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Enlighten Your Space with These Vastu Interventions

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The bedroom is a space where we want to relax after a long and tiring day. Relaxing is mostly done in the form of a sound sleep. Vastu shastra is based induces the flow of positive energy within the bedroom to improve your living conditions whilst bringing harmony.

Vastu ensures the abundance of good vibes in your space. If you use the tips correctly, you can enhance the positivity and calm in your home. We also know that Vastu tells us about the different colors to be used. So we will look into some tips for Vastu for bedroom furniture.

Directions for rooms according to Vastu

Vastu shastra also helped us with some tips to direct different rooms in our home which are

Directions for Rooms According to Vastu

Master bedroom

This room should be placed in the southwest direction of the house

Kids Bedroom 

The room should be facing towards the west. 

Guest bedroom 

Vastu for a guest room Says that guest rooms should face the east.

Study room 

Studying and working rooms are ideally placed in the southeast corner of the house

Bedroom tips by vastu 

Now that we have seen different directions according to Vastu, we will also look into some insightful tips for bedroom Vastu

Bedroom tips by vastu

  • Master bedroom 

According to Vastu shastra, the ideal direction is a southwest corner of the house for a master bedroom. Vastu says that you should never build your master bedroom in the north east direction as place of your home should be devoted for performing prayers. 

The southwest is also not the ideal direction as it is under the power of Agni which leads to fights and misunderstandings between couples. Now about the bedroom entrance, the door pf your master bedroom should either be on the northeast side or east side. It shouldn’t be on the south side. Single doors should be chosen for the master bedroom. 

  • Vastu sleeping direction 

Do not try to place the bed exactly opposite the door of your master bedroom according to Vastu instructions. It helps you get sound sleep and also long life. There shouldn’t be any beam crossing your head. Some more tips include the shape of the bed which shouldn’t be irregular. Placing your bed towards the north can make you feel stressed so avoid that. 

  • Wardrobe and almirah as per vastu 

As per Vastu, your hold places your furniture in the right direction. It suggests that you place the heavier furniture like the cupboard or Almira in the southwest or south direction. Vastu tips also suggest that your safe sh9yld be towards the soth direction. It should open on to the north side. This induces prosperity and enhances the bedroom interiors. 

You can keep your wardrobe in the northwest direction as well. All this helps to release positive energy. Do not however place mirrors on the openings of the wardrobe or almirah, or cupboards as it induces negative energy. You can keep them in your compact bedroom by keeping the bed in such a way that the mirror doesn’t reflect the beds image. It might save the person from bad luck who uses the bedroom. 

  • Vastu Mirror Placement 

As discussed above, mirrors play an integral role in the master bedroom as per Vastu. A dressing table can be placed next t the bed as it marks sure that your body isn’t reflected while you sleep. The mirror should be atleast 4 to 5 feet above the ground and make sure that no two mirrors should be face each other or be opposite to each other as they can induce negativity. 

  • Vastu for TV and other Gadgets

Vastu states that you should avoid having gadgets in your master bedroom as they interrupt your sleep. They send out energies that can be a sleep barrier. But if you necessarily want a TV in your bedroom make sure it is in the southeast direction not near your sleeping direction. 

Garage placement Vastu tips

It is because they go through loss because of the accident or repeated repairs which wants their money. So there are some Vastu tips for garages that can help them avoid such harmful losses and situations.

Garage placement Vastu tips

  • The correct directions for the garage 

The ideal palace to park your car according to Vastu is the southwest corner. You should avoid parking the car in the southwest direction because the north and east do not welcome any negativity. Make sure the garage walls are constructed of cement.

  • Entrance and parking space in the garage 

If your house has some faults in its structure, make sure that the parking place is connected to your house. Any garage that doesn’t connect to the house is taken to be unlucky. 

  • Surroundings of the garages

As per Vastu, having a limited space between these two can prove to be blocking positive energy.

  • Space for big cars 

If your car is spacious and allows for more than 5-seat seating, you need a bigger space for car parking. It ensures the long life of your perfect car. So park your car in the southeast direction to protect it. So, to conclude we can say that you should park your car in the southeast direction. 

  • Garage color as per vastu

Vastu shastra tells you the right color and shade for everything. So for a garage, the ideal colors are white blue, and yellow. Light colors reflect positive energy and you can concentrate on your driving better while driving. Avoid some dark colors like violet grey, red, black, etc.


To sum up, these were some tips to be included in building your bedroom design and garage. These tips will help you to achieve positive energy in your house as they are made with the expertise of Vastu shastra. You can use these gips without any doubt but keep in mind the directions explained above. Vastu ensures the abundance of good vibes in your space. If you use the tips correctly, you can enhance the positivity and calm in your home.

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