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Best Wall Cement for Your House

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The applications of cement can be differential in various construction tasks. Civil engineers stress this application. Bridges, culverts, dams, etc., are constructed using cement.

Cement is used as a binder in concrete for building different types of infrastructure such as roads, schools, dams, ports, hospitals, etc. while going for construction; you might often come across the thought as to which is the best cement company.

Most people use cement at the suggestion of the mistri (in the local language) or the builder. When we build a home, we want it to stay long-lasting. It should last at least 3 to 4 generations is what we think. So now, may are focusing on the best cement in India.

Did you know that India stands in second place as a cement producer after China? 151.2 million tons is the cement generation in India. Additionally, there are 185 cement-producing companies in India. In this blog, we will find out more about this.

Most Indian houses are made of concrete, so we do not get a lot of options for front wall designs. Residential wall designs give you much information about the type of cement used. Since front walls create the first impression, you must ensure it is the best. So let us have an idea about the front wall designs, which allow you to give a stylish edge to your home. 

Best Wall Cement in India

Let us grab a brief analysis of these cement brands. 

  • Ultra Tech Cement

Did you know Ultra Tech Cement is one of the largest producer of grey cement in India? One of the Grasim industry’s Ultra Tech subsidiaries is operated by Aditya Birla Group. Its headquarters are situated in Mumbai. In 2022, it emerged as one of the top cement companies.Ultra Tech Cement

It can produce 60 million tonnes of cement. They employ 12,000 employees belonging to different nationalities. They also export cement on a large scale. They are also a cost-effective company for cement. 

  • Shree cement

Now we know India is the second largest cement producer. This brand was founded back in 1979 in Rajasthan’s Jaipur. Now we find it in Kolkata. This company also owns two more cement brands: Bangur Cement and Rockstrong Comments.

Shree cement

Shree cement has generated great financial progress in the last decade. It is spread all over India, including the states of Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Chattisgarh. It is both reasonable and of good quality. 

They come with a production capacity of 39.9 million tonnes per annum. INR 280 is the cost of one bag of Shree Cement. This has been consistent in the eyes of cement qualifiers. Their cement is highly pure and complies with the industry norms.

  • Ambuja Cement

This company must have surely made it to your ears as it employs the eco-friendly production method of cement. The founder of this super cement company was Mr. Suresh Kumar in 1983. The brand has been in the market for more than 20 years now.

Ambuja Cement

They incorporate the sustainable methods of cent production. So you will find feasible construction here. It thus makes it into the top 10 types of cement in India

It employs the usage of advanced products, and it operates internationally in 80 countries. In India, it is spread across 2200 sites. The cement is specially designed for the Indian climate, and you get home-building solutions. Apart from that, you can follow these tips for front elevation design for your house, and also it is not expensive.  

  • Birla Cement

Birla cement is one of the major brands of cement. The company has also acquired steel, jute, education, and healthcare. It has its headquarters in Kolkata, which took birth in the 1890s. This has more than 20 cement plants in the country. 

Birla Cement

This brand is powerfully spread in the upper part of India. It is one of the Indian flagship conglomerates in the MP Birla group. There is a good variety of cement here. It has a production of 15.5 MTPA. You get tamper-proof packaging with it. 

  • The Indian Cement

This one took birth in 1946. It stands as the largest cement producer in South Inia. It supplies cement quickly across the rural and urban parts of south India. It has its headquarters in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. 

The Indian Cement

House front wall cement design 

There are many of these, like Scandinavian, English cottage, Bengali, and the like. Let us have a look at some of these gorgeous styles. 

Stylish and rocky design for house front wall

Most of the houses are situated in the heart of the city. You can go a tad away and create your own resort-like home. Find a sophisticated aesthetic with rocky pillars, tall grass, and more. This is a wooden-laden front wall design for our abode. 

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Front Wall French White Design 

White looks as elegant as anything on the walls. It has an intricate brick size and style combining French and Tamil architectural styles. So go for this style to build the front wall of your home.  

Front Wall French White Design 

Some Building Grass 

Using some greenery in the building of houses has been an evergreen choice to add a dash of nature to city life. It also protects the front wall. This is a simple house design for Indian walls, which is also eco-friendly. It employs a simple cementing technique and can be used in various styles. Parapet Wall design also gives a unique look to your house. 


To sum up, we can say that these were some of the trusted cement brands in India. These have been in the market for over a decade, so you can blindly trust their work and quality. We also have some front wall designs that use this cement, and they look beautiful. You can take ideas from this and start building your paradise! 

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