
  • The space below the staircase should not be used for rooms, pooja room or similar elements. It can be used for storage requirements.
  • Broken staircases should be repaired instantly as they lead to mental tension and stress. They also lead to consistent clashes in the house. Chances of accidents also increase with broken staircases.
  • The paint color of the staircase should be any light color. Use of dark contrasting colors is not advised.
  • A room consisting of a staircase in the South West corner is not healthy. This often leads to several health problems like blood pressure, diabetes etc.
  • It is essential to make sure that the stairs are not in contact with the east or north walls of the house. Featuring a door at the end and at the starting of the staircase is considered auspicious.


Staircase is a very essential element of house. Especially for commercial setups, these suggestions are extremely essential to make a Vastu compliant construction. These easy to implement factors add prosperity and security to the lives of residents.



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