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Vastu for Locker Room – Drawbacks, Suggestions & Tips

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Why do you need to Consider Vastu Shastra for the locker room ?

In every house, there is a locker room where all the money, jewelry, and ornaments are kept safely. If you are determining the shape and location of thelocker room on your own, then there are high chances that the outflow of money will be more than the inflow. Well, this is the main reason, why the individuals greatly seek Vastu Shastra for locker room determination.

Vastu for locker room takes a number of considerations while determining the location and shape of thelocker room in the house. Look, you don’t need to worry about the VastuShastra considerations for thelocker room, as there are no practical Vastu drawbacks. Since ages, the study of VastuShastra has been effectively helping the individuals in enhancing their living conditions. Below here some important Vastu Shastra suggestions for locker room are mentioned briefly.

Vastu Shastra considerations for Locker Room:

  • Size & shape of room – According to thestudy of VastuShastra, it is recommended to design locker room in rectangular and square shape. The odd shaped locker rooms are strictly not recommended. Nowadays, the individuals don’t care about the shape of locker rooms, because of less space and hence go for the triangular and other odd-shaped locker rooms. In such cases, there are high chances there will be acontinuous financial crisis in the house. Again, the height of locker room should be same with other rooms in the house. It shouldn’t be high or small.
  • The direction of alocker in the locker room – The back of the locker or almirah should face the south wall, and the front side of locker should be facing the north wall. So, you need to place the locker in the mid of south wall, leaving the south-east and south-west corner free. Make sure that, you are not placing the locker in the north east, North West, and south-west corner of the room.
  • Placement of locker – The locker should be placed by the south wall, with an inch distance. Make sure that the back of locker is not sticking to the wall. In case, the space in the room is less; you can also place the locker on the east wall without affecting the appropriate vastu location for the locker room.
  • Doors and windows – It is recommended to design the doors in east or north direction of theroom. Strictly avoid the placement of doors in thesouth, North West, south-west, and south-east Again, it will be more auspicious, if the door has two shutters, instead of one. You can design the windows in the north or east directions of room.
  • Colour of room – Yellow is considered as the most auspicious color which enhances the wealth. Thus, it is recommended to paint the locker room with yellow color. It will be better if the floors are also maintained with yellow shades.

Necessary Vastu Tips for Locker Room

By considering the above-mentioned factors, you can avail the best remedies for improving the financial prosperity. Apart from the above suggestions, here some important Vastu tips are also mentioned.

  • The locker shouldn’t be placed under the beam, as it will put unnecessary pressure on the locker.
  • Avoid placing the lockers in the corners of theroom.
  • Locker rooms should be cleaned everyday so that no mess is accumulated in the room.
  • You can place a mirror reflecting the image of thelocker, as it may enhance your wealth.
  • The gold, silver and other valuable items should be kept in the southern or western side of the locker.
  • Make sure that the locker room is designed in the north direction of the house. Well, east will also work.

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