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Wooden Vs. Steel Almirahs: Pros And Cons For Your Home Storage Solutions

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When it comes to selecting the appropriate almirah for purchasing, selecting among wooden and the steel almirah has its own pros and cons. 

Knowing these can enable one to make a right decision pertaining to storage solutions based on one’s storage need, preferred look and feel and wallet capacity. 

Wooden Almirahs 

Wooden Almirahs


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Such Wooden almirahs are splendid and give the feeling of old and traditional values of home. They come in different trims,-textures and patterns, meaning that the doors can suit any interior design theme from classical to contemporary. 
  • Customization: The wooden almirahs are more preferred because they can almost be fitted in any style and arrangement. It comes in different varieties, and that wood variety, the finish and design can all be chosen. Also, they can be easily painted or stained to match the existing decor of the living space. 
  • Durability and Longevity: The wooden almirahs are known to be very strong especially those made out of high quality and hardwood such as oak, teak or mahogany almirahs and if well maintained they can last for many years. They are also immune to minor and major knocks and abrasive surfaces. 
  • Insulation: Wood is slightly preferable when it comes to insulations as compared to steel. This means that wooden almirahs have a capability of minimizing contact of stored items with extreme temperatures which may be very essential for the preservation of some fabrics among other sensitive items. 


  • Cost: The wooden almirahs are costlier as compared to steel almirahs and this is more so in the cases where the almirahs are made from polished and reputed hardwoods. The cost also rises with the complexity of the designs and the choice of the finish. 
  • Maintenance: The kind of furniture made of wood calls for proper maintenance in order to ward off termites, dampness, and warping. This entails things such as polishing the silverware from time to time as well as treating it, and of course keeping moisture away from the products. 
  • Weight: Almirahs made from wood are usually bulkier than those made from steel, due to this it is first difficult to change the position of wooden almirahs. This could be a disadvantage if you have the tendency of rearranging your furniture now and then. 

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Steel Almirahs

Steel Almirahs


  • Durability: Almirahs made out of steel are long lasting and do not scratch very easily. They are able to take a lot of abuse and they do not easily get scratched or beaten up as wooden types would. 
  • Security: It can be locked either by use of keys or just by closing and some versions of steel almirah have reinforced doors offering more security. 
  • Cost-Effective: Almirah made in steel is relatively cheaper than the almirah made in wood. It makes them a low-cost storage option and does not in any way affect the usability of the jewelry boxes. 
  • Low Maintenance: It is used that steel does not need maintenance compared to wood and this is true. Termites, pests, and fungus do not penetrate it and it does not warp nor does it crack. One may clean it with a damp cloth and this is all that needs to be done to keep it clean. 


  • Aesthetic Limitations: It goes without saying that although steel almirahs can be painted in different colors and can be of different finishes, they are not as warm and classy as wooden furniture. They can be a little bit monotonous having a somewhat clinical look at times, which contrasts with most home interiors. 
  • Weight: In turn, steel almirahs are also comparatively lighter to the wooden ones, but can be quite massive in terms of weight, especially in case of large sized almirahs made from thick steel. 
  • Corrosion: Despite a host of steel almirahs being coated to prevent rust, there are basic models that can often corrode when used in a dull climate or an area with high humidity. This can impact their lifespan and aesthetic look. 
  • Noise: Steel almirahs may be noisier on the operation of doors or drawers of the almirah. This may not matter much but it could be of essence if you want a mower that works without necessarily making some noise. 

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In this case, the decision to use wooden or steel almirah depends on the preference of the owner or the situation at hand. If you care about the looks, possibilities to paint it any color you desire and a timeless style, the wooden almirah would be more suitable. 

But if and only if the aspect of durability, security and relatively lower maintenance is to be given importance than a steel almirah may serve the purpose well. 

It is crucial to take several things into account when choosing the right type of home storage: budget, room style and furniture, and items to be stored.

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