Enhancing the Decors With A Right Rug Shopping Guide


Do you know that even a small element can add a big impact on your space? Rugs are an excellent choice for adding colors to your living space. They add a touch of style to your contemporary room. 

But the question is, how to pick the right rug for your living room or bedroom. If you are new to this shopping game, then it’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by the different types of rugs available in the market under the lofty price tags

While you pick up a rug, there are several factors such as placement, style, and most important to buy a rug.

From synthetic to natural fibers, you will find pros and cons to each type. Rug shopping is not that tough, you can easily choose the right rug size for your room and how to place it as well.

Consider the right size of Rug 

Finding a rug of the right size for your room depends on several factors like-what are the dimensions of your room are and how you’ll be placing furniture on it. The overall design of your space depends on the rug you choose. 

Generally, the right rug is placed either at the center of the room or at the center of your coffee table. 

Depending on the Fabric

Considering the fabric and material you select, there are several types of rugs available online. They all depend on durability and price. 

Wool Rugs: Wool rugs are reliable, soft, and sustainable. If you are someone who lives in a cold area, then you will like to consider this material. 

Silk Rugs: It is a wise choice for a bedroom and in addition to it, they are the epitome of luxury and softness. Go for them and add elegance plus comfort to your room with these comfortable rugs that make them expensive than any other materials. 

Consider the Design of Rugs

The most important thing to choose while rug shopping is that, you for a decent rug design that will match the decor of your room. 

You can also choose a neutral rug if you don’t want to make it look radiant. But if you are going with the whole room redecoration, then make sure that you choose bold patterns to make them the focal point of your room

You can also replace your old rug with neutral colors with ease to blend it with your existing decor. While buying a rug online, make sure that you do check out its texture as it is one of the most important things to keep in mind. 

For the busy walls of your room, make sure that you choose simple designs such as flat-woven styles and hand-knotted styles that work great. You can try out bold patterns bright colors too for the rooms with a minimalist design.

A perfect Fit According to Your Style 

It is a very obvious thing to consider before you go out rug shopping. I.e, to consider your personal taste. You’re the one who is going to be staying with that rug, so if you are investing your money in a rug, then make sure that matches your style be it traditional, contemporary, or transitional. 

Also, make sure that you consider this factor in mind that how you plan to live in the space with the rug. If you have children and pets, then go for an easy-to-clean rug with a low pile so that it will stand up well to spot cleaning. 

Complementing The Room Decor 

Rugs play a pivotal role in your Room’s Decor. You can try out a patterned rug in a bold color or a subtle rug with neutral colors that match and support the decor of your room. Make sure that you take proper care of your rug as it can be an overwhelming decision.

Take Proper Care and Maintenence 

While shopping for a rug, ensure that you don’t ignore this important factor. Care and maintenance both are one of the most important things to consider.

Once your rug starts getting ugly or dirty, you will realize that you can’t clean it or if you do that, it will take too much money for it. 

Go with Rug Pads

A non-slippery rug pad is one of the best needs to consider as it is a great way to avert the chances of someone slipping on the rug. A rug pad will safely hold the area of the rug while you clean or move furniture.

If you are thinking of it as an unnecessary extra cost, then no!  It is one of the safest options to consider because it will prevent many slippery accidents. In short, rug pads can extend the life of a rug because they reduce the friction of the rug against the floor. 

Try out Different Shapes

You can go for rugs available in different shapes and perfect. For instance, you can try out rectangular rugs that are absolutely perfect for widen rooms, hallways, and entries. They are one of the best choices to consider if you want to decorate your home. 

Or, if you want to avoid awkwardness then go for rugs in a circular shape. They are absolutely perfect rugs for smaller rooms and to place similarly shaped furniture on the top such as a dining table. 


If you have ever thought of buying a rug for your house, then do not forget to follow these essential tips mentioned above. Out of all, considering the right size and shape of the rug is very important and in addition, do not forget to look out for rugs that fall into your budget. 

When you go out for rug shopping, ensure that you touch and feel the fabric of it. Even if you are buying it online, make sure that you check out the fabric design and material. 

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  1. I desperately wanted to buy a rug for my living room makeover and I found your blog. It is very helpful, especially the buying guide that you have shared. I am now more confident in choosing the right one. Thank you! I am going to share this with my family members as well. Thanks again.

  2. I considered getting a rug for my home and kept the aforementioned crucial advice in mind. All these factors, which I regarded equally significant, led me to choose carpets within my price range.

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