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Vastu Tips to Ensure Success in Business

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Vastu shastra which literally translates to the science of construction is an ancient Hindu system of architecture which propounds that any construction should take place by balancing the five elements of environment – water, fire, earth, air and space. Although vastu was considered arcane and based on superstition during the colonial era in India, scholarly studies since then have revealed it to be otherwise.

Some examples of modern day structures built on vastu principles are Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, and Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad.

Here are some tips that will ensure the success of your business:

  1. When you are planning to get land for any commercial venture such as an office or factory, go for shermukhi plots which are broader from the front and narrow at the end. Also, try to purchase land close to roads that have frequent traffic.
  2. For good luck and positive vibes, the office building should face north, north-east or north-west direction.
  3. Do not place anything that might create an obstacle close to or in front of the main entrance. The main door or entrance of an office should face east or north according to Vastu.
  4. The welcome room of business houses should be located in the east direction or the north-east corner.
  5. The centre of the office should be kept empty.
  6. There should not be any temple or idols behind the owner’s seat. The owner’s room should be in south-west direction and he or she should sit facing north. No glass structures should be permitted behind the owner’s seat and instead there should always be a concrete wall. His or her desk should be rectangular.
  7. The staff should work facing the north or east directions.
  8. The conference room should be built in the north-west direction.
  9. Desks and work stations should be square or rectangular, nothing else. Irregular shapes create confusion and need to be avoided as per vastu shastra for office.
  10. All electrical equipment should be placed in the south-east direction of the office.
  11. In case of businesses related to manufacturing, they should start from the south , move north and west before reaching east.
  12. The accounts department should be in the north and east zone and employees dealing with financial transactions should sit facing east and north direction.
  13. All the financial records should be kept in central north or southwest of the cabinet.
  14. White horse symbolize financial support so they can be placed in the the north-west zone and the north-west zone of the building should be from things such as toilets or pantries. Do not use red or pink colours here.

Following the above Vastu steps will ensure that you start your business journey on a strong footing.

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  1. These success tips are very elaborate and practical. I have recently started following Vastu principles. First I applied them in my house and the results were unbelievable. That’s why I want to use Vastu principles in my business as well. These tips will surely help me in running my business smoothly. I am sure they will help anyone too in their business. Just follow them and see the difference.

  2. If anyone wants to succeed in business, then the Vastu Tips that are being mentioned here are quite amazing. The direction, placement of documents, etc all are described perfectly. All in all, it is a stunning blog that ensures you get to know about the best business vastu related tips

  3. I want to set up my office now after covid. Hope these Vastu tips will help me out regarding the office setup and other details that are being mentioned here. They are quite beneficial for men and I would like to read more blogs like this.

  4. Love your vastu tips for business. I recently started picking up interest in this topic, and I have been reading a lot about it. Your tips are very helpful, and I am glad that I can apply them to my own business. Keep up the good work!


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