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Interior Design Trends Of 2020

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In this frenetic life, interior design trends in 2020 will center around well being, comfort and sustainability. So let’s have a sight at some of them –

The Scandinavian Interior Design Style Is Still Going Strong

It’s a very clean, simple and minimalist design style. This style makes one feel calm and relaxed and just brings sophistication to your place. And it also incorporates the use of natural materials such as leather, wood, and hemp.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Blue Is The New Grey

Blue is the new grey and it also blends well with lighter colors. You can have a navy wall with light colors in the decors or it can also be used as an accent in a lighter room. It feels so warm and nostalgic. Its time to add some variation to your gray house. Try to add this color to your decor and see the amazing transformation it can make.

Blue is The New Grey

Neon Light Will Be Everywhere

It’s a way to add brightness, richness, and mood. It’s going to be a great way to glisten your decor, so don’t be afraid of combining it.

Interior Design Trends 2020

Tropical Vibes

Think big leaves and colorful accessories, this trend is going to be a lot of fun while maintaining a modern and luxurious look. You can use images of cactus and pineapple or you can use some original plants and succulents. You can also use tropical prints for your walls as well. A good blend of inside and outside will be good to go. You can even plan for an indoor garden. So don’t hesitate to buy some plants because its never going to be too much! Here is the list of indoor plants you can choose from.

Tropical Interior Design


Geometric Patterns

2020 is all about geometric balance. Pick an area of your home where you want the geometric pattern to make a bold and elegant statement. These patterns are timelessly rich and can give a unique embrace. So don’t be afraid to use them. Geometric patterns when used correctly can be highly flexible and visually very impressive.

Geometric Patterns on walls

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  1. I really like how neon lights can add a touch of fun and excitement to any room. They can really brighten up a space and make it more interesting. I also think that they are a great way to show off my personality in your home. Could you tell me how I can make DIY neon signs for bedroom?

  2. In our busy lives, 2020 interior design trends focus on well-being, comfort, and sustainability. The Scandinavian style remains popular, offering a clean, simple, and minimalist aesthetic that promotes calmness and sophistication. Utilizing natural materials like leather, wood, and hemp, it continues to bring a serene elegance to any space. Highly recommended!


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