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Transform Your House Look With Amazing Door Paint Ideas

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If you are planning to paint doors at your home, then look for amazing colors that you can use. From light to dark colors, there are several shades that you can try out. In addition, there are many factors that you need to consider such as the color of your house, climate, etc. 

Nowadays, you will find out several door paint designs and colors that one can choose perfectly. Whether you want to create a simple look or a sophisticated one, it is up to you that you upgrade the level by picking up the correct door paint design and ideas.

Go With Elegant White Color 

We all know, White is an elegant color that depicts peace, simplicity, and tranquility. It is a versatile color that can be matched with all kinds of exteriors. One can also use this color with dark shades such as black or brown. This will not only complement the lighter shades like blue and pink but also make an elegant appearance on your door. Make sure you choose high-quality door paint such that it lasts longer. 

Choose Striking Red Color 

As we all know, Red is a vibrant and striking color that denotes boldness and bravery. Here, the red color gives a sense of strength to your home. The red color can adapt beautifully with the grey and brown color walls. You can try out red doors paired up with lighter and white tones to simply emanate a sense of luxury and royalty. 

Try out Refreshing Coral Shades 

Coral shades with a mix of red, pink, and peaches are quite popular colors that can be used in a variety of homes. These shades look best with homes that are gray or white in color. You can also add an antique door knocker for bringing up the charm to your home. 

Incorporate Olive Green Shades 

For a soothing effect, go with shades of olive green color. These shades complement the metallic colors in gold or silver shades. Olive green is a great choice to consider because it complements the natural greenery on the doorstep. Here are some tips for beautiful doormats which give a stunning look to your doors. 

Add Black Color to Your Front Door 

We all know, Black is a color of strength and it represents mystery. One can use Black color in the entrance depending on the color of the walls. You can try out this color with a modern striking color contrast with yellow and white walls. In addition, if your walls are darker, then a black door is going to emphasize the dark tone and make your house look elegant. 

Try out Vintage Blue Shade 

As we all know, Blue is a wonderful color that denotes honesty and trust. Go with a vintage door paint as it shows a sense of individuality. This shade can be vibrant and bright giving a quirky revamp to the front of your house. 

You can also create a great contrast with the neutral-colored walls available in white and grey shades. All in all, a classic Blue door paint is going to be a great choice if you want to give your house a revamp. 

Experiment With Grey Shades 

Grey is a simple and wonderful color that denotes elegance and classiness. And, if we use this color correctly, it can offer great edginess to the modern and experimental exteriors. It would be a disaster if you don’t go for the perfect shade, depending on the color and lighting contrast of the space. 

Generally, a grey color goes well with light shades such as beige, yellow, or orange. Or, you can even try out white and light shades with grey color. 

Choose a Right Door Paint for Wooden Door 

After you choose a perfect shade for your door, it becomes really important that you go for picking up the right painting colors for beautifying your home. It’s quite crucial to know about the paint’s composition and then pick up the color as per your requirement. 

For instance, you can choose an Oil-based paint because it offers high durability. The texture of oil offers a smooth surface. For the glossy finish, you need to choose a primer first and then start with the final appeal. 

Other than that, go with water-based paint too which is a popular choice. This will offer you a smooth and nice effect. Water-based paint dries quickly and is also crack-resistant. 

One can also use Acrylic paints on the wooden surface. You will find this paint available in a wide range of colors. You should use this paint for creating art on the door design

Latex-based paint is quite similar to oil paint and it is quite easier to apply this paint. One should apply more coatings depending on the finish. Plus, they are easy to wash. These paints will not offer you a durable and polished appearance on the door’s surface. 

How to Make Use of Door Paint?

Whenever you begin with painting your doors, then start by painting the edges of your door. 

Then comes the next part, Go by painting door panels.  Make use of 1 brush for painting followed by a roller on the flat surfaces. You may like to read about flush doors vs wooden doors. Which one is good for your home.

Also, make sure to feather the edges of molding whenever you’re brushing. You don’t need any hard edges. So, paint the three vertical strips down the center with a roller. Go by painting horizontal rails with the roller. In this way, you can paint your doors bell. 


If you are planning to revamp the look of your house, then don’t forget to use door paints ranging from soft neutrals to darker shades. You can choose them in bright reds, monochromatic shades, and other colors. It is one of the easiest ways to accentuate the whole look of your house. 

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  1. I had the most boring doors in my house. This article gave me an immense amount of ideas to transform the doors.

  2. What ?? Coloured doors also exist??? I had such a boring design for my house doors . why??????
    thank you for letting me know that even doors can be colourful. ill get my doors renovated now.

  3. My doors got wrot and I am planning doors which would be something different.The colours are just awesome.Liked it very much


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