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Information on Rubber Plant Vastu Direction and Air Cleaning Process

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Rubber Plants are the best and easy-care houseplants as per Vastu and it has special mention in Vastu Shastra. It is known to improvise the indoor air quality as proved by the studies conducted by NASA. The large leaves of the rubber plant can absorb the airborne chemicals and bacteria and break them down, making them harmless for your health. Rubber plant also absorbs the exhaled carbon dioxide and instantly converts it into safe and healthy oxygen to breathe in for humans. Mold spores and bacteria from the air are also removed if you have rubber plant inside your room. Rubber Plant as Per Vastu has many significance and it must be added to your home decor for several benefits.

Indoor Air Cleaning With Rubber Plant

As mentioned, rubber plant leaves are effective in absorbing the contaminated air inside the room and it breaks down large number of contaminants from air, thereby making it clean and fresh air to breathe in. Since the water is drawn upward from the roots of the plant, the air usually draws downward and out through the roots of the plant and this ensures to provide sufficient air to the roots. The contaminants in the air usually drawn via rubber plant with air and it are collected gradually in the soil along with the root. As the contaminants mix with soil it encounters microbes that naturally survive around the roots of the rubber plant.

The microbes gradually break down the air contaminants and convert it into nutrients for the plant or harmless compound in soil based on the type of contaminant it has absorbed from the air. You can check online for different location for placement of the plant and Plan Decoration Ideas accordingly.

What is the Best Vastu Direction for Rubber Plant in House?

As per the Vastu experts, Rubber Plants must not be grown outside in your garden along with other plants as it brings misfortune in your house. Instead, rubber plants must be grown inside or indoors as a rule. As per the experts, the best Rubber tree plant vastu direction is the south east direction of hall or living space. You must ensure to place the plant in south east direction of the living room and hall. But, you must not place any other house plant close to rubber plant. You must maintain a gap of one meter between the plants.

As per the experts, rubber plant must be placed in living room and halls only and it is not a good option for bathroom or bedroom. You are suggested to place the plant in south east direction of the room and it can place either on floors if the plant is big and has several stems or on table top if the plant is small and placed inside a flower pot.

Vastu Signifiance of Rubber Plant

The round leaves of rubber plant are considered as the symbol of financial growth and wealth in Vastu. It can bring money and commercial success when placed in correct zone of your home. As mentioned, it can absorb toxins from air inside the house and also work as natural air purifier.

Some of the Other House Plants to Consider As per Vastu
  • Snake Plant – Snake Plant has a great significance in a house according to Vastu Shastra. As per Snake Plant Vastu Direction, it must be placed in sharp corners of bedroom to see positive energy beaconing inside the house. It removes toxins from air and promotes healthy oxygen flow in room that reduces stress.
  • Air Plants – Air Plant is another good option to be included in the home decor. It is the easy to grow houseplant and don’t demands for 24/7 attention and watering like other houseplants. There are different types of air plants and they not only purify the air, but also bring in lots of positive energy and wealth in your business.
  • Spider Plant – The last on the list of indoor houseplant is Spider Plant. There are different varieties of Spider Plants which you may choose to include in your home. As per Vastu Shastra, this houseplant can purify the air quality of your house, while improving your health and wealth.

So, these were some of the alternatives which you may include in your home to enjoy the same benefits like rubber plant. Ensure that you check online for Vastu direction of these plants before including them in your house.

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  1. Every plant has its aspects, and so as the rubber plant. It also has a particular aspect. We all crave financial stability and wealth, so the rubber plant’s round leaves symbolize it. Hence, for that to happen, the plants should be kept in a proper place. Usually, people keep it in the hall or living room, but you can keep it anywhere. As per the Vastu rubber, the plant must be kept in the southeast direction. Remember that you must not place any other house plant close to the rubber plant; a gap of one meter between the plants must be maintained. It is essential to grow to the fullest. So believe that for both us as well as plants. Hence keep things in a proper place so that both of us can benefit.

  2. Thank you for sharing such information on the rubber plant, and the importance of Vaastu Shastra in respect to the plant. I am certainly going to follow these information tips.

  3. DecorChamp’s exploration of rubber plant Vastu direction and air-cleaning benefits is illuminating. With detailed insights into plant placement and Vastu principles, it’s a valuable resource for harmonizing your living environment


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