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The Importance of Western Toilet Seats

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When we talk about Indian and western style toilets, it’s a matter of preference. Currently, most families are adopting a western approach, but many folks still like better Indian-style toilets. So this article is about the significance of western style toilets in India.

Know about Western Toilets

You must be wondering what a discussion about Western-style and Indian-style toilets is.

Western-style and Indian-style toilets

Western-style toilets are known as squat toilets.

There are some noteworthy differences between Western and Squat toilets. The western toilet is more like a chair and must not be squatted; in the west approach, it is just sitting on.

A Western-style toilet has a toilet tank that is directly connected with the toilet bowl, which holds any human waste and then removes it with a flush button of the tank and another noticeable distinction is that a western toilet must have toilet paper near-by

In Western-style toilets, you can find European-style toilets and American-style toilets.

American toilets should have the standard toilet bowl and urinal, while European toilets have scarcely any assorted options. 

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Squat toilets are found in southern and eastern Europe; the rest of Europe features toilets similar to those found in America, and southern and eastern are essentially a hole in the floor. 

European toilets

European toilets use less water and have less hubbub involved than American toilets. American toilets use a lot of water and flushing apparatus and technique of cleaning themselves either by toilet paper. 

Many tribes are much more familiar with the American toilet, but you’ll become aware of a great diversity in toilet styles covering Europe, including many old holes on the floor. 

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Types of Western Toilet Seats

Nowadays, many different variants or typical western toilet seats are available in the market.

Toilet Seats Shape

When it comes to choosing the perfect Western toilet seat, here is all you need to know.

  • Elongated Toilet Seats:

Elongated toilet seats are well known as pointed toilet seats. They tend to be more ‘hygienic’ in that the extensive range of the bowl’s surface area makes it more unexacting for humans to use with less mess.

Elongated Toilet Seats

  • Round Shaped Toilet Seats:

Mainly you can find a round-shaped toilet in a traditional bathroom or in the old bathroom design. It looks very simple, but it’s the best choice ever when it comes to giving you comfort with a traditional look to the restroom.

Round Shaped Toilet Seats

  • Wrap-Over Toilet Seats:

These are the advanced toilet seats. It completely covers the seats. Wrap-Over Seats are the best for maintaining hygiene and help keep things neat and compact.

Wrap-Over Toilet Seats

  • Square and D-Shaped Toilet Seats:

If people want to add some modern touch to their bathroom, then you should go for square or D-Shaped seats. If you have minimal bathroom space, you can choose it. D-Shaped creates a comparatively less aesthetic look than square-shaped.

Square and D-Shaped Toilet Seats

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Type of Toilet Seats

  • Soft Close Seats

Easy to install and take off. It was disinfected for high hygiene standards. It’s a hard-wearing product. Also, a convertible approach.

  • Kohler Soft Close Toilet Seats

It has subtle styling and ingenious technology. Its Soft-Close technology nip in the buds of the lid and seat from banging. Let you easily remove the seat for a thorough cleaning and speed seat installation and keep the seat from shifting.

  • Round-Shaped Lid

It is Easy to Fit Round Seat Cover which is Quick & Easy to Use. It allows the quick release of hinges and allows the seat to be unlatched from the toilet l, for its easy carrying away and appropriate wiping process and not a tiny tool required.

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Western Toilets Seats are considered as more comfortable than Indian toilets. Since this one is simply sitting, as we sit on a chair, and with Hardly any strain on any muscle, it’s convenient for old age people, pregnant ladies, patients of osteoarthritis, and those who have undergone recent surgery. 

Using the Western approach reduces the risk of Urinary Tract Infection.

There is no pressure to use western style toilets during pregnancy. Using these toilets, no pressure is created on the uterus. Some studies claim that western toilets are better and healthier than sitting toilets. 

These environmental factors affect health. The squat position is perfect for blood circulation. Western Toilets are more healthy and tender for the skin as contrasted to Indian toilets.

When we squat, bowel movement is faster and easier. 

Squatting in western toilets reduces the risk of piles, appendicitis, and colon cancer. The knee joints remain flexible if you use them. If a pregnant lady squats in the western toilets daily, then it is conducive to normal delivery. 

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The yoga posture named ‘malasada’ is a squat position, Which is believed to brawn the ankles, lower legs, and back, and this posture helps to protect the nerves that control the uterus and bladder.

Some doctors say that many diseases are caused due to our use of sitting toilets. Also, it is easy to flash than washing Indian-style toilets. Western Toilets are helpful to those people who have acute constipation. 

Putting pressure may not be suitable for health; it causes piles. Sitting and getting up from the Indian toilets keeps your thigh muscles fit but sitting and getting up from western toilets create no issues. Squatting in the western toilet is very healthy and natural for the body and less smelly. It doesn’t put any compulsion on the stomach.

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