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Modern And Elegant Window Design Ideas for House

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Window Design Ideas for House – Choosing the right window style for a home is not easy indeed. The entire process demands for plenty of time and you need to consider plenty of factors while deciding the window style and design for your home. The window of your home is the gate to outer world which reflects the style and architecture and allow fresh air and natural lighting to complement the interior.

There are hundreds of windows designs for home and you need to use the Vastu Tips for Doors and Windows when deciding the styles and designs for your home windows. Below is the interesting list of windows styles and designs that are selected based on the guidelines of Vastu.

Fixed Windows or Picture Windows

As the name suggests, it is the type of window design which can’t be glided, tilt or hinged as it is completely fixed to the windows frame. So, this is not the best choice for rooms where fresh air is needed. They are installed with dual hung casements and usually positioned above or below the awnings or hoppers.

They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The best part is that it is affordable, beautiful in looks and sated with reliable energy efficiency.

Awning Windows

The second most alluring Window Design for House is the awning windows which are constructed to let water slide away from the window opening. The awning windows are either installed above the fixed windows or below the windows and you will commonly see this designs of windows in cabins, garages and other places where privacy and ventilation matter more than just the aesthetics.

These is the typical window designs that are found in homes of southern Indian.

Casement Windows

The casement windows are the common type of window design that is hinged on the sides of the casement and it open outwards just like your doors. Since no railing is available in casement window designs, it looks just like picture windows.

The windows can be opened with just a push or hard crank and comprise of a screen displayed on the internal part for its protection. This is the reason why the windows are actually installed over appliances, sinks and counterparts.

Double and Single Hung Windows

Double-hung window design is the one which you open vertically and it comprises of two fully operable panes. A double-hung window is the best Window Frame Design for rooms where more ventilation is needed as it lets fresh air to circulate inside the room both from top and bottom and it looks very conventional and homey.

The cheaper version of the double-hung window is the single hung window design and it comprises of the single lower pane which moves parallel with the upper pane. It is the fixed type of window with central handles and locks and some models come with extra security mechanisms.

Horizontal Sliders

The horizontal sliders actually come with a single glass pane that slides either right or left side. This window design is very popular as Modern Window Design because it is space efficient and very easy to operate and use.

You will also find horizontal double sliders which can increase the airflow in the interiors of your room.

Bay & Bow Windows Design

The Bay Windows Design comprises of three crucial parts – a huge fixed pane in core, casement double-hung panes on both sides at 30-45 degree angles and it can be both fixed and open model.

Bow Window comprises of at least four panes of equal size and in most of the designs, the casement is fixed in gradual arching angles. This is the Modern Window Design which is good for the scenery and can be applied in rooms where there is a need of natural sunlight.

Transom Window Design

Transom Window is the new and ultra-modern design which is the combination of few window styles for example fixed and vent models. This window usually stands below or atop larger doors or windows so as to ensure more ventilation and natural lighting in the room.

The purpose of installing transom windows in the room is to complement the existing windowing and in the market, you will come across with transom window design in different shapes and patterns.

So, these were some of the window designs that you may use for your new home or in the existing home to revamp the overall decor and look of the house efficiently.

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  1. I like the transom and horizontal window slider idea. I think this design is more practical and would be less expensive to produce than the other option. I will research more on the options you have provided. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I have never really given much thought to window design ideas which is why this blog has been an eye-opener for me. I did not know that I could style my windows in so many unique ways. I really like the idea of awning windows!

  3. The article on window design ideas from DecorChamp offers a variety of creative and practical suggestions for enhancing your home’s aesthetics and functionality. It covers different styles, materials, and configurations to suit various architectural preferences and Vastu principles. A valuable guide for homeowners seeking to improve their living spaces with well-thought-out window designs.


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