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Rock your style with a stylish wardrobe design

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We all know how important it is to look good in order to feel good and confident about ourselves. We create different outfits, new styles, and designs to play with the fashion and create a perfect outfit to rock it. In the same way, our wardrobe also needs to be stylish, so that we can wear all those outfits with more confidence. 

Don’t you think? Having a great almirah design is as important as having a great clothing design. If we are storing all our exquisite clothes and accessories in them then why not make an exquisite almirah/wardrobe too?  You can build a modern wardrobe design either when you are moving into a new house or renovating your house to make it look better. A suitable and beautiful wall almirah design can light up your whole room by giving it a new look. 

Top 5 stylish designs for wardrobe

Let us take a look at not just the latest Almirah design but a modern wardrobe design to bring your room its shine. 

  1. Sliding-door wardrobe: A sliding-door wardrobe can be commonly seen in modern-day household almirahs. This not only looks good but also saves a lot of your space that a door might consume to open up and close. Sliding doors for a wardrobe is a very convenient solution and makes your life a lot easier. A similar design can be seen in the windows too just in case you want to match your room’s furniture.Sliding Door Wardrobe
  2. Mirror wardrobe: This is a new take on wall almirah design. You can simply add mirrors to your wardrobe or make a complete mirror-based wardrobe design. The wardrobe will reflect your whole room and you might not even need a mirror separately after this.Mirror Wardrobe
  3. Glass wardrobe: This is one of the most popular modern wardrobe designs. It looks quite chic and classy. Having a full glass wardrobe that could either be foggy or transparent. Glass Wardrobe
  4. Color coordinated wardrobe: Color coordination of almirahs with your walls or any other theme of your room is trendy. If you have a dark-themed room, you may want to have a dark-colored wardrobe design, or if you have a lot of pastels in your room then go for any one of those colors in your wardrobe.
    Color coordinated wardrobe
  5. Walk-in wardrobe: A walk-in closet has always been in fashion and many people desire to have a walk-in closet but if you are making a big closet then it can be good for making a small and compact walk-in wardrobe too. This looks neat, stylish, and put together.Walk-in Wardrobe

Placement for any almirahs in the house

We in Indian culture deeply believe in Vastus and placement for every piece of furniture and room has a meaning and effect in our lives. Hence, it is important to know how to place your wardrobe correctly as well. Vastu assumes a crucial part in bridging energy in your home. 

Thus, you want to guarantee that your almirah arrangement follows Vastu standards. As per Vastu shastra, you ought to put your almirah in the northwest or southwest piece of your room. The entryways of your almirah ought to open in the east or south headings. Besides, if your almirah has a mirror, place the closet to not confront the bed.

The best type of almirahs 

Before getting into exotic designs of almirahs let’s first get to know about the best types of almirah you have according to your suitability for the home. 

Don’t settle on a wardrobe made up of stones or marbles. These almirahs may appear eye-satisfying however aren’t reasonable for your home. Go for wooden or iron almirahs to settle on a decent and feasible decision. Wood frequently notices the negative energies in your home.

Wooden furniture generally looks great contrasted with current metal furnishings. Presently individuals think of similarity, security, and solidness. In such a case, current metal furniture will be the most ideal choice. 

The wooden furnishings however look great and have a few inconveniences, as we won’t know the rotting period and the nature of wood. This for sure may be hazardous when it interacts with Water and dampness. Likewise, normally wooden furniture is a bit heavier and challenging to move in contrast with present-day metal furnishings. 

Types of Wood for Wooden almirah  


It is substantially produced using slender layers of wood that have been stuck together, it can likewise be alluded to as designed wood. Pressed wood is very adaptable and offers extraordinary solidness when utilized for assembling furniture.

Oak Wood

It is one of the toughest of hardwoods, its wonderful development ring example can be apparent in furnishings, but it is slowly developing so consequently not a manageable choice. As oak can be genuinely costly, search for plans that highlight oak trims and handles.


It is perhaps of the most well-known wood utilized in furniture making, it has a light get done with noticeable bunches and rings which is essential for regular completion.


These are for the most part viewed as of superior quality, impervious to scratches and checking, in this manner ideal for closets that order an elevated degree of purpose. The kind of hardwood that you pick will be reliant upon your appearance inclination and your financial plan! All hardwoods are ready via air and oven drying to eliminate all the dampness from the wood.


When in doubt, softwoods are less expensive than hardwoods and are a more supportable choice, settling on them is a well-known decision for some clients. Softwood is not so much sturdy but rather more inclined to dings and gouges, but as many plans come painted this can offer added insurance.

Cost of almirahs

All the almirahs are not the same and so are their prices. You can get customized almirahs that would have their pricing different. Steel almirahs can cost around 10,000 Indian rupees or lower to 18,000 Indian rupees or higher. A wooden almirah can range from 9,000 Indian rupees to 53,000 Indian rupees. 


As the world evolves, we need to evolve too and bring up new modern-day style almirahs to our houses. Decorate your house the best possible way you can in your budget. Hope these tips helped you in making your perfect purchase. Check out Decorchamp for many such articles. 

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