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Architects in Mumbai: Top and Best Architects in Mumbai

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Architects in Mumbai are highly sought after as the city is one of the most populous in the world. The city’s population is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years, making it one of the most important markets for architects.

There are many reasons why architects are in high demand in Mumbai. One reason is that the city is constantly growing and evolving. As new construction projects are completed, there is a greater need for architects to design new buildings and structures.

Additionally, with the influx of people from all over India and the world, there is a greater need for architects who can design homes and offices that cater to the needs of a diverse population.

If you are looking for the best architect in Mumbai, it is important to consider a few factors. Do you want someone who specializes in residential architecture or commercial architecture? If you are unsure, it might be a good idea to consult with an architect who can help you decide. Once you have a general idea of the type of architecture you are interested in, you can begin to narrow down your search for the best architect in Mumbai.

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Abha Narain Lambah Associates

It was founded in 1998 and has spent its entire existence focusing on India’s ancient sites.  The firm has worked on projects such as the Ellora Caves, the Ajanta Caves, and the Elephanta Caves.

The firm has worked on several high-profile projects, including the redevelopment of the Juhu Beach Promenade and the construction of a new terminal at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

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ABM Architects

ABM Architectural is one of the leading architecture firms in Mumbai, according to Alfaz and Aahana Miller. The firm’s fundamental tenet is to balance beauty with practicality in its designs.ABM Architects Work

It carefully picks small tasks for a limited time frame to give the best results possible. Because of the young staff’s high efficiency, major projects were no problem for them to complete.

Abraham John Architects

Abraham John Architects was established in 1967. Abraham John Architects serves a wide range of clients, including business and government organizations, as well as NGOs. Its fundamental principle is to revitalize architectural plans.abraham john architects

Abraham John Architects has a reputation for using innovative methods such as making the greatest use of spaces, using natural materials, updating lighting & landscape design, and modernizing living spaces and urban areas.

The architect aims to provide new designs and tackle each project thoroughly, regardless of size or scale, to influence people’s lives and society. Customer happiness motivates them to succeed further.

Finally, Abraham John Architects is capable of establishing harmony between usefulness and beauty.

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Architecture BRIO

Ar. Priyanka Srikrishna has worked very hard to introduce new and long-lasting ideas into the ever-changing world through Architecture BRIO. It seeks to reconcile conflicting interrelationships between the city, home architecture, landscape, and interior design.

As a result, it has established a successful company in creating a positive connection with nature. Architecture BRIO also strives to integrate modern planning into urban and rural communities around the world.

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Hafeez Contractor

Hafeez Contractor, an established architectural design consultancy in Mumbai, is one of the best-known. It provides distinctive designs to clients and delivers well-built solutions that are in line with client expectations.Hafeez Contractor India

It has a highly effective staff that ensures high quality by completing the plan on time and within budget. As a result, it caters to both domestic and international consumers. In 2016, Hafeez Contractor was granted the Padma Bhushan for his outstanding architectural designs.

HOK Architects

HOK Architects is one of the top architecture firms in Mumbai, offering global design, engineering, and planning services. It has 23 offices on three continents and specializes in worldwide architecture design, engineering, and planning.

HOK Architects understands current trends and adapts architectural plans to them. The designs are technical because they are driven by imagination and goal-oriented. As a result, HOK architects has amassed a large number of clients.

According to Architectural Record, ENR, and other publications like it, it is the Number 1 A/E firm in the world. Its architectural structures are recognized as “environmentally friendly.”

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Kapadia Associates

Ar. Kiran Kapadia founded Kapadia Associates in 1991. It’s a full-fledged business that designs both architectural and interior projects. The firm has completed projects regardless of their size or scale, and it has offered the finest and most distinctive answers possible.

Milind Pai Architects

This business was founded by Milind Pai in his first year of graduation, with tremendous faith and commitment. The team is capable of transforming any project into a reality, thanks to its exceptional efficiency.


Morphogenisis is one of India’s most prominent architecture firms, founded by Manit Rastogi and Sonali Rastogi. Sustainability is one of the crucial aspects considered by the business. It’s one of the businesses to be recognized on the WA100 list of the world’s top architecture companies.

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In addition, Morphogenesis follows a set procedure when executing a project. The objective is to create structures that use less than 50% more energy than certified green buildings while still conserving natural resources and energy.

Sanjay Puri Architects

Nina Puri is renowned for her simplicity of design. Nina Puri’s design is a blend of clean lines with a variety of materials, colors, and textures. Regardless of the size of the space, both architects believe in generating innovative designs.Sanjay Puri Architects Mumbai

The architects at Sanjay Puri Architects produce intriguing places that are also practical expressions of their company’s design concept. Sanjay Puri Architects has received over 225 accolades, including 150 international honors and 80 national honors.

The firm has already completed projects totaling more than forty million square feet. Their designs have been extensively covered in national and foreign publications, with nearly twenty-one international publications featuring their ideas.

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Mumbai is teeming with top-notch architecture firms that have completed a plethora of projects, both big and small. The city’s architects are creative and efficient, thanks to which they have been able to transform the skyline.

As a result, they have been able to build some of the most awe-inspiring buildings in the world.

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