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Set up a Breakfast Nook: Complete the Look Kitchen Design

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Do you have some extra space left in your kitchen? If yes, then start your day out on the right page. Create a Breakfast nook and make the entire design process a bit easier. Start your day by having a hot cup of coffee while sitting in a comfortable corner around your kitchen. You can even make transitions into the same place by making it a Workstation. If you design your breakfast nook well then it can add a functional area to your existing kitchen. 

Your breakfast nooks come in different forms. Some of them are booths or dining banquettes but it can even be in the form of simple chairs and tables. Therefore, one thing is for sure you can make any place or area a comfy spot in your home. Here are some amazing ideas and tips that you can follow to create a beautiful and comfortable nook. 

Get a Space 

All kitchens don’t have room for the breakfast nook. So, you will need a little more square footage for creating a perfect breakfast booth. You can consider borrowing these spaces from other areas. Go for a separate eating area outside the kitchen providing a place to relax. 

Make Use of Corners 

There are many styles of breakfast nooks but the classic style is something that is liked by almost everyone. Here, you can elevate your corner breakfast nook by adding a window to your area and allowing the natural light for illuminating the space. 

One of the major advantages of having a corner breakfast nook is that you can easily customize it according to your liking and introduce a mix of bench seating and the chair. 

Breakfast Nook Complementing the Kitchen 

Even if you want your breakfast nook to be a separate space in your home, it must blend with the existing space. If the overall theme and colors mismatch with your kitchen, then it is going to make the entire vibe of your area feel disorganized and jumbled. 

Therefore, incorporate those colors and shapes that complement your existing kitchen and kitchen bar so that areas also flow together beautifully. Suppose you have a kitchen boasting white cabinets and black hardware, then you might want to install a chair with black accents along with a white table. You can make use of existing architecture as well to narrow down the ideal table shape complementing the kitchen. There are storage ideas for small kitchen  

Offer a Good Seating 

There are several breakfast nooks that make the most out of a small space using benches. You will need less room to put benches along the walls. In addition, you can add hidden storage on the benches. If you will have enough room around the table, then you can easily use chairs instead of benches. 

Keep Your Breakfast Nook Cozy

Sit down at your breakfast nook every morning and then enjoy a cup of tea to ease your day. It sounds like an amazing idea Isn’t it? If you are planning to make a breakfast nook, make it as cozy as possible. You can easily create a space where people just want to sit and lounge for good. Go with space having well-placed throw pillows. And, if you are living in a cooler climate, then there is no need of keeping the blanket. 

Make Your Aesthetic Look Casual 

Now, consider what kind of aesthetic you are going to use in your space. For instance, Breakfast nooks are generally more casual than formal and these spaces are meant to offer quick breakfast before work or school. In addition, these spaces should feel more fun than stuffy if you want to encourage its everyday use. Choose a color and pattern to achieve the aesthetic look. You could also take things further by incorporating amazing wall designs to make your home beautiful

Decorate Your Breakfast Nook 

Decorating the breakfast nook is quite a fun task and if you already like the way your kitchen is maintained then just continue with the theme to incorporate into your nook. You can set up your breakfast nook with ease and then change the look of your kitchen. Choose easy-clean fabrics for the chairs benches in case you spill your coffee or anything. 

Decide a Table 

You can pick the table for your breakfast nook depending on the shape and size. And, sometimes breakfast nooks are available in weird shapes. But it helps you out if you are in need of developing modern and rustic furniture. You can easily customize a round, rectangular, or square table with ease which is absolutely perfect for your breakfast nook. Here we have the best coffee table trends for the living room.

Try out a Dining Style 

If you like having a retro style, then opt for a diner-style breakfast nook and accessories. Update your breakfast nook in a fun and chic manner and make a real statement regarding your style. You can also opt for traditional diner colors like red, white, and black. Investing in these wall signs and holders can give you the most authentic diner experience. So, do try them out. 

One can also choose curved table arrangements as well for creating a natural look. This will easily blend with your decor choices inside your home. Here, the type of furniture is absolutely appropriate for condominiums. For smaller houses, you can opt for a breakfast nook that can go with the flow of interior space. 

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  1. Love your ideas to spruce up the breakfast nook in the kitchen. I always wanted to do something with that space but never knew what. I’ll definitely be trying a few of your ideas. Could you also share some photos with us so that we will get a better idea? Thanks a lot.

  2. A breakfast nook guide was something i was looking for. And here the blog is . This guide helped me understand the design for a breakfast nook for my house.


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