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Commercial Interior Design Trends in India 2020

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Commercial Interior Design Trends in India – Designing the commercial interiors in India is becoming a tricky business these days with new design trends evolving every day. The commercial interiors must be cost-effective and efficient at the same time while creating an engaging and unique experience for the employees and visitors alike. Moreover, to compound the issues, expectations are evolving at a rapid pace, thereby commercial establishments and businesses are required to adopt the latest interior designs that can reflect the present taste, trend and style of their visitors, consumers and of course their employees. Below are some modern Interior Design Trends that can help businesses to stay nimble with their interior designs in 2020.

Deeper Tones

Representing the intrinsic beauty of Mother Nature, the deeper tones for commercial offices are the preferred choice of 2020. You can use deep cooling tones in blends like charcoals and grey tinged with the natural greens. You can even combine them with stone, ivory, and taupe for a unique balance. If you find all these color schemes reserved, then you may easily add some splashes of zesty lime and fiery paprika for the enhanced color.

Form over Purpose     

It is the cost that is the prime factor influencing the decision of purchasing office furniture. People are now focusing more on ergonomic designs and office furniture for modern establishments needs to be cost-effective and comfortable at the same time. You can expect to see some upgrades like adjustable arms and headrests of office seats and also new trends in standing height desks.

Since consumers are focusing more on quality, the commercial office furniture is rapidly changing by integrating more durable materials like metal finishes, rustic wood, and tempered glass.

Idiosyncratic Combinations

The commercial interior designers are shifting rapidly from palpable formulaic themes to a variety of unique and unanticipated idiosyncratic combinations and touches to make the commercial space look exclusive. The most pertinent example that you will observe today is the increasing demand of non-matching floor tiles. This may sound awkward and bizarre at times, but it can look great if it is applied the right way in your office.

Dual Purpose Interior Designs        

Owing to the slow growth of economy and prolonged budget tightening, businesses today are looking consistently for new ways to save great deal of money. And commercial interiors provide a variety of possibilities and this has increased the demand for multi-purpose interior designs in commercial establishments.

Today you will find offices where cabinets are filled with slide out seats that can easily accommodate the spur-of-the-moment business meetings. The lounge chairs today come with tablet arms and this has simplified the work of the employees as they don’t have to be at desk to work anymore.

Eco-Friendly Designs

The corporation and businesses are under extreme pressure to cater the needs of social obligations and hence they are now supporting the latest eco friendly commercial designs for their offices. The use of glasses in commercial building is always considered as a mark of energy inefficiency, but new design patterns and advances in window design mean this is no longer the case. Glasses today are designed to become a staple for the future eco-building.

Commercial buildings are opting for photovoltaic glasses as this is the next-gen of solar cells that are integrated into window surfaces directly. This means the office has a power-sapping design that can generate its own energy. Besides, including some elements of natural daylight, houseplants, living walls and designs that resemble nature and greenery is also in trend. As the summer months are soon approaching, you are likely to see more colour palates in commercial building that feature honey toned yellows as well as calming greens.

Prevent Isolation and Promote Collaboration

Today in this modern workspace consistent commutation and interaction is necessary and modern day employees no longer prefer to stay isolated in tiny cubicles without any access to natural lighting. So, keeping this in mind the modern commercial spaces are shifting to more collaborative approach and hence altering their interior design layout into more open workspaces.

Commercial Interior Design Trends in India – The working desks are separated with transparent and low panels or all partitions are removed to create circular workstations which promote better communications, interactions and knowledge transfer amongst the employees.


It is not always possible for all commercial interiors to practically conduct a complete full-scale renovation or refurbishment. Therefore, commercial properties must focus on making smaller changes initially and gradually move towards full-scale renovation. One of the best Office Decoration Tips is that commercial properties must start by shifting of the office furniture layout and painting the walls with a new coat. This can truly make a great difference without breaking their accounts.

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  1. Commercial interior designs are still overlooked; many people in the commercial field do not know the advantages and necessity of a decent interior design. In 2020 a tremendous and unique flow of trends had begun for commercial interior design, leaving everyone stunned. There are a lot of fun designs to look up to create a little dazzle in your basic workplace. Knowing the importance of having a decent interior in your workplace can help motivate the employees to work with a good headspace and surroundings. Interior designs play a major role in the flow of energy around the whole place, so you must choose one that surrounds you with positive energy.


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