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Top Flooring Trends in 2020 to Increase Your Home Resale Value

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Flooring styles keep on changing all year round because homeowners develop new tastes, and advanced technologies pave the pathway for a variety of flooring trends for the remodelling project. There are different flooring finishes and styles, ranging from driftwood to ebony and medium brown tones, which are becoming quite popular. The year 2020 is bound to bring new and exciting flooring trends worth considering for increasing home value before selling it.

Whether you are planning for a remodelling of the flooring or want to sell your house quickly at the desired amount, you have to carefully select the right type of flooring styles. Since flooring matters a lot, it is important to consider the right design and styles as it is the biggest factor in ROI. Flooring styles matter when selling a home as it influences the homebuyers immediately when they walk into every room, kitchen and exterior patio. Here is the list of latest flooring styles that are worth considering in 2020 to increase the resale value of your property.

Seethed Wood Flooring in Strong Grains and Colours

Wood Flooring is the top choice of most homeowners, and most of the wood flooring today comes with some staining that gives it a final touch. The Seethed Wood Flooring is widely appreciated because of its rich grain and colours without any stain. To create such styles, the wooden planks undergo a process called fuming. The process involves placing the planks in a specific chamber where ammonia is released, and the wood reacts with it, resulting in a colour change. The reaction is not always the same, and the final style achieved depends on a variety of factors, including the outside environment, type of wood and atmosphere in the chamber.

The fuming process gives the wood planks a rich dark tone while enhancing the natural grain. The final look of the wood flooring is very appealing and lavish than the stained wood flooring.

Blanched and Bleached Wood Flooring

Homebuyers do not always appreciate the natural, shiny brown stains on wood flooring. The soft whitewashed look of the bleached flooring is most liked, and this type of flooring comprises wooden planks that undergo a bleaching process called blanching. The process involves applying a chemical solution of the top layer of wood to achieve the desired hues and tones.

The blanching process gives the wooden planks ashy whitewashed finish, and the natural grains of wood are kept visible from below. It prevents the wood from losing its natural beauty and charm.

Distressed Wood and Concrete Tile Flooring

Distressed wood flooring styles have been around for many decades, but it has become more popular in 2020 and for many good reasons. Homeowners are now choosing the luxury aged wood look in the flooring styles. The distressed flooring is meant to undergo artificial styling, and the ageing process gives the final product a worn finish. This type of flooring style is best suited for areas where a rustic look is required. The edges of the wooden planks are scraped, kerf markings and swirl by hand to add a look of historic wood while brushed to give soft, worn texture and remove glossiness.

Besides, wooden flooring, you also have a much affordable option, concrete flooring. The distressed concrete flooring style grabs the highest attention in 2020 as it is an affordable alternative to conventional wooden flooring. Distressed concrete flooring undergoes artificial processes to reduce the polished look while improving its worn-out gleam. It can be included in many decors, but it goes well in contemporary and industrial home styles.

Vintage Black and White Tile Flooring

The vintage style tile flooring is quite a nostalgia that brings back memories and warmth of decades. The black and white tile flooring style is making a robust comeback in 2020. Please don’t confuse it with the traditional black and white tiles that embellish the historic houses. It is bold, luxurious and more graphic-rich tile flooring. The new designs and patterns in black and white tile flooring give a new twist to the vintage style flooring. There are smaller tiles with some bold graphic patterns and designs that blends vintage with modern for ultimate feel and look.

Graphic Tile Flooring

There are very few homeowners who are aware that they can now use their flooring as an art canvas. Yes, it is possible with the graphic tile flooring that comes in full force in 2020. With the advanced technology, the manufacturers are now capable of replicating endless varieties of images and patterns on tiles. There is tile flooring with repeating patterns, or you may opt for the tiles that look like a jigsaw puzzle or combine different patterns to form one large pattern on the flooring.

The Graphic Tile flooring is available in monochromatic colours, but if you want to go a bit wild, then other choices are available that come in bold writings, and multi-coloured patterns.

Large Porcelain Tile Flooring with Trickling and Hexagon Patterns

The large porcelain tiles are no longer restricted for bathroom and kitchen remodelling as more patterns and trends are coming in 2020, which can be used for other rooms. You are likely to see more shapes and patterns in porcelain tile flooring in 2020. The Hexagon Tile Flooring is in the trend for a while, and it is mainly used for backsplashes in the kitchen or as the accent piece in the bathroom. In 2020 you are likely to see hexagon-shaped tiles and other shapes taking over the dining hall, living room and kitchen.

All these patterns and styles are designed to add elegant effect in any room. The trickling patterns are also becoming common flooring styles in 2020. It can exhibit different sizes, textures and colours of flooring that perfectly blend with other decors.


The interior design of a house starts with flooring. Not all homebuyers are design enthusiasts, but the flooring of a house is the first thing they are likely to comment on when walking into the house because flooring sets a whole new tone. Choose the flooring based on styles and patterns, and it would prove to be an investment you won’t feel sorry for in the future.

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  1. Wow, these are just amazing ideas. I like the idea of a bleached floor and white tiles. I feel they look great and bring in a lot of good energy. And for resale value, they are going to do wonders because they are so unique.


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