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Protect Your Home From Coronavirus With These Home Cleaning Hacks

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COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus is becoming a serious global pandemic, concerning more and more mamas across the world. Experts are continuously advertising and updating the global population about the precautionary measures to combat COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. However, cleaning and controlling the cleanliness of what everyone touches outside the home are not possible as the public transportation and surfaces of retail stores. But within the homes, homemakers and self-isolated populations can take necessary steps and follow the Coronavirus Home Cleaning tips to protect themselves and their families from the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus.

Protect Your Home From Coronavirus – The below mentioned home cleaning tips must be implemented in combination with basic COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus prevention guidelines, like washing hands regularly, using hand sanitizer, avoid touching the face, covering the mouth while sneezing and coughing with tissue or elbow and staying back at home in self-isolation.

Commonly Touched Surfaces

COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus is the communicable disease that spreads from humans to humans when they come in contact with the infected person’s respiratory droplets. But it may also spread if a person touches the object or surface which was earlier touched by the infected person and then touch their mouth, nose or eyes with the same hand. So, regular cleaning of the high touch surfaces across your house is necessary like countertops, light switches, doorknobs and cabinet handles.

For cleaning, you may simply need to use household detergent and water. You don’t need to go out and invest in some super disinfectants.

Using Right Cleaning Supplies

One of the important Tips with Corona Coronavirus Home Cleaning is that you always need to use effective and right cleaning supplies for deep cleaning. Mops and sponges are the common cleaning supplies and when using it for cleaning ensure that you never accidentally spread the virus by reusing the dirty cleaning supplies without washing it after every use. It is better to use disposable cloths or wipes for cleaning a single time and ensure to discard them after every use.

If you want to reuse the cleaning mops, cloths or sponges, then you need to wash them properly in hot water and then pat dry them on hottest settings after every use. When you are using disinfectants for cleaning floors and surfaces, ensure to read the instructions of the manufacturers.

Cleaning of Electronics

The mobile phone is the first electronic device that has a higher chance of having the virus stick on it. Mobile devices travel with you at every public place and hence they are likely to pick up the germs and viruses quickly. A mobile device is something which most of the people ignore for cleaning. It is suggested that people must use alcohol wipes or a solution made out of warm soap and water and regularly clean the surface of the phone.

Some of the other electronic items that need regular cleaning at home are landline phone, computer keyboards and mouse, electric switches, plugs, remote controls and more.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

For kitchen cleaning, you need to practice common sense hygiene when cooking meals for the family. You must wash your hands before preparing meals and ensure that the sick person in your family never come closer or contact to the meals and foods you are preparing. If there is someone that is sick or infected in the family, you must provide them with their designated plate, glass and eating utensils. Moreover, the cleaning of those utensils must be done separately with water and soap. If washing them in the dishwasher, ensure that they are cleaned in the hottest settings.

Protect Your Home From Coronavirus – The high touch surfaces in the kitchen like drawer pulls, countertops and fridge handles are regularly cleaned with alcohol-based deep cleaners.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

When it comes to Home Cleaning Tips with Corona Coronavirus, the bathroom should be on the priority list and focus. The bathroom is the place where washing and cleaning is done and there is a higher chance that the residues on the floors of the bathroom may make a person infected when they come in contact. So, it is necessary that the surfaces including showers, toilet, and sink are regularly cleaned and keep the toothbrushes separate from each other and regularly wash your hand towels and don’t share with other sick people at home.

These were some of the home cleaning tips to combat against COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus.

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  1. Agree with the blog. It will enhance safety in your house. I love your recommendation on the proper protection of coronavirus safety in their home. Thanks for sharing it.Interesting blog. I would like to go apply all of this and am also aware of this. I have heard loads of it, and have visible many videos as properly but that is on my bucket list.


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