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Home Décor Secrets To Make your Home Magical

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When it comes to home interiors, you want to ensure that you have made your space look good. If not decorative, you want to make sure the space looks well used. It should not look like you have dumped everything into a single place. This requires a few interior designing hacks from your end, which will help you give your home the magical appearance. Here’s your magic wand which will help you do this

Go Neutral

When you are redoing the interiors of your home, you will need to work on expanding the room. Instead of spending on renovations, you can easily add a few things and remove the unwanted things to create space. Add a rug, few mirrors and some decorative paintings to add space. Keep the overall décor neutral, and simple. This though does not add space but nicely arranged things can avail more space for better utility of the area. One can also go for the items that have multiple utility which can save space which may be used for other items.

The Rule of Three

Designing has an amazing rule of three, which has been used in many instances. The main reason being human brain is able to comprehend any information that comes in threes. The three paneled piece of art popularly referred to as triptych is an excellent example of this. You can use this rule to give your space a more meaningful appearance, and appear cultured.

There are a number of areas in various rooms where this rule can be perfectly applied and make more space in the area.

Create a Balance

When you are revamping the interiors of your home, you need to create a balance in the colors, and other design aspects. For this, you will need to have a focal point that will make the design look focused, and balanced. With the focal point, you will ensure that you don’t overpower the room. A perfect balance can make the room look better which also help to minimize the utility of artificial light. It can make the room also look elegant and spacious where a number of activities can be carried out. The study room of the children as well as drawing room must have this feature to make them look more bright.

Dash of Surprise

A dash of salt always makes the whole dish tasty. That’s what you need to do with your interiors. Add a dash of surprise in the form of color or frame or picture, and make it vibrant.

With these hacks, you will realize that you don’t need to work hard to redesign the interiors. Just a palate of colors will do your job tastefully. Perfect color combination can help one get better décor than complete interior also.

A Perfect Theme

You can also choose a theme for various areas of the home. You can keep the same theme for the whole home or can change the same as per the change of room. There are places such as bedroom where lighting can also play a good role. Tiny lights in the bedroom at night can completely change the look of the bedroom. A small light chandelier trick can also help you to décor the drawing room and change the look of it at night.

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  1. Having a perfect theme and creating a balance of colors in the house is the perfect way to decorate the space. This is the inspiration I have taken from your article. I will implement it in my house and will let you know how it turns out. Very excited to try these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very helpful blog that gives great interior decor. The different themes and inspiration designs mentioned are easily doable, and simple DIY techniques that does not burn a hole in your pockets. I got great ideas and excellent inspo from this blog to renovate my flat. The blog provides perfect decor themes that blends well throughout your space.


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