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Find Out The Easy Methods to Make Scented Candles Using Leftover, Old Candles

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Easy Methods to Make Scented Candles – From a romantic dinner to birthday bases, the sparkling shimmers of the candlelight truly make any moment more special and magical. But once the candles went off and the smoke clears, what you usually do with the leftover melted wax? Well, most of us preferably banish the useless blobs to the trash bin. But, did you know that you can make new candles out of these leftovers and melted wax? Yes, you heard it right the melted wax can be reused to make new scented candles in a few simple steps. The process is simple and cost-effective too as you only use materials that are already available at your house. Plus, you also contribute towards making Earth a bit greener by recycling the old candle wax and keeping them out of the trash bin. Here is a helpful guide on how to make new scented candles using the leftovers, old candles.

Deciding the Design of Candle

Before starting the process of recycling the leftover candles, you first need to decide the type of candle you want to remake, the aroma and style of the candle. Based on your decoration needs, you may redesign the candle and choose coloured candles, add dry nature or scented herbs to the candles. You may check online for some architecture ideas and tips and design the candle accordingly. The common materials required for making candles with leftovers and melted wax are:

  • Old candles or leftover melted wax from a candle
  • Wooden sticks
  • Crayons if you want to add colour
  • Pot of boiling water
  • Olive oil
  • Essential oils for aroma and scent
  • Herbs
  • Container for candles
  • Clothesline clips

Step by Step Guide to Make Scented Candles with Leftover Candles and Melted Wax

Step One

You first need to take wood wicks or cotton wicks which are easily available at home and cut them into the perfect size. It must be a bit higher than the container height. Soak the wicks into olive oil and cover and soak the wicks properly as it improvises the combustion quality when the candle is lit.

Step Two

Take a knife and break the leftover candles into small pieces so that it melts easily. Prior to putting them into the pot for melting ensure to remove the burned pieces and stains, if any. This is important to avoid making the new candle look dirty.

Now put all pieces of candles into the boiling pot and wait until it melts into liquid wax. According to Pro decoration tips, people must avoid trying this in the microwave as wax can explode and it would become difficult to clean the microwave later.

If you want to make coloured candles, add some crayon into the melted wax liquid. Crayons work perfectly when it is melted. Some people use food colouring or writing ink to add colour, but this must be avoided.

Step Three

Now once the wax is melted and coloured crayons are added, it is the time to add essential oils. Rosemary and lavender are the highly preferred choice if you want some aroma that is soothing and relaxing. But, you may also use other types of essences as per your aromatherapy preferences.

  • Peppermint oil stimulates and refreshes the body and mind
  • Pine oil reduce muscle soreness, colds, and stress
  • Citronella repels insects
  • Grapefruit or orange revitalizes
  • Patchouli oil is best anti-depressant

Step Four

Once everything is added into the melted wax, it is the time to pour the liquid into the container. Now you have to arrange the wooden wick and hold it tight with clothesline clips while pouring. This will prevent the wick from moving when pouring the liquid wax. Now you need to leave it until it cools down completely.

After it cools and set, it is ready to be used and you get new scented candles for your next aromatherapy session. This is quite simple and easy to make candles using the leftovers and melted wax. Plus, the process is quite simple and you need no advanced equipment or materials to prepare scented candles at home using the leftover candles. So, in your house plan ideas ensure to add this process of making scented candles using the leftovers and melted candles.

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  1. Amazing blog; I’d love to visit it and see the innovative techniques we can use old leftover candles to produce perfumed candles. Using the scraps and melted wax, candles may be made quickly and easily. Additionally, making scented candles at home with leftover candles is a straightforward method that doesn’t require special tools or supplies. Because you simply utilize things already in your home, the method is very inexpensive. In addition, you help the environment by recycling used candle wax and preventing it from going into the garbage.
    Additionally, it could be used as decoration or for specific home events. Thanks for sharing it. The information is super and very much useful to me. 


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