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Best Cement for House Construction

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Correct quality cement goes a long way in making the buildings last long. However; selecting the right grade of cement is not always easy. Below is an attempt of explaining the various grades of cement present in the market today.

There are different types of cement that should be used for specific purposes. Durability characteristics, functional requirement of the building and the environmental conditions play an important role in determining which grade of cement should be used. Checking the grade of the cement is the best way to assess its quality and strength after 28 days of its application. There are three main grades of cement being used in India-53 Grade, 43 Grade and 33 Grade respectively.

Understanding what these grades of cement mean

  1. 33 Grade cement is the general purpose cement. It is used for plastering the walls. This grade of cement is preferred for finishing up of any work during the normal weather conditions.
  2. 43 Grade cement is the most commonly used cement these days. It is used for laying the foundation for the building, for building compound walls, in the brick work and also for plastering the walls of the building. This is preferred more than the 33 grade as it has more strength.
  3. 53 Grade cement has the highest strength compared to the other two types of cement. It is for this very reason that most high rise buildings use this grade of cement.  This is also used for construction of structures that require high grade concrete.

Apart from different grades of cement, it is also available in two colors- grey and white. Grey cement is used for the construction of the general structure and building. White cement is used for the interior or exterior decoration and for the architectural beauty of the building.

How to check the quality of cement

  • Make sure that the cement is free from ant dust or lumps.
  • Take a handful of cement and put that in a bucket of water. If the cement floats in the water for a while before sinking, then it is of superior quality. Sometimes, the cement may sink real fast. This happens due to the presence of impurities.
  • Cement being used should be within 6 weeks from the manufactured date.

After purchasing the cement, make sure that the cement bags are placed close together without any presence of moisture and air circulation.

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  1. i will start construction of 54 * 22.5 size plot.
    opening of plot 22.5 front toward west direction in hisar, haryana. so i want take suggestion about design, material, precaution for termite, नमी, बलवा etc.

  2. Interesting blog, good information is provided regarding Best Cement For house Construction. Was very useful, thanks for sharing the blog.

  3. Is there a possibility to mix both 43 and 53 grade cement together? Or is it better to go with 53 grade cement only? I mean I know the two cements are different but will this method combine the properties of both cements and make it stronger? Please share your suggestion. Thanks for the blog.


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