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Best Ways To Maximize Your Space At Home

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Big apartments and houses are easy to decorate because you have a lot of space there, where you can fit a lot of cool and adorable stuff. But when it comes to decorating your small house, say a house which is having just 2 rooms then things get a bit tricky and sometimes messy. Firstly things become tricky when you have to choose amongst the size and furniture from your home, and secondly, it becomes messy when you have to choose amongst the number of furniture to require versus the number of furniture you wish. Décor is one of the most essential parts of our house and lately, with so many things coming in, you cannot differentiate on the fact that what to get and what to leave. Everything becomes so important and integral part of the decoration.

Both these things are very complicated and you might sweat in making a perfect choice. Now what happens is, in a small place you can neither overcrowd it by putting in so many furniture and decorative and on the other hand, you cannot leave it like a blank paper because you don’t wish to do it. So, at times like this, you have to take some harsh decisions and omit all the unnecessary stuff from your list. But still who said that you can decorate your home to perfection. Here are a few things that you can do to get the best results when it comes to using the space of your place wisely:

  1. Start from the beginning:

The best way to decorate your house is to start from the beginning. Flush all the junk to have used in your house for so long. All of that might have become so uninteresting and boring. For this, you can simply trade your old stuff for the new ones with some online shopping portals.

Decorate Your House

  1. Use the right size of furniture:

Now sometimes you buy furniture that might not even fit your place. But you are too much attracted to it in the beginning and then you get too much attached to it so let all that go because it is unnecessarily occupying too much of your place. To make you house admirable, don’t cramp things inside, instead select the right size.


  1. Your room should have a distinct color pattern:

Now painting the walls in one of the critical parts of making your home a better place to live and admire. For this, you need to have a distinct color pattern in every room. This will give your visitor a different color shade whenever he/ she enter another room. Moreover, it is a good call for those who reside there.

Distinct Color Pattern

  1. Keep your tiles clean:

Now, this point is an important one as well. To make your place look bigger than what it is you need to always keep your floor clean and tidy. If there are too many things on the floor one might not have the foot room as they would have liked it so better to keep it clean and neat.

Tiles Clean

  1. Get yourself some folding furniture:

Now it is not just because you have a small space but this is in trend these days. If you are using furniture that is folded into different things, it will be something different as well as it would save you a lot of space. As an example, you can buy a bed which could fold up to become a sofa. You can get it on various online shopping sites in the furniture section. It is sofa cum bed. It looks quite pretty and makes up for space as well.

Folding Furniture

  1. Mirror your house up:

Putting a lot of concrete around your rooms will not be a better option as it will restrict the sunlight and my word, sunlight can do wonders for your house. It can make your room adorable and in one or the other way, mirrors are always helpful when it comes to decorating your living place. So do consider putting up mirrors wherever it is possible.

Mirror Your House

Now listed above are 6 best ways to use your décor and make your house bigger and better to look. You have to just rightfully do all these and nothing would go wrong.

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  1. I completely agree that folding furniture and mirroring the rooms can make the house look spacious. Do you have any idea from where I can get quality foldable furniture? I am planning to buy a piece of light color furniture that’ll reflect more light inside the house. I think this will also make the house look airy and bright. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this. Thanks.

  2. Clean tiles and folding furniture is one of the best tips you have given in this article. Because it makes the entire place super neat. Moreover, it also makes the room look bigger. I followed your advice and I can see how it has transformed my space completely. Now my kids have a lot more room to walk and run around. Thanks a lot.

  3. I tried your idea of using foldable furniture and clean tiles. It worked like magic for me. It makes the room look so much more spacious especially for my kids. They can roam around and play comfortably. Thanks a lot for your ideas.


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