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Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Designs For Perfect Rangoli

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Celebration can be done via various modes. People eat, dance and sing to celebrate specific occasions. We should enjoy festivals and specific days to cherish our joy. Dishes are made to celebrate festivals.

Art is another form of expressing happiness. The art of making rangoli is another thing that reflects the joy and happiness of people. Rangoli is made with various colours. Different designs are made and drawn with the help of rangoli colours.

Patterns are made with great care. Be it Diwali or any other festival, people make rangolis on the floors to celebrate them. Tulsi vivah is another such occasion where people draw rangolis with various designs.

In this blog, we will discuss about tulsi vivah rangoli and how it can be drawn with various designs. Tulsi vivah rangolis are of great importance as they reflect the true and pure feelings of devotion. We will discuss more about rangoli and their patterns.

Let us start discussing tulsi vivah and tulsi vivah rangolis.

Tulsi Vivah and Its Importance

In India tulsi vivah is of great significance. In tulsi vivah the marriage ceremony of tulsi and lord vishnu takes place. The Amla branch is often associated with the personification of lord vishnu.

Tulsi Vivah and Its ImportanceHindus celebrate this festival with great joy and enthusiasm.

Tulsi vivah is considered important because-

  • Spiritual and religious beliefs are associated with it.
  • People consider it as a very important occasion.
  • Married women perform puja to get the blessings of the Lord.
  • Unmarried women perform puja to get the wanted belover.
  • It is celebrated to worship lord vishnu.

All these reasons are considered for making this occasion important.

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This is celebrated on Dwadashi during shukla paksha in the kartik month.

Various Rituals Performed During Tulsi Vivah

Various things are done by people to celebrate this occasion. Various rituals are performed.

Various Rituals Performed During Tulsi VivahSome of the rituals or routines on that day are shared as follows-

  • The Tulsi plant is washed with water and it is decorated. Along with that statue or picture of lord vishnu is also decorated with flowers.
  • Tulsi plant is made just like a bride and it is offered with all the products such as nail polish, and lipstick. It is treated as a bride.
  • A holy thread is tied between the tulsi plant and lord vishnu.
  • One needs to offer fruits to lord vishnu and the tulsi plant.
  • Arti is performed and after that prasad is distributed among all the members.
  • Tulsi vrat katha is read and holy songs are sung by all the ladies together.
  • Dance activities are also performed in temples.

All these things take place on the day of tulsi vivah.

All the devotees celebrate this festival with pure bliss.

Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Designs-the Benefits of Rangoli

Now we will discuss why rangoli is made on the occasion of tulsi vivah.

As mentioned earlier, rangolis are made on the occasion of tulsi vivah.

Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Designs-the Benefits of RangoliRangolis are made to-

  • Celebrate the festival.
  • Decorate the home.
  • Rangolis are made to decorate temples.
  • Rangolis give an aesthetic look.
  • Rangolis look beautiful.
  • Rangolis make the appearance of the floor more great.
  • Rangolis are drawn and made as a decorative tool.

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Due to all these reasons, rangolis are made and drawn on the occasion of tulsi vivah.

Tulsi Vivah Rangoli Designs

In this section, we will see what kind of various tulsi vivah designs of rangoli can be made and how one can easily enhance the beauty of their floors.

Tulsi Vivah Rangoli DesignsVarious tulsi vivah rangoli designs are discussed as follows-

  • A circular-shaped rangoli design can be made and green along with red colour can be drawn. In the inner region of rangoli one can write shubh vivah. One can add flowers to it too.
  • Another pattern of tulsi vivah rangoli can be drawn by making a tulsi plant with the help of various colours. Add a touch of blended colours to make it more appealing.
  • A vishnu avatar can be made with various colours along with tulsi plants too. Vishnu avatar can be made with various colours.
  • A simple design of swastika can be drawn with red colour. It will signify harmony and peace.
  • Shubh vivah can be written simply with various colours. It is easy and one can make it quickly.
  • Various readymade patterns are now available and one can bring them. One just simply needs to pour colours on it.

With all these different designs and patterns one can make tulsi vivah rangoli.

It will add a charm to the celebration of tulsi vivah.

Things to Take Care of While Celebrating Tulsi Vivah

 Various points are needed to be taken care of while performing puja in tulsi vivah.

One should take care of various things while celebrating tulsi vivah.

The points are as follows-

  • Tulsi plant is to be kept in an earthen pot while celebrating tulsi vivah.
  • The direction of placing the tulsi plant should be north or northeast direction.
  • Do not keep tulsi plants on the floor.
  • One should take care of being pure and one should take care of hygiene.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and do not smoke on the days of puja.
  • Offer fresh flowers in the process of puja.
  • Avoid touching the tulsi plant with unwashed hands.
  • Try having a fast on the day of tulsi vivah.
  • Take the blessing of lord vishnu with pure heart.
  • Do not have any bad thoughts while doing puja.

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All these things can be taken care of while performing puja on the day of tulsi vivah.

One needs to be clean and pure while performing rituals of tulsi vivah.

Benefits of Festivals

In India various kinds of festivals are celebrated and they have a lot of benefits.

In combined the benefits of festivals are-

  • Festivals bring people together.
  • Festivals bring happiness.
  • Festivals bring blissfulness and joyfulness.
  • A sense of togetherness is felt while celebrating festivals.

One needs to be joyful while celebrating festivals like Tulsi Vivah.

The devotion is something that makes this festival or occasion more pure.

Use various designs of rangoli to celebrate Tulsi Vivah.

Be unique and bring variations in your art of making rangolis.

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