List of Indoor Plants: Beautify your Internal Area


The natural environment makes a different look of the area and therefore there are a lot of people who love to have such an environment that can offer a different energy and feel to keep calm and concentrate on work. To avail such benefits and make the environment of home and office livelier, people prefer to have plants that do not require more care and good amount of sunlight but still grow and add a different charm to the area. There are a lot of indoor plants that can create a huge difference in the environment of the area and prove much beneficial to the people.

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There are a lot of plants, some of which have a different fragrance, some have flowers, some have excellent look while some have a lot of other benefits and therefore these sort of flowers have now, gained important place in the home and heart of the people. Before keeping any particular type of indoor plant, one must know its pros and cons and accordingly one has to choose the best fit that can help the environment. Many people prefer to have plants that can offer quality flowers, while some though do not have that much excellent fragrance but have a wonderful look that can help them stand in the leading row of the indoor plants.

The plants and types:

The dendrobium, palm, lilly, orchid, ferns, schefflera, anthuriums, Song of India, pothos are few important plants usually find in houses and offices. Here are the list of indoor plants in india you can opt for:


Aglaonema Plant



Aphelandra Plant




Araucaria Plant



Aspidistra Indoor Plant

Calathea (also known as peacock plant)


Calathea Indoor Plant

Chlorophytum (also known as spider plant)


Chlorophytum Spider Indoor Plant

Codiaeum (also known as Croton):


Codiaeum or Croton Plant

Dieffenbachia (also known as Dumb-cane):


Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane Plant

Dracaena (also known as Dragon plants):


Dracaena Indoor Plant



Ferns Indoor Plant



Ficus Indoor Plant

Helxine (Baby’s tears)


Helxine (Baby’s tears)

Maranta (Prayer plant)


Maranta Prayer Indoor Plant

Monstera (Swiss cheese plant):

Monstera Cheese Plant





Palms indoor plant



Peperonia Indoor Plant



Philodendron indoor plant

Sansevieria (Snake plant):


Sansevieria Snake Plant

Scindapsus (Devil’s ivy, Pothos):


Scindapsus indoor plant

Nephthytis (Arrowhead vine):


Nephthytis Indoor Plant

Money Plant:


Money Plant

There are many people who prefer the plants with a different fragrance while some prefer them with flowers also. Corporate offices love to have plants with different look so that they can pass a message to the visitor that they care for the environment. There are many plants which have some Ayurvedic and medicinal benefits and therefore people keep them in their home and office. According to vastu shastra and feng-shui, the plant of bonsai is believed as prosperity increaser and therefore those who believe in feng-shui keep a bonsai plant at their work place also.

Advantages of Indoor Plants:

There can be any reason, but there are a number of benefits of plants, if they are kept at home or office. The foremost important benefit is they offer cleaner and fresher air hence the air quality which is breathed by the people in this area is superior which helps people to keep away from many problems related to breathing. Those who suffer from allergies of dust particles, can feel better in the area where such plants are kept. They increase the level of oxygen in the atmosphere which makes one breath healthier air.

The plants also help to reduce the stress at work place as it has natural look and many times fragrance also. Those who feel poor health condition can also get more health benefits with the help of the indoor plants.

They also help to reduce the noise level if the home or office is situated on a roadside. Hence, they provide a natural insulation and reduce the unwanted noise naturally.


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