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10 best indoor plants for all types of Indian households

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Plants can be our best friends. They not only purify the air but are also known to emit positivity. Indoor plants provide an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to be in and the best thing is that they are highly recommended for improved mental health and well being. Indoor plants have many uses and here’s why you should have a good plant in your home.

  • Easy to grow and maintain: Indoor plants are very easy to grow and maintain. They not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of the house but have very low maintenance cost as well. They do not need special care or attention, just some light and water works best. You can look for plant care tips and know the best ways to take care of indoor plants within minutes.
  • Stressbusters: Indoor plants are best for working people and students because they are known to improve concentration. They are known to work as stress busters and mood boosters. Indoor plants are excellent for mental health.
  • They’re affordable pieces of home decor: These plants are cheap and if you want to beautify your home then there can be no better option than potted plants. They purify the air in the room, add life to the room and are the most cost-effective way to make your home look beautiful.

So if you want to add an earthy vibe to your home and make it look more grounded and warm then we bring to you the best indoor plant ideas that you can use in your home to make it look more positive and lively.

Aloe vera: Aloe Vera is one of the best plants that you can keep in your home. It requires less water and sunlight. This plant is known for its benefits. Aloe vera is very good for skin and hair. The gel from this plant can be applied to the skin to gain an instant glow. Apart from the application, aloe vera can be eaten as well. It has some great digestive benefits as well. It purifies the environment and can be kept in the study rooms and bedrooms.

Cactus: The most basic plant that you can keep in your indoor garden is a cactus. According to the rules of Feng shui, cactus can kill negative energy when placed in the right direction. Thus, it is important to know the right place where you must place this plant. A cactus needs less water but a lot of sunlight, place it in a cool and airy place to see the positive effects of the plant.

Spider Plant: With long and slender leaves, this is one of the most beautiful plants that you can keep in your home. The leaves of this plant are light green in colour and have white stripes over them. The plant looks like a cluster of leaves bound together and arching downwards. This plant is good for purifying the air around us. It clears the formaldehyde from the atmosphere, giving us fresh and pure air to breathe. Along with purification benefits, this plant also adds up to the aesthetic beauty of the home.

Snake plant: Another lovely indoor plant that you can keep anywhere in the house. This plant is known for its authentic beauty and upright green leaves. The snake plant has dark green leaves and sword-like foliage. There are yellow coloured strips running across the leaves which improve its aesthetic even more. This plant is best suited to keep indoors because it blooms even in less light and less water. It can survive warm weather and makes up the best plant for Indian households.

Bamboo plant: This plant is often called “Lucky Bamboo”. The plant is associated with good luck and prosperity. This plant has thin branches that often resemble real bamboo. This plant makes up the best aesthetic and showpiece that you can keep anywhere inside your home. It has long upward pointed leaves and this plant is often kept in a glass pot with pebbles in it. Bamboo plants can be found in the office cabins, in the living rooms and even the study room. It brings positivity and makes up for a good option for home decor.

Rubber plant: This plant is found in south-east Asia and is commonly known as the Indian rubber plant. This plant is one of the best options if you want to improve the aesthetics of your balcony or living room. They have lance-shaped leaves and can be hanged in baskets to give an aesthetic vibe. They also bear white flowers from spring to fall and look beautiful.

Flamingo Lily: The flowers of this plant are called a spathe. This plant usually gives pink and red coloured flowers. It is a medium height plant that looks really beautiful and can be placed anywhere in the home. It not only works to enhance the aesthetics of the room but also purifies the air of harmful gases like ammonia, toluene and many more.

Indoor plants are very useful as they not only work as home decor pieces but are also great air purifiers too. But not all plants can be suitable for keeping indoors. When you are picking a plant to keep inside your study or living room then you must keep a few things in mind. Select a plant that does not need much sunlight or direct sunlight. A short heightened plant is best suited for study while leafy upright plants like bamboo are suitable for living rooms. While choosing an indoor plant for the bedroom, select something that emits oxygen even at night. The snake plant and aloe vera are two good options for bedrooms because they purify air even at night.

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  1. Indoor plants are the all-rounder! They purify the air, reduce stress, calm anxiety, and increase productivity, except they brighten your interiors.Money plant (Pothos) , Rubber plant ,Monstera , Spider plant,Areca palm ,Lucky bamboo ,Arrowhead plan ,Crotone , Weeping Fig ,Fiddle leaf Fig.

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